Real Estate Basic Knowledge | Real Estate Investing in USA

Real Estate Basic Knowledge | Real Estate Investing in USA

The real-estate basic knowledge to get you going to get you going in your real estate investment journey Sometimes we over complicate it or we think that it’s a lot harder than what it is or should be It can come down to some very basic simple concepts to actually get you started and get you going in that journey and the very first thing is all about knowledge and acquiring that knowledge to Be able to give you the confidence the confidence to move forward and the confidence to actually get you started more than anything because I think what we do is we sometimes with this over complication we tend to just Hold back or procrastinate on making that first step If real estate is something that you have been considering or have wanted to do for a long time Now what is the cost of putting that off and and keep putting that off? when it could be just some simple strategies to actually start start you going or get get your moving on your journey and the the big thing for me to get me going on my journey and the big thing for you to get you going on your journey is Simply picking up a phone or looking on the internet and finding some coaches and mentors that can actually help you and guide you through That process you Can find coaches that specialize or that have already been very very successful in? doing that and completing a real estate or currently doing a real estate journey and I know for me that was really important in the process of getting me going I think coaches and mentors sometimes they won’t give you or provide you the answers to everything however, what they do do is give you the inspiration to go and find and seek those answers yourself and I know that was really helpful for me in those early days And even I continued having coaches and mentors and mastermind experiences in my life To acquire that real-estate basic knowledge that’s necessary to get going and get started so things like books and training seminars and workshops are all invaluable ways of being able to gather that knowledge gather that data and it’s funny, you know be we like I said We over complicate it. We’ve been gathering data and information our whole lives through our schooling through college degrees Some of us have college degrees some of us do not but we’ve been gathering for our professions for our trades For our businesses. We’ve been gathering data and gathering information to get us going and It’s very simply for real estate. It’s a very simple process of starting to do that as well Another great source of basic knowledge would be to Go to the internet. I know there’s some brilliant websites, especially here in America I’m a an Australian resident but investing here in America and some of the internet websites that have been invaluable for me Zillow Trulia and Also, Google Maps is also a brilliant source. So if I’m sort of sitting at home in Australia thousands of miles away and You know my property manager and may feel partner Find properties and they send them through to me It’s a simple process of just getting on to Trulia or getting on to Zillow or getting onto the internet actually Just putting in the address into the into the URL and it’s just interesting and amazing really the data that actually comes back and the amount of research that you can do just simply sitting at the Internet and If you’re an out of neighborhood out of state out of country Investor the Internet is an incredible source for you to be able to to be able to Continue your real estate journey, and you know get that real estate basic knowledge that you’re after so Trulia and Zillow Just as a simple exercise. Why don’t you just go into the URL? Just put in your own home address and just see what data come sup see what gets presented to you. You will find things like Estimates comparables you know in what the it previously sold for you will also find out data like what other houses within or what other properties within that neighborhood are actually for sale what has been sold and when so For comparables. It’s really invaluable data. However Saying that use it as an estimate and always be very very cautious and careful as to the Information or the data that you do use especially when it comes to making certain decisions based on that data But it’s just a great guide and especially in Google Maps If you go in put the address in call up Google Maps You can really get a gauge of exactly what’s going on in that street in that neighborhood who are the neighbors what are the neighbors and You know, what does the property look like from an external perspective? You know, what’s and even the square footage and locality to maybe industrial sites and Maybe infrastructure that’s you know in the immediate vicinity of that property. So Google Maps is a great resource I do a lot of my research using the internet putting in the address and finding out what comes back so a very incredible tool for you to use I think the other thing too for the real estate basic knowledge that you’re after Networking again is invaluable when I visit America here and you would have the real groups I have an attender ear group meetings here spelled our AIA and If you’re out of country and you come to visit America just phone up and find out or just Google search Where is the local rare meeting being held and just go along? I think for me here It’s like once every month. They will have one of those meetings and Very powerful you get a lot of local information a lot of local knowledge You also get information from local Realtors. What’s interesting is you will find that they will bombard you transactions and deals Especially the realtors so you have to be very cautious about that because they obviously want to promote and push their own product But you get information from contractors you get all these great connections and You also get private investors that are there wanting to see what deals and transactions are happening you’ll also get joint ventures partnerships happening and also workshops and seminars that they put on independently locally and They can take you around to different neighborhoods to see what’s on offer. And what’s happening They also expose you to a lot of real estate different real estate strategies as well, whether it come in the acquisition the acquisition of those properties or in the remarketing of those properties, so It’s it’s really good and also they can also Really keep you up to date on what are the new? Resources being used when it comes to rehabbing properties as well. So a great source is your local networking that you’re doing and Making those connections going to those local meetings. Another thing is local business groups. I acquire a lot of my economic data and My business information from a local business group and I subscribe to them and they actually do a little ten minute video every day and that gets emailed to me so it prompts me to then go in and watch and see what’s happening and Keeps me very much up to date with all the local economic data I think which is crucial to what’s going on, especially when you’re building a property portfolio locally you can really see what’s happening whether there are any New businesses coming coming to them to the neighborhood or to the area and therefore jobs being created And therefore demand for housing being created as well. So again, just subscribe just see what local business groups are out there that you can subscribe to and then they can provide you with the information needed to Help you to to be more confident and gather that real estate basic knowledge that you’re after Another great resource is your county council websites And so you can simply go into a County Council website You can do a property search or an owner search but if you again if you have the address of that property you can plug in the the name of that property or the address and again Tax information comes up. So for those in Australia or in the UK, it’s your local rates Rate payments yearly or here in America. It’s your local taxes and so you can immediately find out what that property’s going to cost you in taxes by simply doing a search there you can also find out what it previously sold for great data real data real time data and The valuations of those properties as well. So another incredible resource for Your gathering of some basic knowledge another great resource is your realtor and With your realtor comes what’s called an MLS, which is a Multiple Listing Service That’s the national listing service of properties here in America and so on that listing you can Get all of the properties that are available and all the incredible data and data That’s not really available to you. But only available through subscription. And so your local realtor will have access to that and You can contact them. You can ask them. Can you give me some comparables of? sales Some comps in the area on a particular street name or a particular block and they can go ahead and they can do it within a certain radius and Bring back so much detailed incredible data that you can really base a lot of decision-making on so again another another valuable resource so This is just some of them and all of these are pretty much free It’s just a matter of you taking those first steps. Like I did all those years ago to build towards an international real estate portfolio And if you are starting out, don’t let it be so daunting I mean you can start in your own backyard and that’s what I always recommend doing I started in my own backyard in Australia and now I stretch across to the ocean here in America and Love what I do and I love the freedom and choice that a real estate portfolio gives you all the benefits with that as well, so Start just get started go and find a book pick up a book pick up a phone Pick up a phone and phone someone and find someone that’s actually doing what you do go to the internet find coaches find mentors Find training find programs I am available as a coach and buying USA real estate coach and I’ve got a new training package. That’s just come out and You’re going to find that at real estate investing in real estate investing in USA comm Which is an incredible training package that I’ve put together based on the 15 years of USA real estate experience I’ve had building a portfolio while seeing in Australia Based in Australia and and building it here in America and the tools and resources that I have utilized To make that happen as you can imagine thousands of miles away You need a great team and you need some great resources to make that happen. So That’s my share for you here today go and check that out The other thing is like and subscribe to this YouTube channel and any further updates you will get them ASAP in your Notifications over and out here Trish over and out everyone. Bye

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