Real Estate Expert Mark Whitten shows how to Flip Houses

Real Estate Expert Mark Whitten shows how to Flip Houses

– Let me ask you a quick
question real fast. When you see a property
or a house like this in your neighborhood, what are you thinking? I’m thinking that I’m gonna make $10,000 in the next 30 days. And the purpose of me making this video is to tell you exactly how I’m gonna do it so you can do the same thing in your area. What I’m gonna do is, I’m
gonna take the address down of this property, street name and the house number. I’m then gonna go to my
property tax assessor website in my state, which is Maryland. You can do yours for your state, whether it’s North
Carolina, New York, Florida. Once you do that, you’re gonna find out who owns the property. In this case, I’m gonna find
out who owns this property. What I’m gonna do next is, I’m gonna contact the owner. When I contact the owner, I’m
gonna use my special forms, my special scripts, and
my direct mail marketing that I use to attract hundreds of sellers. You can find this on my website at Now, once I get in touch with the owner and I’ve already decided how much I’m gonna be able to pay for this house using my strategies in my course, which you can find again on my website, I’m gonna make the seller an offer. Once I make that seller an offer, if the seller accepts my
offer and he probably will with my killer negotiation
strategies, again, everything that I have on my website and you can check it out. I’m gonna put this property under contract and I’m immediately
gonna flip this property to an end buyer and make about 10 grand. Now, why am I targeting
this property right here? Okay, let’s take a look at it. It has boards on the window. The door is boarded up. It’s obviously vacant. Now, let me ask you this question. Do you own a home? Do you really own your home? No you don’t. You know why? Because you have to pay property taxes. Even if you owned your
house free and clear with no mortgage, you still
have to pay property taxes. If you don’t pay those
property taxes, guess what? You’ll lose your house to tax sell. Now, with that in mind,
somebody owns this house and obviously it’s not
making them any money. It’s doing nothing for ’em. They don’t live in the property. They have no tenants. Why do I know that? Because the property is vacant. And what are they doing? Paying property taxes. So they’re actually what? They’re losing money. Do you think that the seller would want to just get
rid of this property? Do you think that would be a
sign of a motivated seller? What’s a motivated seller? A motivated seller is somebody
who is simply motivated to sell their house. You can find out everything
about motivated sellers, again, on my website at Now, again, this person, motivated seller. Now, again, I’m saying all this to say that when you’re in your neighborhood, you’re in your area and you
see properties like this, don’t just walk past it. Don’t just look at it and say, oh another vacant property or don’t just look at it and say oh it’s bringing the community down. It’s time to do something about it. So what I want you to do is, I want you to get the address. Okay, that’s the house
number and the street name. I want you to go to your
property tax assessor website, I want you to find out who owns it and I want you to buy and sell that house. I want you to wholesale that house. I want you to flip that
house and guess what? Little to no money out
of your pocket to do this and you don’t even have
to use your credit. I know you’re probably
thinking, well Mark, how am I gonna make 10
grand on this property without using none of my own money or none of my own credit? These are all strategies
that you’re gonna learn on my website. So I want you to go to right now. Don’t waste another second. I want you to go to so you can learn how to
flip houses in your own area and change your community
while changing your finances at the same time. See ya next time.

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  1. Wassup Mark…this Rich from Philly …yo I'm gone making my 1st offer next…yo listen to this guy and TAKE GOOD NOTES!!..And take action he's the real deal!!

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  11. Hi Mark, I just want to thank you for posting all of your very informative videos on wholesaling. I took a course with someone else for which I paid $5,000 and still did not have the confidence to go forward and flip houses. After viewing your videos; I now have the confidence that I need. Thanks again and be blessed. I can see that you are truly concerned about others.
    Pastor Sherri Black

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  14. I don't get it! how to pay the owner of the property I get you're making a profit but , did I skip something, with no money how and why does owner -seller of home gets paid?????

  15. Dude thats a great strategy!!! You've opened my eyes to a whole new way of wholesaling. Thank you!!! Great advice!!! Keep the videos coming.

  16. can a person buy properties and just rent them out verses continuously looking for the next buy? and how will the person rehab the place with no work crew standing behind them?

  17. The real estate market is flooded with wannabe investors and creating a problem for the few actual investors due to all this information, it used to be a lot more profitable until all these Webuyhouses guys started putting up signs, very little room to make money and a lot of sitting back time waiting for leads, these guys need to stop sharing this information otherwise they will dig their own hole.

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    My cell number is 704-904-6893

  19. At least this guy is not thinking he's going to make 100,000 flipping this property.
    10k realistic profit I would think, but who knows
    You should assume the owner is motivated, maybe he or she is fine with sitting on it.

  20. I've been following you for 5 years I've been trying to contact you and never gotten a response I'm a young black man that needs change in his life I feel as though this could be life changing

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  46. Hi Mark, firstly your breakfast club interview was inspiring to me thanks man. I'm a bit late on this but yh i been sleeping on it and now i think is the time to take action. Can i still close deals in Uk like this? I need to do more research but would appreciate some guidance man. You got the Liverpool shirt on too ๐Ÿ‘ my bruda

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