Real Estate Investing – Where To Begin – Are VA Loans Good?

Real Estate Investing – Where To Begin – Are VA Loans Good?

Today on Limitless TV, we’ve got more
real estate questions and we’ve got more real estate answers. I am wondering how well things apply
internationally, like here in Europe? Marcus, excellent question. A lot more
people are asking this and right now some of the principles are going to
apply internationally but the reality is, I don’t really know your market out
there, I don’t know a lot of the different laws, so I know my territory
super well, I can’t tell you that we have people internationally coming in,
partnering and doing real estate here in the States and that is a possibility if
any of you have money, that’s an excellent great way to go. You
know, US it’s thirty to fifty thousand dollars for down payments to be able to
get into the right kind of properties, if you wanted buy two or three homes you
might need a hundred thousand dollars. If it’s less than that, I would do more
research on how to do it in your backyard, in your part of the world and
then and do your best that you can with it. Okay, this next question comes from
lat Polly mapped Travy. “How many homes did you have within your first four
years?” So I had 25 homes, my first technical year actually, was fourteen
months of building up my finances and credit and saving a little bit of money
that I could buy my first house but from the time I bought my first house it was
about a year till I bought my second and my second year, I bought a couple more in
my third year, I bought half a dozen and by my fourth year, I had gotten up to
twenty five homes. Jonathan Fuentes asks a really good
question he says, right now he’s got one year of taxes reported, he’s getting
ready this next year to jump into real estate but he’s got family members that
are telling me should buy a $20,000 car so that he can show responsibility to
the bank on paying on that loan. Jonathan, do not buy the car. If the purpose and
the advice that you’re receiving is all about building up your credit, it would
be far better to take on a small liability of a credit card with a $500
limit, a $1,000 limit and then just use it and pay it off every month. I don’t want
you to keep a balance, I just want you to have a history of showing that you can
use it and responsibly pay it off. That will build your credit certainly just as
well as the car but you’re gonna have less liability when it comes to your
debt to income ratio, when it comes time to qualify you’ll have more buying power
the less liability you have. So I do that a little different than the advice that
you’re getting. Okay, last one comes from Catch Up Man. He says,
“Is it better to take out a home loan through military because of the lower
interest rate?” Catch Up Man, absolutely! I love that our veterans get to come back
and they get these VA loans because they’re hot!
You got really low interest rates, they’re way easy to qualify for but I
got one caution, investment properties, sometimes the VA will let you in with
putting less down. My personal rule is 20% down in investment properties
whether it’s my money or someone else’s. Great question. Thank you for your
wonderful questions today, keep on asking them and we’ll keep giving you the
answers you’re looking for and remember to subscribe so that we can keep
educating you on everything real estate and lifestyle.

11 thoughts on “Real Estate Investing – Where To Begin – Are VA Loans Good?

  1. Solid advice!!!

  2. What is your plan to pay off your mortgages? To me it seems extremely risky to have so many homes still being paid off. But maybe I'm just missing something.

  3. how much can i leverage from one house? In that if i wish to invest in multiple properties and exponentially keep investing, how many can i invest in after one primary residential property with say a $800,000 value and 20% mortgage down. Thanks

  4. I'm so hooked on your vids man, seriously thank you. I swear I come up with a question daily in my head, but today's would be this:

    When you pool other peoples money into your down payment, how do you go about paying them back? Let's say I pull two guys in who bring $5,000. Do you slowly pay them back with interest?

    I'll let you take the reigns on the answer, and thanks again.

  5. you broght 25 houses in 4 year how did you do that

  6. The car loan credit building scam is exactly that, a SCAM. I saved up $2500 and got a line of credit using my own money ( Bank holds the money, Using your own money as credit ).. i utilized this card 10% monthly, paying off my entire balance a few days before the bank reports to the credit companies ( i suggest a monthly credit monitoring service to follow your reporting dates ).. Within 8 months my credit score went from ZERO to over 770 using no other credit building method.

  7. Do you have an email where I can ask you a few questions?

  8. At 15 years of age, I always thought a job would do me well in life. Now that I’m seeing what most adults don’t (in the realm of money) I’m actually able to see myself retire. And let me say this again, I’m 15.

  9. Thank you for your support!

  10. I bought a home back in 2013 for $175,000 in an up and coming neighboorhood in Philadelphia, pa and now my home is now worth $267,000 for the year of 2017. Do you think now is the right time to tap into the equity to purchase another rental property?

  11. I want to join the marines but seeing these videos makes ma rethink about what I’m gonna get my self into and just go for the army instead I want to start real estate ASAP so is the the army the best choice for my future interests

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