Real Estate Agent Safety – Overcoming Fear

Real Estate Agent Safety – Overcoming Fear

Realtor Safety: my 2 cents in 2 minutes. Personal security safety experts that normally talk to real estate agents have you under the impression that “any mistake that you make can lead you to die!” “You’re all at risk” “You’re all at threat!” “Real estate is a dangerous
business!!”……..None of that could be further from the truth! But…they get their intended point across. And if they keep you scared, they keep you coming back to them to try and find
out how to defend and protect yourself. That pisses me off because that’s not how you
go about doing things! They’ve gotten scared to the point that you don’t want to go do
certain things, you lock out certain aspects of your business but you won’t do
that because you’re afraid of the risk! You immediately start living in
this “fear conscience” that every person that you meet, every client that you potentially meet is immediately assessed as to whether or not they’re a threat or not. Then if they’re not…you let your guard down. ….so you’re still really not too
comfortable with things so you ask a friend to come with you. Or you buy
something to stick your purse or in your pocket to make you “feel safer” and then you go about your business.
But “I’m still gonna take a self defense class and I’m learning a
be Bruce Lee next week!” But that isn’t working eithe,r so what you end up doing
is creating this entire environment fear that rotates around coming
back to the same old well. Meet at the office, check IDs, take a class, carry a
gun, get pepper spray… it all comes back to that same point…walking around in a
state of fear. But where you should be and where you need to be is comfortable and
confident in your own skin. Understanding what it is that you can
and cannot do. And what puts you at risk? What makes someone else a
threat? Because these two things are different. Not everything that you do is risky. And not everything involves the same level of risk. And
everything that you do that does involve risk, you can mitigate that layer of
risk by doing certain things or taking certain actions. I know this is the little bit
elusive and I haven’t gotten to a lot of specifics yet but I want you to think
about this fear cycle that most of these instructors pulling you into. And the
National Association of Realtors is no better! That training course they put on
for safety is horrid! I sat through it. It’s awful! It doesn’t actually do
anything and it’s not even taught by somebody who knows what they’re doing. The next
time you get a course, the next time you take a course about Realtor Safety or
any other type of thing ask yourself this one question…would you
trust and hire that person giving you the class to protect you and your family
from bad things happening? If the answer to that question is no… then maybe that’s not the class for you. I’d like to make a quick offer. Click here or below to get my Guide for Agent Safety. Just a real short, quick guide a way to
think about things differently. There will be more stuff to follow on that but I’m not
selling anything. This is free to you! Free as an agent because I have the
background and I DO have the expertise in this field. I don’t know everything
but I know a lot of people that do. I have been working with them for the
past 15 years or so. If you’d like to get a little bit insider information about how
to really keep yourself safe because I’m not giving it to the bad guys! So I’m not putting it
here. If you want it, I’m happy to give it to you. I’m just not gonna make it available (that easy) for the
bad guys. So this ‘s something interested in click below. And as always, thank you! We will
see you next time…stay safe. Just don’t listen to that Chucklehead!

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