Properties of Fluid Problem 1 – Properties of Fluid – Fluid Mechanics

Properties of Fluid Problem 1 – Properties of Fluid – Fluid Mechanics

hello friends here in this video we will see the problem on properties of fluid let us take the question number one we have here calculate specific weight density and specific gravity of one liter of a liquid which weighs seven Newton now this is the question we have I will write the data for this so given data here we have to calculate specific weight that is the first question specific weight is nothing but weight density denoted by a small W next density is mass density denoted by Rho then the third one is specific gravity denoted by a small s of one liter this one liter is the volume of the liquid so here we have V is equal to one liter and one liter is nothing it is equal to 10 raise to minus 3 meter cube how this relation came because since one meter cube can contain thousands liter of water so therefore one liter is equal to it will be one divided by thousand so 10 raised to minus 3 meter cube so here is the conversion part now this is the question we have in front of us where volume is given and they have even given the volume of a liquid which weighs 7 Newton so capital W weight of the liquid is 7 Newton now let us try to get the solution for this problem since the first question is specific weight or weight density I will start from here since specific weight or weight density is given by it has given by W is equal to weight upon volume this is the relation weight density is the ratio of weight upon volume now I will put the values here so therefore specific weight will be equal to weight of the liquid is given as seven volume is 10 raise to minus 3 so therefore a specific weight comes out to be 7000 unit is Newton per meter cube this is the first answer next now the second part we have to calculate mass density so now I’ll say that since mass density we know the relation mass density it is given by mass density is Rho and that is equal to the specific weight or weight density divided by G so here is the relation between mass density and weight density this relation I am utilizing that mass density is weight density divided by G weight density we have got it as 7,000 divided by 9.81 so finally density answer that comes out to be seven hundred and thirteen point five Oh point five kg per meter cube because it is mass per unit volume so this is my second answer and now the last part in this question is specific gravity so I will say that since specific gravity of liquid s is equal to weight density of liquid upon weight density of standard liquid that is water so it is divided by weight density of water so therefore specific gravity is equal to the weight density of liquid we have got an answer one that is seven thousand divided by weight density of water that is thousand so here we have via right okay via writing weight density weight density of water is it is given by nine eight one zero this is the mass density of water and the weight density is it is nine eight one zero so finally how I got this because thousand is the mass density and in that if I multiply with G that is nine point eight one that gives me an answer of nine eight one zero so therefore if I divide numerator by denominator my answer of s it comes out to be zero point seven one three five so this much is the specific gravity of the given liquid and since this value is less than one it means the specific gravity the liquid we have here it is lighter than water because the specific gravity is less than one if the specific gravity is equal to 1 then it is water if the specific gravity is more than one then the given liquid is heavier than water so this was a simple problem related to properties of fluid

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