Product Licensing Sell Sheet Reviews Part 1

Product Licensing Sell Sheet Reviews Part 1

(bright, jazzy music) – Hello and welcome everyone to another TV show. What are all those Stephen? – Andrew, last week we
asked people to send in their sell sheet because this
is such an important tool when you’re trying to license
an idea, is your sell sheet. If it’s done wrong, guess what Andrew? No one’s going to call you back. – It’s gonna do the selling for you guys. So a one-page advertisement,
your sell sheet, is so, so important. Steve got one from the viewers,
I haven’t even seen it yet, so he’s gonna weigh in. I’ll try to jump in a little bit as well. I haven’t even seen it yet so maybe hold it up for me a little bit here. – Oh I will. In fact I’m gonna show it to everybody. – Okay. – Let’s hold it up here,
hopefully everybody can see that. I’m gonna hold it for just a minute. There you go. In fact, we’ll put it
back up on the screen in just a minute you guys. You know what’s really
great about this product? The guy that submitted this
to me, his name is Mark Krauss and it think it’s Andrew’s brother. (laughing) – No actually my brother’s
name is Erich or Michael but not Mark so it’s not my brother. – I thought you were trying
to play a trick on me when you sent this over. – No. – Okay, first of all, Mark, thank you very much for sending this in. In fact, I spoke to you on the phone saying thank you very much. First of all, I’m gonna
say I like this product. Now it doesn’t matter if I like it or not. The only person that really
needs, the only opinion you really need is the
company you’re sending it to. So if your sell sheet doesn’t
really have that punch or if it takes them too
long to understand it. – You’re toast. You have six to ten seconds
to make an impression with a sell sheet. If you don’t, don’t think
they’re gonna take some time and think on it and figure it out. They aren’t. – No. – You like how I say this,
Stephen, all the time. Assume they’re brain dead. You have to understand these
people in these corporations they’re doing like two
or three people’s jobs. I feel sorry for them. So they’re very, very busy. They don’t have time to
think, don’t make them think. With the sell sheet, Stephen,
do people have to think or is it just like bam in your face? What do you think? – I would say this is pretty good. The only thing that bothers
me, and I see this all the time Andrew, is that he’s got this nice logo. It’s called the T O C box, TOC box. – People are very proud of
their product name aren’t they? – It’s very clever, but who cares? – Yeah. – No one’s gonna care about it. You care about it, it’s a great name but I wouldn’t have that so big. Put it down at the bottom, it’s okay. This is precious real
estate so I’d move it, I’d make it smaller. That’s the first thing. – I think you keep it at the top Stephen, but just not so big. And the benefit statement underneath it. – Well, the benefit statement,
you guys, in a nutshell, let me tell you what this is. When you’re on a bicycle,
right, and you’ve got those nice bike shorts going on,
you got the helmet going on, you’re looking like you’re the guy right? – I don’t know about you Steve, but I don’t wear the bike shorts. No thank you. – Okay. So anyway, you’re riding and sure enough you get a telephone call. What are you gonna do? So you’re searching around,
maybe it’s in your backpack, or maybe you fumble. I would hate to be on the
ride trying to take it out and guess what, it drops. Alright, not a great idea. So he’s got this idea
it’s called the TOC box where there’s a little bit
of, there’s a little case that’s attached to the water bottle. It’s great. It fits right there and flip
it open, get your water. Pull right over, don’t wanna
drive while you’re talking. Pull right over, flip it
open, and get your phone out. Now he’s talking right here, you see him? He’s off the bike, he’s
talking because this right here is where he got his product. Right? Now let me tell you what
I don’t like about this. Right away, first of all
it’s a pretty good idea. I like it. But, why is the product shot so small? Why is this so big? Why is this so small? Make it bigger. I want the product shot to be the biggest picture on your sell sheet. Don’t be shy, it’s the beauty shot. It should be big. Make it clear. If you have to point
a little arrow what’s, what this is, do it. The problem here with this product shot, it’s too small, and guess what? The phone is so close to the water bottle it’s hard to see it. – Yeah. – I’m trying to figure out. – A little bit of one
two action there Stephen, you know where you see the
first shot and the second shot, you show the action, pulling it out. Might be something to do. – Sometimes you have to do a storyboard. Here’s the product shot and down below you show
someone taking it out. Give that information. Of course, have a guy on
the phone, he’s smiling, he’s happy, he’s pulled over. Right now he’s got a picture of a guy on the back, his backside. – Steve I can’t even see the sell sheet. What’s the benefit statement? What do they have right now? – The cellphone storage
alternative that allows you to safely conceal and carry your phone… – Oh my god. – While riding your bike. – Oh my god that’s way too much. – Okay, it’s way too long. Andrew’s right. This is easy, easy. Grab your phone, easy. It’s safe, your phone’s protected. You got to shorten it up. I want a short benefit
statement of why anybody cares. This picture here? I want a picture of the
guy’s front of his face when he’s holding the phone smiling. – How about just something,
I’m just coming up with this on the fly
Stephen, ’cause like I said I hadn’t even seen the sell sheet. But what about your phone within reach? Easily reach your phone in
seconds, or something like that. The easy way to get to
your phone in seconds while riding your bike or something. – Why not say safely
grab your phone anytime. – There you go. You already have the context,
you’re already on a bicycle, you don’t need to talk about that again. The shorter the better really. – I like this sell sheet Andrew. I’d probably give this a B, right? But it could be an A. – The difference between
licensing or not licensing your product because,
like I said, these people in these companies are
brain dead, they’re only giving it six to ten seconds,
can be between a B and an A. So for you to call 30 companies
and send a B sell sheet, you’re kicking yourself in
the butt so hard it’s wrong, wrong, wrong, don’t do that. – You know what you can do? You guys, when you make your sell sheet show it to someone first like a friend. See if they get it instantly. See how long it takes for
them to go hey I get it, I like this idea. That’s the first read. Overall, Andrew, this is
a pretty good sell sheet. I gave it a B. I like it. Things need to be moved
around a little bit. Shorten that one line benefit statement. He’s got his contact information here, it’s says patent pending. He’s got everything he needs. This is not bad, could be better. – Okay, good stuff. Thank you Stephen. – Keep ’em coming everybody! Alright thanks. – If you guys like the show, down below give us a thumbs up. Subscribe to the channel. We’ll catch up with you in the
next TV show. See you everybody, keep inventing. Take care. (jazzy music)

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