Real Estate agents need to stop being negative.

Real Estate agents need to stop being negative.

so you’re a real estate broker here in Dubai you sell real estate you do it through commercial real estate opportunities residential real estate opportunities maybe do lettings and leasing and stuff like that but your business is real estate well did you know that real estate is one of five asset classes real estate currency fixed income commodity equity there the five asset classes and all of those asset classes go up and go down in value from time to time now imagine if you were a stockbroker you’d be selling equity that’d be the asset class you’d be selling a lot of the time market sentiment has an impact on the performance of a particular stock or a particular market so just imagine there was a company out there well great example okay what happened just recently with an airline in the United States when they dragged somebody off the plane? what happened? that airline itself had a massive PR issue nothing to do with the performance of the company nothing to do with their service levels nothing to do with the price of aviation fuel nothing to do with the price of their tickets but because of that situation that PR nightmare they had they created a very big problem for themselves because everybody started talking negatively about that airline talking negatively created a problem with people who started to boycott the airline and start to use other companies rather than them market sentiment what people feel not facts what people think not facts had an impact massive impact on the stock price of that particular airline now think about real estate here in the UAE I’ve been here for 12 years in the UAE and I was here when the market boomed and was going crazy I saw it crashing go down in value and now I look at the market and I think to myself ‘what a fantastic market it is’ what a great opportunity we have right now in the real estate market because prices are relatively low which means it’s a great opportunity for people to invest but by golly have I met some real state brokers out there that are walking around saying: the market is really tough the market is really difficult the market is really down not many people are buying what do you think the impact of all of you real estate brokers walking around saying that has actually on the market ? so you all walk around with your negative input your negative thoughts your negative beliefs what do you think that does and how does that resonate with the potential investors? and potential home-buyers? you tell me the impact you have positively or negatively on your market can be decided enormously by you so my advice to you all in the real estate game is cut the negativity out cut cut the issues you talk about all the time about there not being opportunity out there and people not buying get that out of your head and start thinking about the opportunity that is right now for investors in the real estate market here in the UAE start thinking about how people could take advantage of cheap prices so that when they go up in value in the future people get a better value for money investment from their real estate purchase I know there’s a few of you out there that say I’m not negative I’m really positive and you know what well done to you you’re on the right track but the vast majority of you are walking around with this negative attitude and you’ve got to remove it right now is a brilliant time to invest right now is an awesome time to get into the real estate market in the UAE and you really need to help your clients and your prospective clients understand that so that they can take advantage of the benefits remember guys whatever you do today use my philosophy what do I say? get out there and? make it happen

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