Real Estate Investing In Other Countries

Real Estate Investing In Other Countries

Bonjour! Evita Zayn Dasvidaniya! Hey, for
all of my international friends that are watching today’s video, we’re talking
about real estate investing and do the things that I teach here really worked
for you in your neck of the woods? So Igot a great question today from Sahil
who lives in a different country and I just want to start the video off by
saying, hello, wherever you are in the world, I mean, I get questions from
everywhere, I get questions from Russia and I get questions from South America
and Australia and people everywhere are wanting to know how do you do real
estate investing successfully and I just want to acknowledge you. I want to thank
you for if you, especially if you’re from a different country, thank you for being
here to learn and grow. Sahil’s got a great question for us today.
Please, Kris, help me do the laws and principle all those chains and changes
in different countries so please try to like try to explain that.
– In a previous video, Sahil had asked a question and he had a
follow-up question, which basically was about what is it like actually doing
real estate in other parts of the world? Does it change from country to country?
Sahil’s the same one that asked the question about equity, like if there’s
equity in a property, can you apply that towards the down payment to buy a house?
And I’m not aware of any banks that actually allow you to do that so I mean
the answer is no but now we’re talking about, we’re talking about doing real
estate in other parts of the world and one of the things that I want you first
understand, so I live in America and I’ll tell you that from state to state and
county the county, real estate rules can change. For example, Lease Option down in
Texas, you can still do it but it works a little bit different, you have to adapt
your contracts. The information that I’m sharing with you, this is universal
knowledge that works anywhere in the world however, how you do it, Sahil, in
your specific country, there might be contractual differences in fact, I’m sure
there’s going to be. One of the things I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing is
trying to give you a contract that works for all countries of the entire planet,
right. Because frankly, even when I do deals here, I do a quick little check
just to make sure that the county or the state hasn’t changed.
Now in the States, it works pretty much the same. When I talk lease options, it
works pretty much anywhere and everywhere. When I do things on really
any account, real estate, most strategies that I’m talking about, they transfer,
they can happen anywhere but as you’re learning these videos, the thing that you
need to do is before you execute on one of these strategies, just that you do the
same thing that I do. You do a quick legal check with your local legal team,
paralegals, lawyers, city officials, anyone that’s in charge of official paperwork
and just make sure that you have it structured the right way so that it’s in
accordance with the laws of your land. Do these principles that I’m teaching here
work for you in your country? Yes, they do. Hey, I hope that brought some greater
understanding for you guys that are all around the world watching this. Thank you
guys so much for subscribing and being a part of the channel here. I appreciate
you, guys. If I can do anything that will help you out, you let me know. Thanks.

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  1. I live close to a state line and the differences in laws for Real Estate Investors between the two states are vastly different. I would be interested to see just how other countries handle their landlord laws. Great point on doing a legal check to make sure all proper laws are being followed. That is SO important!

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  9. this is an interesting video… its good to learn how real estate works in other countries. im from a software development company based in philadelphia. we just developed a real estate app that will streamline the realestate process no matter wht side of the table youre on. the name of the app is michaels contract. we would like for you to test it for us before we launch. the details are in the message i just sent you

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