Real Estate Careers – What They’re Really Like

Real Estate Careers – What They’re Really Like

Micah Lachtman: I’m Micah Lachtman. I’m a
residential realtor at Coldwell Banker in Pasadena, California. A typical day for me
is servicing my clients’ needs – anywhere from showing them properties in Pasadena and
cities beyond, servicing my listings, showing my listings to perspective buyers, making
phone calls to my clients, checking the multiple listings service for new listings that just
came on the market that suit my clients’ needs, marketing – which is creating ads and determining
how to best reach my marketplace, and that’s about it. The lifestyle is truly what you
make it. My lifestyle is absolutely fantastic. Being a realtor allows you to really design
your own life and your own schedule. So if you’re not a morning person, that’s OK. If
you’re a night owl, fantastic. Really, you can make real estate work for you – so you
can take vacation when you want and you can work 2 months straight without a break or
you can take, have designated days. Whatever’s best for you and your lifestyle. The workplace
environment really depends on your office, depends on the area and the cities you work
in. Everyone has different standards. In Hawaii, I’m sure it’s a lot different than if you
practiced in Manhattan. So really it’s gonna vary geographically. In my office, it varies
from people wearing shorts and sandals to people wearing suit and tie every day. So
it really depends on you and your personality – there’s no wrong or right way, it’s really
whatever you’re most comfortable with. The best part about what I do is meeting new and
interesting people every single day, the freedom of being a residential realtor – in terms
of being able to go on vacation when I want, also the entrepreneurship of being a realtor.
The sky’s the limit in terms of the income that you can generate from being a realtor.
I really enjoy what I do so to me it’s almost like it’s not work. Marc Luber: Hey everyone – I’m Marc Luber
from Careers Out There. At Careers Out There, we interview professionals of all kinds to
help you find and achieve a career that fits you. At Careers Out There, we have a full
interview with the realtor you just watched, Micah Lachtman of Coldwell Banker. Micah shares
with us all kinds of great information about being a realtor: everything from what it’s
like to be a realtor, how do you get paid as a realtor, where can you get licensed as
a realtor, the importance of marketing skills, the freedom of being a realtor, the entrepreneurship
of being a reatlor. So we hope to see you there at Careers Out There dot com! [theme music]

4 thoughts on “Real Estate Careers – What They’re Really Like

  1. Excellent video. If I could ask him one question: Is the income steady as a Realtor? Is there a sales quota that has to be met?

  2. Thanks Germaneuser. In the full version of the interview, he explains that the income is NOT necessarily steady as a realtor. It all depends on your flow of business – do you have clients, are houses selling, how often, etc. Like in most sales jobs you can have great months and horrible months….it depends on you, your clients, luck, the economy, etc. As for whether there is a sales quota, that depends on where you work.

  3. It may seem odd, but my dream job is being an estate agent. I'm just wondering can you make a living out of it?

  4. What program or classes do you have to take in college?

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