Real Estate Agent Tips: #1 Way to Set More Appointments In 2019

Real Estate Agent Tips: #1 Way to Set More Appointments In 2019

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here, and this video is specifically for all you real estate agents All your real estate brokers, Realtors or even mortgage brokers loan officers of going through and setting more Appointments for your business right now you are sitting on a massive Goldmine of your existing database your existing network you have a lot of people’s probably contact Information their emails and all that stuff which we can go through and we can start saying appointments from that information Or if you’ve gone through, and you’ve used our system to generate leads in the past You know like they won’t really like responding to emails or phone calls or text messages I want to show you guys how to go through and increase your response rate and set a whole lot more Appointments right so first of all let’s jump in here To the arsenal’ mkg software if you guys know you guys probably already seen we’ve we’ve got this google sync so we sync with Google So all your email contacts can sync right into the Arsenal CRM alright, so they come in right here Then we’ve got all this these contacts Which if you go through, and this is obviously a demo account as you guys can tell right here But we get these contacts and a lot of times like what you experienced probably is you get you get someone’s phone number you give them a call and like it’s 2018 guys a lot of people just don’t call you back if you leave voicemail They know okay Well now I’m first you’re not gonna call that person back right and then also if you go through and you shoot him an email Sometimes you’ll get a response but it’s kind of difficult because there’s so many other emails that you’re competing for in someone’s inbox and people are used to just kind of doing a Quick click to get started or go read a blog post or watch a video whether they’re doing They don’t necessarily want to respond to you Okay, especially if they don’t know you they don’t like you they don’t trust you quite yet So I want to show you a very easy way to go through and start engaging with all of these contacts even Like even if you’ve never talked to them before okay, so you can start that sales conversation without being super salesy And then start building that relationship and see what they’re most Interested in right so what we’re gonna do first is if you guys have not done the Google sync goes sync all your gmail contacts in here and You’ll be able to get all the email contacts Kay because this is the some goldmine that you’re sitting on right now We got these contacts and instead of going through and blasts out an email saying hey You know respond back or schedule appointment or anything like that what we can do is we can go through and start a conversation With facebook Messenger all right so now I’ve kind of showed you guys this before in past videos, but mini chat ma NYC h80 calm This is a free easy tool to go through and start your conversation with Facebook Messenger So I want to show you guys exactly how to do this because this is pretty powerful It’s something that you could get up and running and use in your business as soon as this afternoon so If we come in here and we click on these growth tools Okay The girl tool that we want to use will click new growth tool then when we want to use is this mesh messenger ref URL okay now if you have no idea what that means It’s alright because I don’t either actually I just know it works And so I’m just gonna click on this and I’m gonna give this a name right here. We’ll say test demo for YouTube okay, so now we’re gonna come in here and It’s gonna say okay Select your opt-in message, okay, so we’re gonna come in here. We’re gonna edit this. It says okay Let’s actually save this first, so let’s save that then we’re gonna edit the opt-in message so we can say Hey, you know hey first name and so it’s gonna auto populate with whatever their name is on Facebook So you’re gonna get good data right there, and then you can say like we’re not going to do exactly I’m just gonna make this fairly quick Are You looking to buy or sell a home okay? Now really quick disclaimer I wouldn’t necessarily exactly say that right out of the gate, but I’m just showing you guys this example We could say hey looking to buy and then if they follow up we’re gonna send them a message Or they’re gonna say sell okay, and then the follow-up is send them a message Okay, so now what we could do is go click on this flow builder Alright now what this does is kind of creates this automated flow right here? So we can say okay if they click on buy we’re gonna send this message to click on sell we’re innocent of this message But we’re gonna actually do I’m just gonna send them both to the same message to make it year And I’m just gonna say great, okay And then you can say like schedule call and go through and anyway you can go through and start this whole Conversation of getting them to click and interact and they’re responding Without them having to go through and type out a message click send and respond to you via email alright And this is all done in facebook Messenger, and then by the time you go say hey Are you looking to buy or sell a home? They’re saying buy a home ok great? How many bedrooms would you like to 4 1 2 to 3 to 4 4 to 5 is there a specific area are looking for? Do you have kids? I’m just asking all these different questions, and you’re getting all this information and then when you get back to your computer And you look at your Facebook Messenger, you’re able to see wow we’ve got lots of data here And so I know how to specifically follow up with this person I know Messenger is probably the platform that they’d like to go through and connect with and then you could go through ask a few more questions You know more manually and then say hey, let’s set up a call You know or let’s set up a showing or let’s go Let’s do something like getting them to that next step alright, so now we’re gonna do is Just for this example hit publish okay, so it says content published and Where we’re gonna go back here is Kayson We’re gonna come back here, and then we’re just gonna like after we’ve got this initial message in place. We’re gonna hit next Okay, and this is his custom ref parameter You just gonna type in something right here, so you can say like bye or something like that or cell or whatever It is that’s kind of like almost like your username on like Instagram or Facebook, okay? It’s just like whatever that custom thing is Then we hit save and it gives us this link this could automatically start this messenger conversation So we’ll click copy the URL to clipboard Okay, so now what we could do is come in to Arsenal and You can see I made I put myself in there as a contact See we can see this is demo and then we’ve got the tags so the YouTube demo right here So if we come over here to messages we can create a message an email then we’re gonna go blast out to everybody okay to Everybody or just specific Contacts kay, so we’re gonna say here. We’re gonna test test. Hey click here to get started And obviously you’d write like a full-on email But now I’m just going to embed this URL right here into the click here to get started click that Insert okay, so save and save and finish actually don’t want to finish. I want to schedule email And then we come out and say I’m gonna send this immediately hit next and I don’t want to send to all my leaves because there’s a demo I want to go to the YouTube demo and then we’ll hit send email, okay? So now we’ve sent that email, and then I’m gonna go over here to my email inbox And we’ll refresh it here in a second And you’ll be able to see how this whole thing takes place alright guys So you can see right here at the top my inbox. We’ve got the your name I can put a name in there, but the test email and then click on here So they say click to get started so they click on this right here. It’s gonna automatically put them into their facebook Messenger Where we can go through and start this conversation alright? So this is from I did it from the real estate Agent page right here as you can see so it’s a real estate agent page So it’d be like your name right there having this conversation because hey Jason Are you looking to buy or sell a home and then I click buy or sell so we click buy and then would say ok? Bye great, so it’s like kind of going through and creating that follow up message with you right so anyway guys That is a powerful way to go through and start all of these conversations with your leads kay, so you might think oh? Well, I don’t know these leads like I don’t know if they’re really going through and respond to my emails or whatever They’re not well. They’re not really responding to my emails are opening up They might be clicking on but I’m not really getting an engagement back and forth well Nowadays in 2018 ok people aren’t really like likely to go and answer their phone calls. It’s a number They don’t know they’re not really likely to go through and call you back you leave a voicemail They don’t really know who you are But we have these other mechanisms other ways to get in contact with your leads and connect with them on a deeper level alright, so anyway guys I hope this video was helpful you guys today to go through and implement into your business So if you guys need to go through and have a system to go blast out and send out all these emails Arsenal is a great solution for that you can sync all your gmail contacts into the system go out email contacts individually or all of them together at once or whatever you’re really looking to do and Start the messaging conversations like right here you guys you can see this is another test I did ok so you say how many beds were looking or like you can go through and make multiple? Questions multiple responses based off of what you were looking to go through and accomplish, okay? So this was obviously was very short saying hey, are you looking to buy or sell home buy sell great? But we can continue on with that ask more questions collect more info and go through and help you grow your business Then another cool thing is is inside the Arsenal CRM if we click on this name so this contact I just sent that email to you can come down here to the history and upcoming see ok the contact was created this morning Cuz I imported myself manually, and then the email was sent it was open And they actually clicked on the email So I know ok that email was open to clicked on so they’re actually engaging with my content engaging with my email and Then we can go through and look at our messenger and see how they’re actually engaging with that content right so anyway guys if you Guys found this video helpful today, go ahead give it a thumbs up also drop a comment down below let me know what you think let me know what you guys are gonna do to take action in your business today and Also, if you’re brand new here to the channel make sure you subscribe Cuz I’m trying to watch new video every Monday Wednesday and Friday every everyday was just getting a little too crazy guys I’ve got action crazy enough I do have other things I do in my business in my day so Monday Wednesday Friday Who knows maybe down the road I’ll scale it up and dole out some more videos for you all but with that said hope you guys all have an amazing rest of the day and Drop a comment down below give us thumbs up subscribe, and I will see you all next week

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