Your 3 Years in the business? I’m your host Adrian, and I’m pumped up for today today. I have a very very special guest with us, and that is mr. Kevin Mills Kevin bells, please introduce yourself man. Thanks for having me. Thanks for having me at Kevin Mills I’m working in the Myrtle Beach Market century 21 the Harrelson group and third year in the business this year and And so with that you know, I I wanted to start off the interviews with something big As you know I created this vlog and so we’re getting a lot of momentum on it But I was like looking I want to interview a young agent. That’s crushing it. You’re the first person that came to mind You’re the only one I know out there. That’s like doing it doing it, so I’m totally man How did you get started in the industry? Yeah, so got started. I was in car sales for about three months coming out of college got it got it Just got a job really fast coming out of college and I was the first thing kind of hiring I was tired of people rejecting my product I thought it was really hard for people to reject me so I went into real estate I didn’t want people to reject my product anymore I wanted to give them the opportunity to accept me or reject me and send the product so lucky enough I just googled Myrtle Beach real estate in the top agents And and I’m lucky enough to have Greg Harrelson in my market which a lot of people might know the lock feel might not know But is a great owner a great mentor a great coach And I have an owner of the company who I mean in the height of it was doing 450 a year and he was doing effort eight years in a row So it’s not like he had a couple of years, and he wasn’t doing foreclosures or anything like that. He was just doing residential resale Condos, I mean just straight right Dohno great hair say whom is the man the myth legend? Greg Greg’s an awesome coach he’s awesome Tori’s the company like I said I mean he was doing 400 plus deals in the height of the market consistently doing above 300 deals set more into a coach owner perspective for the Is you mentioned that you were in car sales I was – like before I got into real estate Yeah, yeah, I actually worked for Nissan. I I don’t know That’s awesome man I went in and I don’t know about you I just put in the hours and the compensation didn’t add up So so walk me through that so you were in car sales. How did that? How did that happen because I I know that there was some practical things that you did from going to car sales to selling real estate Yeah, saw me with the car sales. I uh I met my wife got pregnant getting out of college We weren’t married yet, so I was thrown into reality really fast, so I actually had a pretty good mentor was there a GM. Who is a strong closer, so? So I think it was a great experience I mean, that’s one of things that helped me hit the ground running so when I got into real estate. I was already So that’s huge because there’s something to learn there right a lot of us are so scared of going and trying what you did How much did you I know I know you touched on a little bit back But for that for the listeners how much did you learn in that cold sailor position so much so much about just building rapport? asking questions getting a commitment I mean there was just so much there that really helped me out so when I got to real estate I mean it was great the one thing I hated was again. I was selling a product sometimes people didn’t Like me so that was always hard when I go or go with this product so I was like man What can I get into where I’m selling me because I’m doing a pretty good job of selling myself So you learn It’s so funny you say we all know Grant Cardone, and he has that sheller being sold right It’s like my wife, and I we’re at Disneyland on Wednesday, and and you know we walked into the park and I go okay? Don’t get mad, and she goes what do you mean and I go sell or be sold? And she I go we’re either gonna wait in those two our lines We’re not gonna wait in those two our lines, and so like I got us at the front of the line every single time But you’re right. It’s either They sell us on a reason why you gotta wait on the line Or you sell yourself on the reason to let out yourself and most of the time I mean they’re not there just objections not conditions, so I mean all you have to do is learn how to handle these objections They’re their smoke screens. I always tell the agents here You just gotta get through the smoke screens until you hit a condition or until you sell Most of what people are stopping early on they’re all smoke screens are all objections, okay, so your Business yes, this will be my third full year And how many transactions this year? Will be on the listing side the only buyer deals, I’m doing our buyer deals where I sold their listing and they’re buying 42 I think 41 twenty-two first year 41 42 bills first year second year 87 How how did you go from back to that absolutely prospecting I mean, it’s all about prospect is the most boring thing I always tell people I’m gonna overpay telemarketer a hundred percent I’m on the phones 24/7 So I prospect seven days a week a prospect every single day eight to 11 of in Sundays on Sunday I prospect from 4 to 7 in the afternoon So I mean I’m constant on the phone and then in the afternoons on Monday through Friday I’m on the phone if I don’t have an appointment. I’m on the phone from 3 to 7, so I’m constantly on the phone I’m constantly making contacts, and I’m having good quality Conversations because that’s the one thing that we’re really trying to help agents in the office with and the ones that are there coming along as having good quality conversations short to the point Qualifying putting them in your follow-up building a database is big, and that’s really starting to pay off for me I think next year is gonna be a huge here as far as my database is concerned, but again. It’s keeping it simple It’s going through the process of making phone calls, and then you can get fancy as you grow but Out of those 100 percent of my businesses here comes from prospect 100% and first year second year was a hundred percent from prospecting how many contacts were you making on a daily basis I Want to make sure it’s a lot of people are making 10 to 15 a day, and they’re calling a lot How was that possible a lot of my market are retirees a lot of them are second homeowners? Against that I found some pretty good resources to find cell phone numbers as well, so I’m yeah I’m eating up a lot of different numbers on these people as well And another thing that I know this just from you and you know I won’t give away all your secrets here, but Yeah, now okay awesome, so you’re you don’t just throw to one source. I mean you you hurt these people down right? I’m an investigator sometimes talk to me about that Talk to the audience about that because I talk about that and people are like stalker, and I’m like no you guys The mindset though stalker mindset We wake up All Withdrawn expires, I’m using multiple sources. I’m using Gila pages You know a couple other websites Volken seven red X I’m using all of these numbers And then I have a couple of data pullers outside of our market on the west coast who are feeding us numbers as well So I mean I’m pulling them from 8 9 different sources every single morning You’re not just walking in pull it up one system hitting the start button and just I Mean Vulcan sevens great red X is great. They do a good job. I guess but if you really really want to be good What’s drawn if you want to be good at the expired and really take over that market you have to be able to get more numbers you have to get the numbers nobody else are getting because that’s the only way that you’re really going to dominate because you have The one number that nobody else has so you got ahold of the aunt who has the owners number Gives you his number The aunt calls the grandson supera conversation You post some good stuff on your social media so when they check out your page they see that But we’re just trying to make it a very efficient system, just trying to just trying to increase so What is through your schedule if you wouldn’t mind cuz I know a lot of people here in 85 contacts They’re how do you fit that into your day? What is your day look like and what the suit like the preparation on hours for sure so now the? 85 doesn’t happen as much. I’m making as more quality contacts. I have a lot more follow up my database I have a follow up book and Something where I’m not heating those numbers as much unless we’re doing copy sessions with you guys I’m definitely making fifty sixty plus a day so when I get a dude my expires in the morning 8:00 to 8:15 I hit out the new expires, and then I’ll go for the ring week previous from pray 8:15 8:45 I’m hitting that up hitting the new ones again probably from 8:45 to 9:30, so I mean I’m gonna. I’m gonna shoot you straight I’m calling the new expires and the the old expires peepin expired for seven days, and I haven’t got you on the phone I probably called you 85 90 times I tracked it for one week, and I talked to them I’ve tried 85 different tips And I’m trying from a lot of different sources one really cool thing. I haven’t even shared with you for our market Which is big? There’s an app called Twilio where you can buy different area codes? And then you can call them from your cell phone with these different area codes So I mean I’m not calling them from all the same numbers. I’ll use my cell phone my assistant cell phone my office line I’ll go on to Leo and try to match their area code, so I’m calling from their area code So I’m really trying to hit him as many times as possible in my opinion these expires. He’s withdrawn still one assume They’re just looking for looking for somebody who? Are you there yeah there we go you’re good So so it’s on that standpoint, we’re hitting them up at that time in the morning from 9 to 9:30 or 9:15 9:45 I’m hitting up for sale by owners I’m doing a lot of for sale by owner contacts By doing so the mate, and then I’m doing some cold calling still I’m cold calling some buildings Who are extremely hot condo building some residential buildings and doing small amounts of follow-up from 10:30 to 11:00 just on recently expired That way because they’re getting calls from 10 15 plus agents So I ought to make sure I’m getting to them in the early But if you start taking a look at my schedule everything that I’m doing between 8 and 11 is income-generating I’m not doing any income servicing. I’m not presenting offers. I’m not checking my email. I’m not scheduling an inspection report I’m doing zero of that. I’m just waiting to grab Yeah, nothing generating business me and two phones I mean, that’s the main thing you’re handling right yes, two phones a double doll every morning I was on a budget for a little bit I just didn’t like it as much so I switched back over to handoff so then a 11:00 When I get done on it 11:00 so every day till 11:00 I’ll handle any fires that I have for my assistance any offers that need to be presented or any any big things I’m doing that for maybe 11 to 11:30 my assistants are pretty good So I really have to worry about too many of those take a nice lunch for an hour Then I got back on the phone afternoon doing the same things hitting me expires hitting the withdrawals Hitting all the previous ones all my follow-up for sale by owners. I mean, it’s just So 9:00 to 11:00 all lead generating all bringing in the business 8:00 to 11:00, and then what hours are you spending? Working in like answering emails and and dealing with files how many hours you are Just because I have two assistants Unless it’s somebody saying hey, I’m thinking about listing my property, but if it’s something like that or something I need to respond to I just have a file on my desk They’ll just put in sporadically throughout the day, so I’ll just check that file at like 11 o’clock. I’ll check it in one Afternoon usually, so I’m you know just let me know on that so I mean I’m not involved with any of them I mean we have to realize we’re income generating machines We gotta be generating if we’re servicing we’re just taking over somebody else’s responsibility you can pay somebody $8 an hour to answer your emails right you to do. It is a complete waste of time Yeah, what’s that point? If you’re doing the assistant work? You’re the assistant Okay, so so let’s go right back because I underwater really want to dive into that morning routine 1% You don’t just walk into the office you wake up at a predetermined time you get into the gym You get your mind ready is there anything you you do mindset related goal related affirmation Affirmation early to me and ty tee-why ot be on the phones every morning I guess it’s 4:45 his son we get on the phones We roll through our affirmations out love doing that just 15 minutes beforehand Just to get your mind strong then the same time like I’m focused I’m 100% focused on what my goal is and there hasn’t been a day at least this year where I’ve woken up being like man I really don’t want to do this and like I’m not I’m not pumped about doing this just because the amount of money we can Make for just making a phone call is ridiculous And the lifestyle were able to provide our families and whatever you’re otherwise our goals are is huge so I mean I? Realized that every day when I weigh. I’m thankful to wake up, and then I’m ready to hit the phones I mean go wise I just wanted. I just want to kick as much ass One direction go on a percent I mean, that’s the way you have to be if you want to hit some big numbers I mean, there’s there’s a lot of different ways. I think that you can make money and do deals and Things, but this is the most profitable way And it’s the most predictable way Because I mean when the downturn comes and which is inevitably gonna happen at some point during most of our careers I mean you have to be prepared, and if you’re just making phone calls You don’t have to worry about fifteen twenty thousand dollars Zillow budget, or a ten thousand dollar mailer budget Or everything else it’s nice to add once you start doing something good business because you can start optimizing The other end and get money just coming in listings, but you have to really focus on And that’s so big sec. I’m gonna talk about that for a quick second. We’re seeing a lot of Millennials I’m sure you’re seeing this a lot of younger kids They’re going out there, and they think that it’s real simple that you know. There’s these get rich overnight themes There’s I can get my real estate license. I buy this Zillow program, and I’ll do a hundred deals let’s How about hell okay, and if it does work how short-term that is and how long-term wise if the market does change you won’t survive Yeah, I mean I think it can work If you spend enough money, but then it jumps back into what’s your profitability like it’s it’s nice to be the guy say hey I’m doing two hundred deals in my second year But then they start calculating their cost you realize that guys only making forty fifty thousand dollars at the end of the day Doing all this so it’s nice to be able to keep the biggest portion of the pie you know what I mean so I mean That’s why I loved it in the prospect Nothing’s gonna be as far as profitability so I mean I think sending out mailers is great I think Zillow you can get deals on Zillow to me There’s a lot of different ways to do it But if you want to be profitable if you want to make money and build wealth it’s gotta be prospecting There’s nothing else and prospecting’s many different ways so maybe you hate phone calls But you just want a door knock so I mean you can door knock I mean, there’s there’s a million different ways that you can do prospect It’s just talking to people so spot-on and I think people get caught up. They think prospecting expires prospecting for sale by owners and All the time it’s in hot you’re not Prospecting is walking into that we have a hospital across the street the hospital and meeting meeting the receptionist’s music Meaning the different that you know what I mean in like Selling yourself for sure meeting the person who hires the new doctors that come in from out of state You’re getting Your result When I came into the office One thing that we did as a company is I had to shadow a few different agents before I could even get on the phones So I’m over here shadowing somebody who’s making six seven hundred thousand dollars a year Selling whatever eighty to a hundred properties a year, then I’m shadowing somebody who’s selling two hundred properties a year I’m saying all you’re doing is making phone calls. Okay, that works. I can do that. I can make these phone calls So what I heard is that you exposed your mind to something bigger than what most people see on a percent and How crucial was how crucial is that environment to the longevity of what you built? I Saw, I saw the results I saw it was transparent It wasn’t just you know a bunch of BS coming through these people were making a lot of phone calls They were dude they were mastering repetitious boredom So they’re doing they’re mastering the most boring thing you can do is sitting a froma phone with no computer up doing absolutely nothing making These phone calls and being zoned in for each of these conversations So I mean I think a lot of people that’s to say they get all zoned out when they get on the phone And they’re not even asking the most crucial crucial Questions so for a new person or somebody getting in the business one to really grow I think if you’ve already conquered hey I want to be on the phones, and I’m okay with being on the phones of making the calls It’s mastering what to say and being efficient with it So I mean my phone calls unless I’m getting a listing or going over 45 seconds Here. I am very fast I’m Barry to the point. I’m not trying to be their friend. I’m not trying to ask them about their dog I’m trying to get a listing. I’m trying to get their business On the phone, I’m gonna get I’m gonna get their email address. I’m gonna put them in a database There was golden nuggets all throughout that statement, so I hope you guys wrote all those down That’s good. Okay, so what this do I know that we went first year second year. We’re talking about the schedule We’re talking about your mindset. How did we get to 185? I want to know more, please? I’m not doing anything, but next year. I am so next you’re expanding on some gold things. I need to do to get to 300 So do that there’s only so many hours I can be prospecting and I don’t want to build a 50 person team and then lose all my profitability all over again, it makes no sense for me So I want to be as profitable if I can so I’m adding some other pillars into my business but the main thing is this I have just continued to make phone calls every single day people who are thinking about selling in the Spring I’m calling them in the winter setting them up for the spring I’m calling them before the spring just to make sure we’re so on for the spring then I’m calling to miss in the spring again To list them, so I mean I’m keeping up with these people I daily basis. I mean per day I probably have 25 follow-up calls to make The company because that’s just grounded on that just don’t get fancy don’t buy into the magic scheme just keep building a solid foundation You’re gonna. Have a house That’s all I’m hearing is you you’ve built such a solid foundation that every year You’re just sticking to the plan sticking to the plan hitting the numbers every day, and it’s accumulated a hundred percent And I think it’s just gonna Keep our database real geeks we don’t know if you don’t know about that We’re doing active and sold searches for everybody sonali again an email they might not care about but we’re providing really good content We’ll keep him up to date What properties around them are hitting in the market are closing see if so good message do that so I mean? It’s just taking up as much mind share as we can so I mean they see us on Facebook They see us on Instagram. We’re on their email We’re giving them phone calls or leave it on voicemail, so we’re keeping in touch with all those people as well So Taking up as much space in their mind so when they think about real estate. They can only think about me They see me everywhere so it’s whether I’m texting them whether I’m calling them. They’re getting voicemails Whether they’re getting emails whether they’re getting the real geek faxes and soul search if they’re on Facebook And I show up on their sponsored because the emails I’m taking are the same emails are logging into Facebook And now I can target them on Facebook in the social medias I’m just all over the place and that’s not costing me any more time Facebook’s really cheap so it’s not really costing me too much more money either, but It’s it’s basically passive income these are the come list me calls off the prospecting that calls out main they were saying yeah I’m just not interested right now, and they’re reaching out to me saying. Hey, we spoke a few years ago Seen you all over. I see what you’ve been doing and I’m impressed. I’m ready to go So that’s the easier conversation as well. That’s and most companies run that way let’s think of a computer actually we think about Do we think about it That’s huge That’s so fusion and for the audience if you guys can understand and understand what Kevin said there on Getting people to relate one item with you and getting that connection, and it’s so stimpack I mean Kevin’s net you’re getting close from your first year you’re speaking with people they’re calling you today saying hey Can you come over and list my property now getting questions? I’m getting emails when the email Databases drop all that so I mean it’s nurturing nurturing a lot of people right now are even complaining about the leads that they’re getting When they pay boomtown these other lead sources these really aren’t leads they are leads You just have to nurture so the person who’s going to be best at nurturing them is gonna win this ballgame And that’s what we’re trying to do on this side is we’re trying to have the best Structure of the best system of nurturing all these people five years away from when they’re gonna list their house because they’re starting that early That were the resource when it gets down to it. You’re like The Tortoise and the hare my man All right because I know we’re on Instagram like Anybody starting out is just a master the conversations master the objection handlers, and I have a note in front of me You have to be able to distinguish a condition from an objection most people stop on the objection you cannot stop you’re just one of the other 50 agents are calling these people you have to go through that objects and in find the Condition if there’s no condition, and they’re gonna sell their property, so you just have to blast right through whatever objection that they’re giving you Just what you mean by no condition or objective? The prices just aren’t good. I’m just waiting till the spring because nobody’s looking for a property around the holidays or yeah I mean obviously I can get my price Okay, well if I can ever be a resource just let me know I hear people give up all the time on this you just Have to ask a couple questions, just like the markets not right right now I’m getting out a lot people are looking for properties in December. That’s funny because last week I put three properties under contract all of them pretty similar to your property So I’m just curious if I brought you in off right now. Would you accept it? I’ll never say except Do you have a bar I don’t know? I haven’t seen your property yet That way I can see if I do have a bar for it We can bring you an offer you know what I mean It’s great And then they’re probably tell you something else no way I’m gonna come no way I’m gonna let you into my house today You don’t have a bar well. How do you know? I don’t have a bar Let me just come by and Worst worst case scenario you waste 10 15 minutes with an agent who knows this business and committed to getting you the most amount of money if you Ask the question, and they goes isn’t that what you want I mean you do want me to come over and say your house. Don’t you? Commission Okay, so there was a lot there, but real fast. How did you get so? verbally I don’t want because I know that you naturally have a But how did you understand what you need to save for the real estate side right, so it was pretty easy for me First you have to make a connection with these people you want to build up some rapport But more than anything you just want them to trust you. I just know every conversation I’m about to get on they have to trust me if I’m when I are in their business period So I know that I have to gain some sort of trust when I was starting I had nothing to offer I didn’t sell any properties. I have this I know that’s why I build it from a team standpoint Hey our company. Here is one of the highest rated company if you do this whatever I’m trying to build right there, so you have to build that Mattoon people trying to build rapport forever, so it’s just a very fast hey, you can trust me I know this market and then just getting into the issues. I really don’t try to play too much around It’s just on the expires even. I jump right to it. Hey. There’s Kevin Mills with century 21 I just want to give you a brief call your property came off the market failed to sell coffee sold for you When’s the best time for us to meet today? I’m Not even waiting for them to respond, I just want to get there I’m gonna do my best to The point I’m here, and I said, this is a group the other day Don’t fight them dance with them learn to get there so lean people they go into it And they just you’re like what you didn’t like Relax is what you want. Yes. I always say you want to outmatch and outlast Me. I’m sorry. Don’t let them as long as I can to Show me whatever level they’re on I’m gonna get on that level Very often very slow whether it be very loud and in-your-face I’m gonna match them, and then I’m gonna go one step further than them so I’m gonna. I’m gonna be the last one Yeah, what is it? you have like six seconds to get that person to understand if they’re gonna stay on the phone with you and that flows down to Your mere Maps that all goes down to them relating with you And sometimes have the wrong number all right I’m getting out my same as fast because if you give them time to interject Before they know who you are and have a good feeling about you. They’re rejecting you from the start Hey, how are you doing today? I’m doing absolutely horrible. You’re the ten first. They called me this morning You can’t get them on that you just have to deliver your message See how they respond and then overcome whatever that is it’s like when you walk in a department store. Can I help you no All right, let’s see what we got here. Let’s go back to the top Powerful powerful on foot I don’t see any questions on every Where or they just Jumped in maybe this is a company, but what’s software so what Syria CRM. Are you using Kevin to nurture your leads to get those He’s big on Infusionsoft here are some big Infusionsoft campaigns that’s big We’re using real geeks as well both companies. I’m a huge fan of but at the same time I mean I feel like if you have a database that’s that big you should definitely be Should be asking that question the first step is building a big You gotta make the contacts you gotta get the emails too many people think about that step, and you’re not even thinking about well I got like 20 people right now whose email addresses I have I’m sure you guys over in Terry you guys have systems in place as well for that whatever They might be different CRMs are different systems, but I know you guys are doing really well You guys are using you recommend using, but those are the two that we use and I’m more than Okay appreciate that and then the only other question I was on there was do you Facebook one tab away my computer saying I just got an email at the top right corner I don’t want that if you have that distraction you’re 8 to 11 It’s not gonna be profitable so you’re not just going through the motions. You’re in the zone your phones are off You’re not checking your email. You’re not talking to your admin. You’re not talking to the partner across from you You’re locked in dialing focused on what you’re doing a hundred percent, and we have some fun in the office I mean In say an afternoon I mean, I’m committed between if I can work three hours a day and earn the living that we’re all So I mean all you have to do is commit three hours a day minimum to calling and you can build a huge business And just have to commit to the process Try doing it for a month, and if it doesn’t work stop you just gotta Do it every single day know that I Did my first Year you didn’t do any deals to like a July August, right? The database I was doing everything I thought wasn’t taking any buyer leads and so from July does so six month period you did 40 deals 4,200 obviously was accumulation, but still correct Market just starting this I knew zero people in this market when I started zero I Moved to Myrtle Beach never been to Myrtle Beach you want to be around her family So I moved here knowing absolutely nobody and just got started Okay now I really want to talk about that how you push through those first six months because the average person especially nowadays Because there’s no there’s there’s none of that grit. They give up How do you get through that I think it’s surrounding yourself with people that you want to be like surrounding yourself with people who are doing what you’re doing or started doing what you were what you’re doing now that you admire because I Mean they got to a point. I think to the first three months. I’m had zero money If I had enough money to last me so I started doing deals zero money I had to beg from my parents for money They didn’t have too much money. So then I had to cash in a life insurance policy in my mom’s House for me It’s just keep on doing and believing in the process, but you have to in my opinion It was crucial to have people in my office environment who were doing what I was doing and they were having a large amount of success because Ronnie myself of people just like you and other people around the country that I’m friends with in the real estate world They’ve done well surrounding myself with them and seeing what they’re doing and what they’re committing to I love that all Back down to you who you’re surrounding yourself with hundred percent And and if you wouldn’t if you’re surrounding yourself with the wrong people that six months probably wouldn’t have happened Yeah, I try to be the worst person in my friend group I’m the same way. They’re always looking to be like who’s this little short We have to be again selling yourself so Right and that’s why I wanted to do this cuz I I really know a lot of younger Agents that give up make they give up their third month or fourth month, and then they come back to me And they’re like how do you how do I get through it and so I? Figured what better person to learn from than someone that yourself you made a sacrifice Obviously getting to where you’re out you’re creating a great business. You’ve created a great Foundation and the biggest thing I heard you say at the beginning is you did not get fancy with anything. You kept it real simple And now you’re starting to integrate different things before the most part It was just the basics right right But you don’t get see the things I’m integrating I hired and implement it who are just hard yesterday Who’s gonna be handling all the more fancy stuff? I’m not doing that I’m a prospector man prospect It’s not stopping what you’re good at and what got you there either you hire, so else’s lead you there I’m a prospector. We’re gonna prospect. I’m gonna keep making phone calls and so I decide do something else my life and Happen, but you have to keep doing what you’re good. I think a lot of it, and you’re big into garyvee as well I know you gotta be self-aware. I know exactly what I’m good at I know exactly what I’m Saying you stick to that you stick to your strengths your weaknesses I’m not generating anymore. I’m servicing still even though that is Servicing tasks now generation. I want to get my business to the point where I’m only generating But I’m also taking advantage of all the other tools you can use out there once you start incorporating Zil is in the realtor.com And the truly isn’t in a facebook and everything else that you could possibly do out there Just to build you up on the outskirts, but you have to focus on the prospecting in first back back to the foundation He mostly, it’s mostly dials expired cancels, and we’re drawings you call me absentee owners So mature a lot of my market is absentee owners So we have a lot of condos here at the beach So a lot of these people that are withdrawals expired cancel and are out of out-of-state owners So we have all the building lists for every single condo building we have down here We have all of our lists pretty neat and organized and all of our in all our mojo systems as well So people can call those So yeah, I’m calling a lot of condos That’s the majority of my business is conscious So I do a lot about estate owners with those you don’t have to go to the properties as much you don’t have to do It as much servicing so you can really just have a high turnover with those so yeah All I did was cold call Greg won’t even let me tell expires. I had to earn it so you just called what at the beginning Until you mastered the conversation, and then you wait to expire right? That’s so huge, and it’s so huge because we go straight to the expired and what happens The business and you’re gonna get beat up on the gist listed just so – not as much you don’t worry about 50,000 people calling them right, that’s where you get your quality, that’s the database that’s the come list me business That’s the ones where 50 people are competing for that one listing There’s the ones that are gonna be reached out to you you can you don’t have to worry about having to Overprice this process to get the listing or dealing with the Commission cut or anything like that They’re coming out to you because you called them you’ve been dripping on them and nurturing them Huge I love that I love that Male knew he used to do some males right mailee I’m starting to do Millie yeah We’re starting to do some community domination mailers We’re just taking over a community sending over sending out mailers every month like really informative mailers And he’s trying to dominate a community. No. I haven’t zero deals are scenes from doing a mailer All prospecting I love that Manny from I think you’ve met Manny from our Rancho Cucamonga office asked How did you stay in momentum once you got the ball rolling like you were you’re obviously doing deals How did you continue to push forward I became friends with people? I mean I even say being friends. I mean Google Google some people Are some of these other guys okay some of these table guys who are a billionaire still hustling? How can I how can I not be complacent you have to thank me and this is one thing. I just don’t have Business I mean I would say in today’s Dollars You probably are nowhere near that number so I mean until you get somewhere close to that number I can’t I can’t even imagine being complacent about Why you’re doing this what your goal is So I mean I think maybe you need to be a little bit clearer on that, but also if you’re young You don’t want to be 60 years old prospecting still because you can’t afford the lease on your porch send out Some some income coming in some passive income so I mean just focus on the end of the day with the goal is what you Want your life looking like when you’re 60 sitting outside on a porch swing I mean? I’m Money well, and I think it just all goes back down do the people you surround yourself with I tie will text me hey Man up like what it’s straight up, and it’s like okay. You can’t be complacent when you’re around Those type of people my friends work seven days a week, right Can I do if I want to hang out with them? I need to work seven days a week My friends work constantly. Oh, how is it a mastermind group last night 7:30 at night after we’re done So I mean it’s something where you got to surround yourself with committed people it’s only gonna make you better 100% You’re never going to be attending your life Or get to the end of your life and realize that you did Amy up to your true potential nobody’s going to Compared to I’m leaving my family with a lot of wealth, and I mean that’s gonna be great. Yeah well They say the graveyard is full of a bunch of ideas wasted, I guess So man II hope that helped you um how does he go about leave follow-up um? Yet, so Christian. Asks. How do you go about your leave follow-up and in essence? Real fast just you you just you helmet. Yeah, yeah But as far as my organizational system cuz that might be what he’s referring to you, so if somebody says listen hey Not interested now. Maybe interested in two months. I have a book. It’s a calendar book. Yeah I’ll write down their last name their address and their phone number, and I have a ton per day So maybe if they say I’m not interested now maybe in two months I’ve tried everything I can they’re not budging it’s gonna be a two month Then I’ll try maybe in another three weeks four weeks I always cut that in half and nowadays with this with this ties the market is as many agents that are calling at least in My market I’m having to cut then a third so I mean two months I’m calling like three weeks instead of in like a month just because people are hounding these people so much so now put them on The calendar for that day. I put their last name I put the property address and put their phone number, and I know every single person It’s in my follow up look the only reason I’m calling them is to get their property sold, so I don’t need to know any more information of hey Right to the point, but staying in them is what is is the sauces and so window? Because that phone call only takes me like 30 seconds, okay, just touching base No, we spoke a few weeks ago told me I reach out to you this month given No access said reach out next month, not a problem. I definitely Unwin disturb these next month still the best time for you Yeah, reach an extra permit. I really appreciate you turning information I can send you now while have you just so you can make the best decision next month when we speak no I’m good all right sounds good. I’ll talk to you in a month two weeks later. Hey You know I mean, it’s just only takes a 30-second conversation And they’re looking to sell every single day I don’t answer I’m not gonna leave a message on any of those unless I call you for my cell phone by calling for my cell phone I’ll leave a message the rest of phones I Got Avenue region JP right next to me well he’s still me yeah, he’s shaking his head like yes. Yes Yes, cuz he’s just really quick yeah. He’s the same way. That’s awesome. Oh, man. That’s awesome. Dude or not nope I don’t I think I can reach a lot more people on the phones than I can going door-to-door I do think it’s a good way to prospect. We know Alex Lehrer Son goes around on segways in door knock so I mean some markets. I think it’s definitely useful, but for mine So Kevin and I are in a mastermind group with a few different top producers throughout. I mean I would literally say well Yeah, throughout the world because Kevin you’re out in Myrtle Beach. You have joking me out of Vegas and then Alex layer up nor tie up north and you know those guys and it all goes back down to and I really Want you younger kids to really focus in on this and hone in on this and write this down You have to upgrade your peer group you have to upgrade your peer group I thought I was doing good, and then I met Kevin and I’m like shit I really gotta get going like it’s just it’s always it’s it’s applying that Friendly eye. I think of it as like friendly fire, right It’s all friendly fire, and we’re just pushing we’re all pushing each other to grow but if you got the wrong if you got Somebody doing one deal another person doing one deal and you’re trying to do 20 deals the likelihood of that happening Yeah, man, but like how am I gonna get in these mangers you don’t want to be a good Listener I’m committed. I’m gonna work. Seven days a week. I’m gonna push you guys. I’m gonna contribute I’m gonna work hard dude. Everybody will want to in their group because even the top groups Have a lot of complacent people in them still so I mean if you jump in and just say listen I know. I haven’t done the business. I don’t know how it work all you guys and I’m gonna Deliver a lot of content to this I’m gonna give a lot of information. I’m learning. I’m not just gonna take you’re gonna if you just jump in trying to Get and you’re not gonna deliver anything or give any value 100 percent yeah, I remember Jody Refaeli I was pushing him to coach me I was like on autumn, and it goes back to what we talked about at the beginning and selling yourself I’m I were not to him like six times in the course of two days at the superstar retreat and Finally he’s like all right This is the sixth time send me an email follow up with me Monday at 2:00, and then wolf the meta You know we’ll talk I literally two o’clock actually 159. I’m battling his phone number, and he goes two o’clock all right I’ll send you a contract and I’m like because It’s but most people wouldn’t It all goes back down to That peer group Keeping that in but and then if anything You’re just you’re so consistent Consistency more than anything is again. It’s mastering the repetitious boredom man. I’m just making phone calls So I’m not too sure if you’re in this or not yet But we got a question saying do you use social media? Do you see a plane a big role in the future you see a plane a big role in real-estate industry? So I would say beware Of all these social media companies out there trying to take all your money to run all this advertise and do all this other stuff That the first thing if I was gonna really get first off if you’re not really committing to prospecting you’re doing big business Prospecting then no you shouldn’t even worry about this You should get on the phones, and you said prospect because it’s free and you can get more reliable and do business But if you’re to a point where you’re doing a good amount of business And you think that you’re losing business from all these other sources. Yeah, I think you should learn something about it I think you should create a good profile that delivers a lot of good information and even sellers are googling You know sellers are all over the place trying to figure out who you are so it’s not gonna be bad to have a great Facebook page to do some social media things to enlist your properties and sell your Properties everything else just don’t get so caught up in it the prospect. I think that yes There’s gonna be deals to be won on that. I think that you can definitely get business I think sellers are gonna be looking you up on these Platforms to see what you’re like and what you’re posting if you would advertise their property you’re helping sellers if you have ratings all this Other things but if you give up prospecting I think you’re ultimately gonna lose But if you add that to it or hire somebody That knows what they’re doing and you do a lot of research And not just hire the first company just gonna charge you a thousand dollars a month to take over your social media And you’re banking on that to just pay your bills a great answer I love that right on and then with the whole custom audience that also comes back through the mind share too with the wholesale view That’s huge man. That’s huge that you can do that I mean we can literally throw our entire database into social media and be plugging away just our database so People that already know me and already gave my emails are the ones that are seeing me so I mean I think there’s a lot Of cool stuff you do Remember it starts with building the database that’s only the reason that works. That’s the reason that’s gonna be so awesome Just because I already have the database I’m at we’re getting towards the end. I don’t want to keep you too. Long a Couple of last questions if you can go back down to when you were 19 years old yeah, and you are looking at yourself You’re 26 years old. What would you tell your old self? To really focus on unworking hard I think it’s so important to really commit to working extremely hard so that you can build a great life around yourself And you get to experiment some great things what am I was I just had to do a business plan for? 2018 and what was one of my wives one of my wives to continue hanging out with people So far above Like that’s my high is hanging around with people like that. I mean I would tell myself to just put your head down stop talking about it and just start doing it I Mean it’s just you just need to just shut up on that stuff and just get to work you know I mean people are going to notice a few hustle we’re gonna notice if you go on you guys tell people so I Just say put your head down and really start working master the basics I mean you hear Bill Belichick even talk to his football team saying. This is all fundamentals This is all fundamentals what we got a master in real estate Prospecting is a fundamental. You just gotta master that and you’ll be crazy successful. I just that’s good All right And I want to end with something big we started off well started off with with with the episode being big Let’s end with something big. What would be the biggest advice you give and rather not be millennial it doesn’t matter How old you are the biggest thing you’ve learned so far throughout this journey. That’s continuing to grow What would you tell the audience man? I am so boring I hate to just reiterate it put everything down and prospect phone prospect call people and that’s them the right questions Get the business keep upping your clients do reductions once you get the listings Close them And then you’ll get good repeat and referral business Don’t listen to all the fancy things you’ll see this podcast on people saying I did 500 deals my first year and didn’t make one Prospecting phone call but in three years you’re never gonna hear of them again because they’re gonna be out of business because they can’t afford the million-dollar bugs or on whatever their painful So I mean the main thing is getting in front of buyers getting impressed every way you want to go having the real estate? conversation being their trusted resource delivering good information giving great customer service So I mean if you do that. I mean I can say it all won’t be you’re gonna be so successful I mean
It’s just doing these simple things and not getting fancy and so for those that aren’t in the real estate error because there we also Have a lot of entrepreneurs. What would you call somebody like just in life? And still if you’re an entrepreneur Prospecting will still be awesome. No matter. What you do you own a tanning salon or restaurant whatever you do cold calling Whoever would be extreme I mean put me a problem vacuum cleaners or open whatever. I mean. I think we could do really good Just prospecting so entrepreneurs Just keeping your head down, but and stop watching other people with all their big success because while you’re watching they’re doing so stop Watch me Know that there’s other people out there a lot more successful, they’re pounding hard and that’s what you need to be doing I Love that I love that right on okay? I Really appreciate how can people get a hold of you how can they reach you on rare? That’d be Facebook Instagram And then I know you’re them in the Myrtle Beach area so for those that have referrals how can they get ya? eight four three two one three eight Seven five four is my cell number feel free to text me could be a couple hours or whatever before I can get back to you Sighs Kevin middle C 21 and my emails Kevin Mills team and email probably the best just email me over at Kevin Mills team my sister don’t put it On my desk so I can answer any questions. I’m happy to for anybody apartment and and for you guys I’ll put Kevin’s email down below in the description so you’ll find that in there Devon I really appreciate you man, I’m gonna head, I’m actually I’m gonna go down. I’m looking at my account. I’ve looked at my calendar this morning. I really want to shoot down there I want to spend some time with you and Greg, so let’s put that in the calendar if you don’t mind, please yeah It’s gonna be in San Diego We’ll definitely reconnect Yeah, well you know what let’s plan it all out there Maybe we can get tighter some down and do the whole works be awesome here saying the same thing and do you want to come? Down that would be perfect, I’ll be perfect weight Kevin I appreciate you you guys I created all of you tuning in don’t forget hit that subscribe button


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