Real Estate Agents: Rethink the Referral Process

Real Estate Agents: Rethink the Referral Process

Hey everybody so have you ever had just
one of those kind of epiphanies that light bulb goes off and it just keeps
shining shining shining well I’ve had one and this is you know personal but it’s so
relative to our business so many of you may know that my mom was recently
diagnosed with cancer and she’s okay but she’s going through chemo and that
whole you know treatment plan and everything else but it was so
interesting having never been through this before she goes to her primary care
physician and he gives her three names of three different oncologist and
essentially he’s just like we’ll give them a call and figure out who you want
to use and then just kind of keep me posted and it was like oh my gosh like
that’s what some people do in our business and it was it was terrifying
for her like she didn’t know what questions just she asking how does she
pick an oncologist means this isn’t about buying a house I mean this is
about her life but it was the same thing and so I really just took a step back
there and I was like I went back to the doctor and said okay great thanks so
much for giving us the three names of the oncologist but who’s the one like
who’s the one that you would send your mom to right cuz I don’t care about
three names I want that doctor’s professional
opinion he’s the expert on whom he’s gonna send his mom to and that’s what I
want to talk to right so it got me thinking it got me thinking about my
business and your business now historically for me I’ve never given
three names if I refer somebody to anybody I’m going with the person that I
trust and I’m matching personalities please you know not everybody is a great
fit for everybody and that’s okay but for realtors here’s the thing I hear
most often oh I get three names and then you just kind of check out and my
recommendation would be don’t do that and some of you think of your brokers to
do it and some of you think it’s you know and some but there’s a whole
different variety and some people just don’t want to be involved in it but
here’s what I can tell you it. Does tarnish and diminish you is the expert
control the process that’s what your client is looking for they desperately
need it they don’t want just three names of three lenders and guys if it’s not me
that’s okay that’s not what this is about this is about you owning your
business you taking charge of it you taking charge of that referral process
you matching the client to the best lender that you feel I can really take
care of them and give them what they need. Rethink the three name thing, I’ll
talk to you soon.

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  1. Solid video. Liked & Bell Hit! Keep It Up

  2. That was good Kelly. Made me think!

  3. Great insight!

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