Real Estate Agent Safety – Stop Taking Bad Advice from “Experts”

Real Estate Agent Safety – Stop Taking Bad Advice from “Experts”

It upsets me every time I see a headline where another real estate agent has been
hurt, robbed raped, or murdered. But it makes me angry when I see the advice that they’re
being given from others in this business. As real estate agents, we tell our clients to always seek the best and most
qualified people to give us advice. We tell them to
seek mortgage brokers who know the business
and are experienced so they can handle just about any situation. We tell them to seek home inspectors who
know what they’re doing. We tell them to seek licensed and qualified contractors when
it comes to making upgrades and improvements to their home. But when it
comes to realtor safety we turn back on to ourselves and we
listen to that alpha male wanna be in the office. And we listen to that well-meaning but
inept person that tells you an app is the best way to go. Or someone that says just put a gun in
your pocket you’ll be safe then. We also say, we need to change our
behavior. But you’re still gonna go out there and you still gonna meet that client away
from the office. I know this and you know this too. Hundreds of articles and blog posts have been written about realtor safety. None of them know what the hell they’re
talking about. Don’t take personal security advice
from someone who’s only confrontation with another person trying to do them
harm was the last time they got cut off on
the highway and they exchanged the middle finger. The typical blog post and the typical advice
says get this app, take this with you, this will save you,
meet the office first, take a gun, get pepper spray, do all these
other kinds of things and it’s all nonsense! The first and only weapon that you need
to train is the one is between your ears. All the other weapons are useless until
you’ve made that decision and come to that realization that you’re prepared to use the other weapons. It does you no good to call someone who is minutes away when you are
seconds away from something bad happening. Police get there after the crime was
committed…not before. Your friend from the office is going to
get there after something has happened …not before. If you start to feel that you’re in
a situation that could threaten your life or threaten your safety you need to get
out. Don’t let yourself be Wile E. Coyote just
standing on top of the “X” waiting for the giant boulder to come down to smash
you. Putting up a little umbrella isn’t gonna do
you any good either. Get off the “X” Get out of the situation. If you feel yourself in an uncomfortable situation,
walk out of the house. Leave immediately. It’s a whole lot
easier to go back and tell someone that, “I’m sorry I just felt uncomfortable. I
had to leave” then it is to try and explain your story to the police after something has
happened. The mindset is the most important thing
that you can have. Predators don’t typically go after other
predators. Predators do not target the alpha dog,
the alpha male, or the alpha female in the pack. They target the week. They target the one
that’s the opportunity. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to be the alpha dog… but make damn sure you’re not the runt!
There’s a lot of you watching right now that know that you are not personally
capable of inflicting harm on another person. You
may say that you are but you know deep down inside you are not. And that’s okay. We’re all different. We’re all wired differently. If that is your mindset, you need to
understand what your reaction needs to be because
its basic fight or flight. If flight is your best
option, utilize that option. If you know that you
cannot enter into a fight, that you cannot take
it to that level, then don’t do it. Flight is your option. Walk tall. Walk confident. Act like you
know what’s going on around you. Check for exits, be aware of your
environment, don’t put yourself in a situation that would compromise you, all that is having that alpha mentality
and training that thing between your ears before you move on to any type of
weapon platform. The number one item outside your mind
that makes an excellent weapon and also has some utility…is a flashlight.
This simple little flashlight, I think I got this in a two pack for about five
bucks, this is a great starting point for your
own personal safety protection. This one is kind of gnarly and it’s got some ugly little you know rough look at things on the end. But the point is…it’s a blunt object. Its
there you can use it as a weapon I’m not here teaches self-defense the
whole other thing…. Next is the most popular item out there for most agents and
that’s some former pepper spray or mace. Here a few reasons why that’s a really
bad idea. If you typically lose your keys, can’t find
where your wallet is, or can’t find that little key tag
for the grocery store that you like to go to, and your constantly finding yourself
digging in your purse trying to find things… perhaps pepper spray down there with
all of those things is not your best option. You only have a
few seconds to react and you’re not going to find yourself in
a situation where you can go “hold… timeout… wait, let me get this.” The second reason
pepper spray is not a good idea, if you have not used it, if you just
bought a can of pepper spray, put it in your purse, put it under your
seat, put in your pocket, put it in your briefcase, and have never used it….you’re wrong! You
have to know how it works. I can show you how to ride
a bicycle but until you get up on it we don’t even know if you CAN ride. You
need to understand what it’s like to deploy that pepper spray with gloves on, in hot weather, in cold
weather. If it gets dirty will it still deploy?
All of these factors…can you aim it? How far does it go? How far away do you
need to be? Does it splash back a lot? Does it work very well? The trigger
mechanism, is it difficult to work? So if you choose to get pepper spray get
several. Get 2 or 3 of each kind and
practice with them. Firearms. If you think this looks like a
ridiculous way to meet your clients… you’re right! Besides, this is a toy gun. That’s ridiculous. What you need more
than a firearm is to understand your own personal
safety. You need to understand what it means to own a firearm. You need to understand what it means to
possess a firearm on your person at all times. You need, most importantly, to understand
what happens when you pull that trigger. You don’t get to put the bullet back in
the gun. Once you have made that decision to use deadly force, you don’t get to
take it back. It’s a life-changing moment. Are you prepared for that moment? Now
there’s a lot of you out there especially the wanna be alpha males that
sit in your office and say “yeah I’ll just shoot em! anybody comes near me and does
anything wrong I’m just gonna shoot ’em!” Are you sure? Are you positive? Because
that’s not just something you say willy nilly. Taking someone’s life is a very, very serious thing to do. Even if it’s
in defense of your own life, you will have to live with that decision
every second of every day for the rest of your life.
Just going to the local store and getting a gun, stuffing it in your
purse, putting it under your seat, throwing it
in your glovebox, or jamming it down the waistband of your pants doesn’t make you safer. If you don’t know
how to use it, don’t know how to carry it, don’t know how
to care for it properly… then it’s a liability for you and a
liability for everyone else. As a real estate agent you are
typically in places that you do not own. You’re in properties
that are not yours. Put yourself in the homeowner’s shoes for a second. You go out…you have now shown their home, you were attacked in that home God forbid and you had to use deadly force. So now
through no fault of their own and no fault of yours there has been a crime, a violent crime,
that ended in death that has occurred now in their house. Now I understand life
safety needs to come before all of these things but these are just some of the reasons
why you need to consider hard and long whether it’s a good idea
for you to carry a firearm. If you have to utilize deadly force you
need to be able to recall every single detail about what happened
leading up to your decision to use deadly force. Police
are gonna ask you very detailed questions. The police are gonna look into your
background to see what type of person you are and you can bet your boots that the
prosecutor will do the same. They’re gonna look at your Facebook posts. They’re gonna look at your social media posts look about at what it is that you
have written and what it is that you’ve said. They’re
gonna ask for witnesses. They’re gonna go out do an investigation
to determine what type of person you are. If you that fly off the handle Rambo-type in the office whose solution to everything is just “shoot him in the
face” well you know what that’s going to be..
that’s gonna come up in the investigation. You don’t get to go home that night
while the barrel still hot on your gun just because all you did was, “I shot him in
self-defense.” That’s not the way it works. Understand the entire picture. Understand
what can happen and try not to put yourself in the
situation first and foremost. This is the life and death you and your
loved ones that you’re considering here and it goes beyond just that amount a
time when you’re performing your duties as a real estate agent. Understand what it means to keep yourself and your
family safe…and your clients safe. Because you can be the victim of a crime with your clients. Taking 90-pound Mildred from the office
God bless her.. but she’s not going to be any help to
you in a situation that involves a violent criminal. You can never predict what a violent
psychopath is gonna do but you can be prepared in such a way
that allows you to utilize your fight or flight instincts to have some level of a plan
what you’re going to do, and how you’re going to react, and most
importantly what’s gonna happen after you act. And
don’t wait for help or police or some app to come save you. That’s not
the way it works. Take personal responsibility for your
own safety and stay safe. Now not everybody is an expert out there. Just because they have the word “tactical” in their name or they have a shaved head and goatee doesn’t mean they’re automatically some sort of an
expert. Get to know their credentials and find
out what’s appropriate for you. Understand what your capabilities and
your limitations are, and train within that if you think that’s an option. Above all
be safe, take personal responsibility for your safety, and stop listening to people at the
office…..They don’t know, what they don’t know.

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