So this video covers a hypothetical process
flow for a real estate company using the principles of ISO 9001. In this video, I’m going to be running through
the steps in a process flow, giving some examples of inputs and outputs, and hopefully you should
be able to go away and document your own process flow. Hi I’m Mazza, IMS Lead Assessor here at Best
Practice Certification, we’ve received some questions in response to our process flow
tutorial video shot by our CEO Kobi Simmat, a few months ago, and what we have up here
on the board is a response to one of those questions. So the question came from a real estate company,
I don’t know what country they’re based in, but what we’ve done for them is put together
a generic process flow of what something in their business might look like for lettings,
not sales of homes, but more lettings. The normal sort of process flow scenario that
we’ve gone with here, has the process in the middle and the different steps, inputs on
the left hand side, and outputs on the right hand side. So starting from step one, we’ve got the process
as advertise open home. You can see there that an input there is you’ve
got a vacant listing, and the outputs of that maybe marketing material, you know, in Australia
thats things like, domaine as in using websites, you know you can post
ads in the newspaper, you can put pamphlets in peoples letter boxes, thats an output of
that process step. Moving on from that we’ve got hold an open
home. It seems right, that’s the way you would do
it, you would advertise, then you would hold an open home. As a result of holding an open home, one of
your outputs might be applications. So you would receive applications, from potential
tenants that would like to move into the home. Next step in the process would be to review
the applications, fairly straight forward, no real outputs there, however in your business
you may have some, not too sure. After that we’ve gone with discuss with the
landlord, again, you would share your thoughts on the applicants pass on your feedback to
the landlord, make a decision, and move on to the next step, which we’ve got there as
notify the successful candidate. So obviously once thats done, you move onto
prepare and issue the lease, and what you’ve got there are some input items are, the tenant
details. Grab the information from them, prepare the
lease, and issue it to them. What you get as an output of that step, is
obviously a signed lease. After that as the real estate agency, you
have to obtain the bond, output of that step is obviously a bond payment, and then after
that, as you can see we’ve run through the process, you get to move into property management
flowchart. That’s your normal, three monthly inspections,
collect your rent, respond to tenant queries, pass them on to the landlord, you know, all
those types of things. So that’s a fairly straight forward process
flow that we’ve just been able to put together for you, as what it would look like to let
a property. So that’s just one scenario for a real estate
business. Like we said, we covered letting or rental
or leasing, whatever you want to call it, you could also have similar process flows
for sales, like preparing a property for sale, and you could also have it like we have as
our last step here, property management, you could come up with a flow chart that spells
out the steps for that. Look some examples of, you know, if we were
looking at the sales process, you’d still have the inputs of a vacant listing, you would
still advertise your open home, you’d still hold an open home, but when you get to this
step here its obviously going to be something different, it’s not going to be review applications,
it’s going to be potentially providing contracts of sale to potential buyers or purchasers
of the property. You will still have your discussions with
landlord in here, if you are receiving offers on the property, and you still get into this
stage of notifying the successful client, you know preparing and issuing the contract,
potentially you would be getting involved with the seller of the property and also their
solicitor to help in the exchange. So you can see if you just follow the steps
through, this can be done for the sales process as well. Think about what inputs might go into it,
and of course what outputs come out the other side. So thanks for joining us, don’t forget to
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