Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

If you look closely here you will notice that
the door has a lock. You have to use the keys to open the lock. A lot of properties around
here have found it quite useful to have a lock. Right. I think most houses have locks? Right, this is the WM5000, you simply put
your dirty clothes in here, 40 minutes later… clean! Right, well that sounds good. Oh it’s a gas hob. Oh, much better than electric. That is a hob yes. This is a cupboard. This is a hot tap. ooo.
Cold tap. This is a fridge. Oh is it new? I wouldn’t know. He’s so weird. I know… BOO! Now if you’d like to follow me through
to the living slash dining room which also has a balcony. Low ceilings, but it’s really cosy, I really
like it. Yeah, you’ll notice that the ceiling is directly opposite the floor. As they should
be! And if you look behind you, this window provides
a view to what is outside. Oh lovely. A graveyard. That’s where the previous tenants currently
reside. Is there anything wrong with the property at all? Anything we should know about before
making a decision. Yes, good question. I wouldn’t know you’d need to ask the previous tenants. Moving on. If you’d just like to scoot up
the stairs, I’ll show you the bedrooms. This is a bed, one particularly good thing
to know is that the bed begins here and concludes here. Follow me and I’ll show you the internal
built-in facility unit, brilliant for storing things. Does he mean this wardrobe? Yeah,
I mean, it looks pretty good. I think you’ll find this is not just any wardrobe this is a
top-of-the-range wardrobe. Look all three of us could fit in here AND a shetland pony,
get in I’ll show you! Come on inside, it’s so spacious! Quite a lot of room. Yeah, I mean storage
is really important for us so… I could sense that storage was gunna be a deal-maker, hence
why I kept it for last. So what do you guys think? Really like it, I think we’d like to
put an offer in. You can’t. What? We can’t sign the contract? No you can’t. I’ve just
decided, I think I’m going to buy it myself. Get out. On you go! You can see yourselves
out. Lovely!

19 thoughts on “Real Estate Agent

  1. I'm sure you guys could have set up some sort of deal where the estate agent lived in the cupboard and paid rent or something

  2. "I think most houses have locks…" I laughed hysterically from that point onwards

  3. The bed begins here and concludes here….excellent! x

  4. This is a chair. You use it for sitting. This is a table. Usually people enjoy eating meals here. This is a TV. You turn it on by pushing this button underneath the screen. Small little people talk to each other. They won't talk to you. I've tried and they never respond to my voice. Funny stuff. I want to let you know what I discovered today on Facebook. I sometimes play slot machines on a game called Hit it rich! They now have a Downton Abbey slot machine. Played it for awhile and I like it. Have a awesome day.

  5. Celing… Directly opposite… The floor… Brilliant.

    I thought it was going to end in a seance to ask the previous tenants if the boiler was efficient.

    This was wonderfully creepy!

  6. Love it when you do sketches, this is great πŸ˜€ x

  7. Mr Obvious Estate Agent Haha!

  8. OMG, so funny. I think I've dealt with that Estate Agent.

  9. You guys are to funny

  10. Wow you guys make me so happy

    I'm a big fan

  11. Hilarious xDΒ 

  12. haha love it! Awesome seeing Duncan in this too!Β 

  13. This is a video made by cool people and this is a comment written by me!!

  14. This is so so funny oh my gosh!! You guys make me laugh harder than anybody in television on YouTube in movies anywhere right now sincerely funniest!!! You both have such a gift and the chemistry you have together just cannot be purchased or found very often!! Isn’t anybody looking to sign a new Benny Hill show?!?!?!?!!! Because these two are it!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»

  15. Are we just going to ignore the fact that there's a freaking washing machine in the kitchen!?!

  16. The bed… begins here and concludes here πŸ˜‚

  17. You wash your clothes here and 40 minutes later clean HAHAHAHHA

  18. I've been watching you two or a few months here and there, and I finally subscribed after watching your younger selves! I thoroughly enjoyed watching you visit my homestate if Texas! From Corpus Christi, with love.

  19. Giggles all around!

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