Real Estate Agent: Honest Advice, Lessons Learned, My Worst Year’s Commission | MELANIE ❤️ TAMPA BAY

Real Estate Agent: Honest Advice, Lessons Learned, My Worst Year’s Commission | MELANIE ❤️ TAMPA BAY

I worked my butt off in 2011 and made
eleven thousand dollars by the time it was said and done Melanie Atkinson
realtor with Smith and Associates in Tampa Bay Florida I got started in real estate in 2005 the
real estate market in Tampa was on fire and I had a neighbor who was had a very
busy real estate career and she needed help and it seemed like a really great
career move for me so I started actually as her assistant slash contract
coordinator and what I would do for her is pretty much all of the behind the
scenes things that real estate agents do for themselves mostly and at that time
not a lot of people had contract coordinators but it freed her up to do
the actual in-person things showing houses going to listing appointments and
things like that I was managing the transaction from the office so that was
how I got started I did that for two years 2005 to 2007 and you really learn
a lot about the business whenever you’re doing the guts of the business if someone wants to be a real estate
agent I can’t imagine a better start to me it was like an internship and and how
to learn the business I never thought of it as my final career move I always
thought about it as how to learn the business first before I actually go out
there and try to handle transactions on my own these are really important
transactions to people you really want and should know what you’re doing
whenever you start day 1 so I used those 2 years to learn the business and then
when I got my license in 2007 I was very confident that I was able to manage
those transactions so for people that are getting their
license now I know it’s not necessarily realistic to say everyone should do an
internship for two years prior to going out and selling I know that’s not what
most people want to do but if you’re not going to do that and you do want to sell
on your own please make sure that you have a mentor or a broker that’s there
to help you every step of the way and don’t be afraid to ask questions you
need to make sure you’re doing it correctly for the sake of your clients well I went from being a contract
coordinator to be in a real estate agent pretty much on the day that the market
collapsed so September 2007 is when I got my real estate license if you look
back that was pretty much when everything started going downhill here
in Florida so it was an interesting transition I had not only the fact that
I was new in the business but the fact that there wasn’t a lot of business to
go around to overcome I think real estate agents always need to be aware of
the fact that there might be a downturn in the market as a real estate agent you
have to be very smart with your financial planning you need to save a
decent amount of money in case there are those hiccups no salary is guaranteed as
a real estate agent you are a hundred percent commission which is the greatest
thing about the business but also the worst thing about the business so a lot of what I see is you know how
to make $100,000 your first year I think it’s amazing if you can do that and
you’re in a market that you can do that and you have the support around you to
successfully make that much money your first year in real estate but for most
people that’s not the reality and I would like people to go into the
industry knowing that and having realistic expectations you can
absolutely have a successful career in real estate
but to say it starts on day one is very difficult so if you set your
expectations correctly and you make a promise to yourself that you’re gonna
work hard and stay educated and know your market then you’re absolutely going
to be successful in real estate but it is hard to keep that up while you’re not
making very much money in the beginning so 2007 to 2011 me everyone was scraping
for business the the good thing about the downturn is that the competition
between real estate agents was a lot less there just weren’t as many a lot of
them left the business and went to something else very understandably my
strategy during that time was really to contact and keep in touch with my close
friends neighbors family anybody that could attest to my character and my my
willingness to work hard for them was really my bread and butter during that
time and honestly still is your your network is your best contacts for real
estate so yeah I mean I survived that market by really really relying on on
those people and those clients who who I am eternally grateful I worst you’re in real estate and I’ll
never forget it because it wasn’t my first year so I started in 2007 my worst
June real estate was 2011 which was an absolutely terrible year for home sales
in Florida or at least the price of home sales in Florida I worked my butt off in
2011 and made eleven thousand dollars by the time it was said and done I think I
probably made twenty five cents an hour if I were to actually break it down
there were transactions that would take months and months and months and then
they would get rejected so yeah in 2011 everything was a struggle nothing was
easy transactions were difficult buyers didn’t necessarily know if it was the
bottom of the market they had been going down for a couple years but buyers were
still thinking well maybe it’ll go down more so buyers weren’t pulling a trigger
sellers couldn’t sell their house because none of them had enough equity
in it anymore because the prices have been dragged down so much so most of
what we did were short sales and foreclosures well short sales could take
months I mean we dealt with some four nine
twelve months and then in the end they wouldn’t get approved so you it wasn’t
that you weren’t working in 2011 you were probably working harder than you –
in other years but nothing was paying out so as much as that year was
difficult financially I learned so much during that time that I could never ever
begin to quantify the amount of learning experience that I got and I’m grateful
for it now in retrospect it was definitely difficult at the time though
one big takeaway from 2011 is just to be grateful when the market is actually
going well you can never take that for granted anybody can be a realtor the the costs
of entering the field is very low but not everybody can be a good realtor so
it’s a matter of how you want to be perceived do you want to do this as a
career and if you do then you can absolutely be successful at it but you
have to work at it people aren’t just going to give you their million-dollar
listings if you’re not a capable realtor you have to stay educated you have to
ask questions when you need to and you have to create a trust with buyers and
sellers that really allows you to grow in your business I see real-estate agents I see different
types of real estate agents and I think you know just like people in general
certain people work better with certain types of real estate agents I am NOT a
pushy salesperson I believe in letting people have the time that they need to
to find the right place and that creates a trust with my clients are there other
people that think that you should be more salesy absolutely and they do a
great job different real estate agents work better with different types of
clients so if you if you have a client that doesn’t want to be pushed into
anything then if you push them then they’re not going to trust you so you
know I I don’t necessarily think there’s one way to be a successful real estate
agent I think you have to be true to who you are and that will make you a
successful person in whatever career you choose well I think the general population
thinks that being a realtor is an easy way to make money and I’ll be completely
honest there are some transactions that are very easy but a lot of times when
they get easy it’s because you already have the knowledge to make that
transaction easy that comes from years and years of knowing how to do things
right to make them easy but from your clients perspective they look at and
think wow that was really easy for her well if I’m really good at my job
shouldn’t it be easy so when I started in 2007 teams were not
really all that popular nowadays you see a lot of real estate teams I was
actually a part of a team for many years and I loved it
it’s a great way for new agents to get referrals and leads they can work the
listings that the team leads have and work the buyer leads that the team leads
give them you are gonna pay more for those referrals you’re not going to make
as much on the bottom line but it’s a great way to get to know the business
plus you get the benefit of having the entire team’s knowledge at your disposal
which is a really great way to learn the team doesn’t necessarily work for
everybody as they get their own business but that is a completely individual
choice the Tampa Bay real estate market is
really interesting because there are so many different places that you can sell
Pinellas County you can sell on the beaches which is really fun or in
Hillsborough County it’s in a massive County you have to know a lot of
different areas to really be able to sell Hillsborough County you can also go
down to Sarasota if you want or up into Pasco County which I do all the time so
the Tampa Bay market is is really interesting from that aspect but it’s
also changing a lot and we’re getting a lot more City living so now the focus is
shifting to people wanting to live in more urban areas so now we’re seeing you
know high-rises starting to go up in downtown Tampa which will be up in the
next couple years high rises on Bayshore those are all very high-end properties
but we’re getting a lot of people interested in that type of living so
it’s constantly changing thank you so much for joining me on this episode of
Melanie Loves Tampa Bay I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about
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