Phone Numbers – Should Real Estate Investors Use a Local Number or an 800 Number For Their Business

Phone Numbers – Should Real Estate Investors Use a Local Number or an 800 Number For Their Business

The next question will be answered in 20 seconds by our host Marko Rubel, a self made millionaire who bought and sold over 300 properties He is one of the foremost experts in front of the National Real Estate Investors Association representing 40,000 investors nationwide. He is listed in the prestigious Who is Who and well known in the business world. Here is the next question from our listener (inaudible) & Jaime Are kind of asking, In your phone system, if you are handling buyers and sellers, they’re asking how many phone numbers should we have for this business and please talk about the local phone number and the 800 number and where they should be used regarding the websites, the business cards and the mailing piece. basically. Guys, When you come the phone number and advertising, again everything I always say, Keep it simple. Don’t get too many numbers That’s too confusing Get one number, that’s your advertising number Then you have another direct number that comes to you, so you can talk with them So direct number doesn’t go to your advertising goes only on your business card and it can go to your letterhead and that’s what you give to them when you meet with them. You gotta run the business as a business Right? So your letterheads that you obviously have all branded they’re the same as the website. Everything is branded, Every report and everything The letterhead could have your direct line. Because at that point, who’s going to get this? Someone who already spoke with you. Right Someone who’s sending the special report after you talk with them so it’s okay to put direct number Now if you already have your letterhead done. and there’s only an advertising number then no problem. Just make sure you go into the software into the Profit Grabber and at the bottom of that cover page Just under your signature, Just add your direct number and you fix it, No problem then you print it on the letterhead So thats not a problem So they advertising number Now, is your advertising number 800 number or local number? It depends on one thing If in your targeted area your area of interest your geographical area. If you have multiple area codes then and if, there’s a long distance charge between one area code and another area then you maybe better off getting an 800 number. but if you have only one area code and, or there’s not long distance charges when you call and everybody is pretty familiar with all the area codes, then you may as well go with a local number. I would prolly prefer a local number just because we are nationwide business but you are local there so people like that and the other reason why I’m saying that is the 800 number, if it’s 8-0-0 but it’s 8-7-7, 8-6-6 and all that ah, you know, Id’ prefer 8-0-0. IT’s worth paying a little bit extra for something very important as the numbers for your sellers. So as I said, if you’re going with a local number You have another benefit that you could, vanity number that ends with 3279 – spells out EASY 2274 spells out CASH the one i really like is SOLD the one that spells out SOLD I forgot what it is 7653, I think it is. that spells sold. All my buying ones end in SOLD All of my selling ones for the buyers end with EASY FAST, things like that right. So that will be my take on the numbers, advertising numbers. then we can move to the next question Mike right, Yeah The only comment I’d make on that is that’s for our buying side then obviously, once we have properties and we’re looking to sell the properties, then you know you will have another number that you advertise for properties you want to sell. Very great point Mike, You never combine as I said million times you never combine Your selling number and your buying number You never combine that because, your buyers, your buyers your tenants, your lease option buyers your rapid buyers They have no business of knowing who is the owner, you don’t need to tell them you’re the owner because if you do that then it puts you into not good negotiation position then they’re gonna ask you for concessions and for everything. You shouldn’t lie, you never lie but you say I have ownership interest.. That’s it what I say and most of them like,.. don’t ask most of them don’t even ask Are you the owner or not. but if they ask.. I have some ownership interest that’s’ it you really don’t want your sellers to know how you’re doing all this you don’t need your buyers to know. Keep it separate It’s your business, none of their business Why would everyone need to know what do you do? Right, you know, it’s separated. it’s for the better because for the buyers people think like this Oh you know he just bought it.. let me look up what he paid for, oh know he s selling it, oh know hes selling it for a lot more. Then they start asking those questions but they have no business of asking. SO i’m the property management company, we’re just selling this on lease option this is the price, this is it. Oh but the owner just bought it Oh you know, all that we know, it’s fair priced You know getting a great deal and if you don’t want it someone else is gonna take it. So if you like the house you jump in. and that avoids all the conversation about how you bought, how much you paid for it or even of that that’s not, none of their business Makes sense guys I’m right, right? Absolutely! Absolutely

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  5. Good advice, thanks. A visible area code communicates location but a toll-free number evokes size and enterprise level. Browsing helps distinguish the two different types of number available, local area codes and 800 numbers.

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