Pocket Real Estate Master Date Math How To

Pocket Real Estate Master Date Math How To

Now let me show you how we calculate
date math on the calculator. Date math is a second function of the period. So we’ll go ahead and enter in a
specific date which is [8][Shift][.] which will put you in the second
function. So it will be August 1st. Press the [.] again and now we’ll put in our year for 11. We’re going to add ninety days, so say we have a ninety-day closing. So
plus ninety equals It’ll give us 10-30-11. If you want to you figure out how
many days are from a specific date we go – let’s look at how many days
there are until Christmas. We’ll put in [1][2] [shift][.] [2][5] [.] [1][1] minus today’s date, which is [8][shift][.] [1][.][1][1] equals a hundred forty-six days until Christmas. So that’s a quick overview on the date math
function. For more details you can download our
user’s guide at www.calculated.com/support

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  1. hi I will be interested in purchasing my first real estate. can the pocket version perform as well as the larger version? or not?

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