Real Estate Agent Safety – Why you should break everything!

Real Estate Agent Safety – Why you should break everything!

Realtor Safety: My 2 cents in 2 minutes. When it comes to your own personal life
safety, you have to be willing to break things….anything and everything! If you’re in a house and you feel
that your life is being threatened in some way, you are being threatened for your life, or threatened for your safety… Do whatever it takes to get back home to your family! Whatever it takes! That means picking up
that priceless vase sitting on the table and throwing it through a window
to get attention or to escape. That means driving your car through someone’s yard,
or 2 yards, or 3 yards ,or 4 yards hitting and beating and bashing every car and
every tree and every flower on the way to getting yourself to safety if that’s
what it takes!! Yelling screaming kicking biting the entire way! But we don’t do that. We’re
afraid. We don’t want to hurt anyone or break anything. I’m telling you folks, if your life is in danger break everything!! Throw that chair
through that pretty window! Break anything and everything! Pick up things throw it at the assailant!
Drive your car over the assailant! Do whatever you have to do! Do not live in fear. Make the decision now that you’re willing
and able and capable of doing those things before you in that moment! Believe me, I’ve been overseas in defense of this country. You have to make that decision that you
are ready to draw your weapon, fire your weapon, and kill and destroy whatever is at the other end of it in defense of your life or someone else’s.
And that is not a decision that you can make in the moment. You have to make that decision ahead of time. That type of being fearless doesn’t mean being Johnnie Rambo doing
whatever/whenever. It just means being willing and able to do whatever is
necessary in that moment…to get back home to your family! As always, thanks for watching…we’ll see you next time. Stay Safe.

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