Real Estate Email Marketing Hack: Get Clients with your Realtor Website with Pop Up Email Capture

Real Estate Email Marketing Hack: Get Clients with your Realtor Website with Pop Up Email Capture

My name is David I’m with your indie biz today I’m going to talk to you about how to easily add an email capture to your realtor website for real estate email marketing And this is gonna grow your audience and it’s going to make your business a bigger success. All right It’s very very easy. It’s a very easy technical thing to do. All right, so This is share this share. This is just an awesome website. Check it out Everything is free And today we’re going to be going to publisher tools and we’re going to go down to email list builder it lets you edit The text on there that make it read That makes people buy this is our an email list builder, all you have to do is turn it on To make this work you go to property settings down here give back click ok, this is going to make it so that it gives you this code and this is a long line of Nonsense, obviously, it’s internet code. We’re going to copy that into place in your website where that appears on every page you can put it in either the footer code or the header code and you see I have Already pieces mine in there ages ago because how you share this on my own website but you know how you do is just paste it in there and Save. Alright now you should have access to this on your website No matter what website builder you’re using this one is Weebly, it’s awesome. There’s a link in the description and if you don’t have control over your own website, I’m gonna say Jump in there and start trying to use Weebly because it is free and it will make your life way easier and cheaper It pops up intuitively when it thinks it’s best for the viewer. Boom alright Pretty cool and then all you do is write your email in there hit click start and get started and you’ll be well on your way to getting information The last trick is you want to sign up with MailChimp if you haven’t already going to connect this to MailChimp because you need somewhere for your emails to go Alright, so this is saying I’m going to connect share this to MailChimp And again, I’ll put a link to share this and MailChimp in the description and I’m going to log in And it’s looks like it’s gonna do everything for me Alright It says select your list you’re in the biz, that’s it update Alright and now any emails that come from that pop-up or directly into my MailChimp and I will make another video Soon that talks about how to use MailChimp Really effectively to grow your email to get clients alright so That’s it for now subscribe. I’ll be making lots of videos that are going to help you We can all be let’s take website Or write me a comment if there’s something in particular you want to know have a super day and good luck

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