Peugeot 308 review – Auto Express

Peugeot 308 review – Auto Express

Whether it’s fine cuisine or foreign policy
Germany and France rarely seem to agree on anything. But with the new 308 Peugeot certainly
seems to have taken a few notes from its friends across the border when it comes to building
a five-door family hatchback. The new 308 arrives with promises of greater fuel efficiency,
a new scalable platform and more onboard technology than ever before. But will it pass the VWGolf
test? Well we’re here – in a neutral land in Switzerland – to find out. The conservative
new exterior design is perhaps the biggest clue that Peugeot has set its sights high.
Clean, simple lines and unfussy details mean that the 308 looks smart and modern. But it
lacks the head turning appeal of some rivals like the SEATLeon for instance. And all traces
of traditional French flare have been thoroughly sanitised. Even so, the standard LED headlights
are really striking as are the alloy wheels fitted to our top-spec test car. It sits on
the same platform as the Citroen C4 picasso which means it’s wider and lower than before
and it has shorter overhangs for a more compact look. It also means that it’s 140 kilo lighter
than the old car. The boot is 470 litres nearly getting on at 100 litres more than
a VW Golf. There are some sacrifices to be
made in the rear seats. It’s quite snuggy in here, even for me, and I’m only at average
height. There’s just about enough legroom even with the big boot but if I sit up straight
as you can see my head is pretty much bent against the roof. That might be to do with
the panaramic sunroof we’ve got in this high-spec model but even so it’s certainly not great
and it’s not as good as class leaders like the VW Golf and the Skoda Octavia. Things
do improve upfront and I’ll show you the cabin now. Here in the front drivers are in for
a real treat. The cockpit is really clean, clinical, simply laid out and easy to use.
The materials are high quality as well and all cars come with this 9.7inch touch screen
display which controls all the major functions including climate control sat-nav and the
infotainment system. Uses the same steering wheel from the 208. Lets take it for a drive
to see what it’s like. The 308 goes on sale in January next year and from then they’ll
be a Blue HDi version with a claimed 82g/km and 91mpg if you can believe it. And also
a range of three-cylinder turbocharged petrols which should help to improve the overall range’s
economy and emissions. However the model we’re driving today is the top of the range turbocharged
petrol 1.6 with 153bhp and it’s an engine we know well from the DS3 and other cars in
the range. It’s nice and keen, responsive and when I push the throttle there’s a good
amount of thrust. However it doesn’t take long to tell that this car has been set up
with comfort in mind – the suspension feels very soft and although the steering makes
it feel darty and agile at first the body control is not too great if you turn too sharply
into a corner the car rolls and leans a little bit more than you’d like. We’ve been on smooth
roads today but every time you do hit a bump you can tell that the ride’s a little bit
uneven. The driving environment is very nice and on the move this touchscreen works very
well you don’t have to concentrate too hard and it’s fairly easy to control all the major
functions. However some of the plastics in here do feel like a bit of a let down lower
down it’s really hard and scratchy plastic and just makes the cabin feel a little bit
cheap. When it looks this good you want it to feel good as well and I think the 308 probably
lacks that feel good factor that makes you think maybe it won’t feel as well screwed
together a couple of months after you’ve bought it which is a shame because overall we like
the design. The new Peugeot 308 betters its predecessor in almost every way. So it’s just
a shame that that’s not enough to transform it into a true class contender. Although the
modern stylish cabin certainly has its plus points and the massive boot makes it practical
there’s cramped rear seats a bland design and sadly some patchy driving dynamics mean
its no
that good in a highly competitive class.

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  1. Except we had Golfs and Opel Astras in the fleet and they were nothing like it. We even had then at the same time with 207 SW that were phased out because how rubbish they were.

  2. new peugeot 308 vs golf mk7 : off course 308

    peugeot 508 vs vw passat :off course 508

    please just screw that "german's quality" mind and open your eyes ,especialy vw always making asusual interior design. even for passat and polo, both of them almost have same interior .in my opinion french car's are more stylish, comfortable, economic and useful

  3. more copy of astra.. just sayin

  4. There's only one word which pops up in mind whilst watching this review and that's… BIASED.

  5. 2:30 – "The materials are high quality".
    4:45 "Some of the plastics feel like a let down".

    I dot get it.

  6. One glass of vodka for U. I pay:P

  7. I dont agree. Its not the best looking car in its class, but not the worst eigher. It looks better than the Golf and the Focus for example. But I would select another colour than red though. Red doesn´t fit this size of car nor the conservative styling of the new 308.

  8. Not the best looking in its class – YES. If its the worst, I sort of don't care, it's still ugly and plasticy. As for the Golf comparison..the Golf in person is pretty well build, looks very very luxurious in this class and its design isn't fugly at all. (prices aside for now)

  9. 1552bhp?!? WOW

  10. Oh c`mon where do you see Astra hmm?
    I see a Golf with a Peugeot badge and that`s a terrible sign.
    Because Golf is one of the most boring cars ever. It looks the same since the 3rd generation just a bit modernized. Handling the Focus beats it and ofcourse comfort Citroen C4 & Peugeot 308 beat the crap out of it.
    The old 308 may not have touchscreen and a bit older engines & technology (it`s outgoing) but you could get leather on the dashboard in many colours + awesome styling something I miss.

  11. Agreed. The only 2 German cars in this class that I sort of like are the Astra and maybe the new Mercedes A-class the rest are just too bland or as the new Focus or BMW 1 Series designed in a clumsy way.

  12. try search astra VXR.. the design bit similar.. i ain't talkin about golf

  13. this new 308 peugeot is very classic for the design . inside the quality is good exepted for this little piece of hard plastic under the dashboard (near the stick of gear box ) … we must ask to peugeot to change it for a better one easy to do it ! it s incredible how the french can spoil or waste a good quality with a little detail . the little details make the difference .

  14. thats new Peugeot Golf

  15. well it's amazing how crappy the dashboard looks in a 150 000 € aston martin vanquish !
    it s incredible how the brits can spoil or waste a good quality with a little detail

  16. jaloux ;))))

  17. Are you kidding?
    You wanna compare this both cars.. Golf and a French car?))))))))))

  18. It is not just a french car, it is a Peugeot and it wins by a wide margin. German cars no longer rule the road. They are overrated, overpriced and they look more like asian clones in design and technology.

  19. I don't know. However, I like the way this Peugeot looks. It's awesome! But it's common to think that French cars are terrible, not reliable (as Russian cars, but Russian ones are even much worse of course)

  20. French cars had their problems in the past, but their quality has improved significantly over the years and it matches that of japanese and german cars.

  21. If you don't drive Peugeot
    Don't say it bad……. Do test drive it look geeman cars and very very very high qulity interior cabin

  22. fuck man but exelant car

  23. 206!!!! 🙂

  24. if the reliability is good this car will have sucess

  25. they are fleet cars, i bet that they have different drivers all the time…

  26. i have a friend that has been inside of a new audi A3, i press one of the plastics to check the quality and it broke…

  27. são opções de marcas, o tecto de abrir a longo prazo traz despesa, o panoramico nao é para fazer entrar ar fresco para isso existe o AC, é sim para a iluminação do interior, e de inverno ver a chuva atravez dele é muito giro…

  28. ok but whats the size of the tire, the lower the profile the worst the drive, the peugeout 308 have a 225/45, thats a very low profile… and remember the smaller the car the hardest to make it comfortable, the mondeo is a D segment and the 308 is C…

  29. Styling is personal. But is every way, VW builds better cars than every french brand… not my opinion.. its a FACT

  30. 45 mm tires are low profile, but again, my Mondeo has 40 mm tires.

  31. Was this an advert for a VW Golf??? How many times did he mention it? Pathetic.

  32. but is a bigger car and that counts…
    and the mondeo have independent rear suspension…

  33. The 308 doesn't!? Back to the Focus then.

  34. I don't think it's bland

  35. no, only the focus and the astra, the golf and 308 is torsion beam…

  36. No way! Wow, I would have though more would have caught up with the Focus than just the Astra after it lead the way in 1998 with its handling and rear independent susp…

  37. I'm getting tired of these videos where the reviewer sits in the back of A FAMILY CAR and says : "oh not much legroom" blah blah. In a family hatchback like the 308 adults are supposed to sit in the front and kids in the back where there's probably enough room for them. And if on some occasions you have to have 4 adults in this car then…tough !

  38. they stick whit the torsion beam to keep the weigh low…

  39. It's also common to think that all German people have blonde hair and blue eyes, but guess what… they don't.

  40. I agree. At my job we have the 207 as a company car. And for shorter trips even that is ok for 4 adults. And come on, even a 308 is not going to be used as a taxicap by anyone. Its not the purpose of the car.

  41. And in addition: Yes for Familys its much much more important to have that extra 100 liter of luggage Space in the boot, than to have extra legrom for their small kids in bag. Since when did a baby in a lift or even a 10-year old need a lot of legroom? So Peugeot actually made a very clever choise by distributing the space between trunk and rear seat, like they did.

  42. LOL @ the plastic comments. In the golf, near the gear stick you can actually see a molding seam with texture misalignment.

  43. this car in 7 words:  socialist, cheap looking, boring, soulless, bad quality.

  44. Lol this thing is ridiculous, if I want Golf I would buy one, why would I need a Peugeot that looks like a Golf. Old 308 is a car with a character.

  45. the bland design?! What?!

  46. That interface looks ugly.I wonder what happens if it crashes.You won,t be able to use your air conditionning ? 

  47. Top 3 things I hate about this car
    1. Clima control on a touchscreen.
    2. The wannabe Audi speedometer, rev counter etc. 
    3. The wannabe Mercedes A Class headlights.

  48. Only real special thing about this car is that massage seats are an option. Other than that it's just another peugeot

  49. Better looking than the old one…

  50. thats one of the best designs i ever saw on a family hatchback. 

  51. america needs to grow balls and bring this car here cause this car is STUNNINGLY Gorgeous ;]

  52. Good review , thanks…

  53. very good..

  54. Petrol rules, at last a demo with a petrol engine.  Clattery diesels are for trucks and buses and (rep's).  Pity the steering wheel was on the wrong side though.

  55. No surprise there another boring peugeot to clog to roads the looks are better than other past cars but i think thats due to the fact that it looks a lot like the mazda 3 with abit of the golf in there alwell why they put a big turbo on it and did nothing to the handling really shows the lack of time spent on it this is a new car but i think i'd reather buy another car before i waste i money on this. The best cars i have seen for design, build quality, handling etc would have to be the toyotas are really any car from the japanese market. Yes it is probably economical but theres plenty more better build cars than the new 308 reather then trying to be the to release a car in 2014 they should have spent a bit more time on some aspects of the car.

  56. Very good critical but calm review. Appreciate it.

  57. WHAT? 91mph combined? that mould mean on a motorway at 60mph it can get well over 100mpg.
    that is lies, those are not Peugeots figures, an independent body tests the mpg figures in a lab, to create fake mpg figures, its a con, an industry scam to allow car makers to post impossible fuel figures that the car in real world driving can not get anywhere near.
    If Peugeot posted the mpg figures from their own tests it would allow people who bought the car to get their money back when they don't get the mpg figures the car makers boasts about, if an independent company creates the figures then you have no come back on your crappy car that gets poor mpg`s no money back no return on the car. NICE SCAM EH??????

  58. According to my car a 156 2.4 jtd i can get close to 75 mpg so im sure its not too far off

  59. 2:07 – who sits like that?

  60. This dude complains the suspension is set up for comfort…yeah, it's a family hatchback, of course it is! I want to be comfortable driving this kind of car, if I want a Gti I'll wait for the 308R

  61. well were to start 
    MPG or LP 100k  most reports on the subject say take off 15% to 25% depending on the car and motor 
    Diesels cost 1000 to 1500 more than a Petrol  
    cost of fuel being about the same 
    you need to drive 100,000 k or more before a diesel start saving you money with a motor of the same power 
    just do the math :=)

  62. Fuc*** VW Golfs this car is the most Fuel efficient car in the world !!!
    bluehdi 120hp   ( 97 MPG ) Motorway  you would be able to reach 1000 miles with one single small Tank 13 gallons 

  63. "clean, simple, unfuzzy details.." ugh, great now peugeot is also looking like a cardboard box..

  64. hi i am a peugeot dealer in athens and i just opened a facebook page          plz like!!!

  65. Car of the years 2014 !

  66. Typical biased british review.
    "Car of the year 2014" just get over it. Even Switzerland, the most difficult and demanding market in the world voted it best car 2014.
    Just sit behind the wheel and see for yourself for god sake

  67. Looks like a Chrysler 200 (perhaps crossed with a Hyundai sitting on VW underpinnings), yuk! But, it doesn't matter to these American eyes because we're not blessed with French automotive quirkiness over here. Just sayin'!

  68. I live in southern France and had the chance to drive a hired 308 on our narrow twisty roads.  Even the base model handles extremely well and is way more fun than my ageing VW Golf.   The touchscreen is nice for certain things, but two or three buttons on a screen to turn the heater down is slower and more distracting than a simple wheel on the console.  As a golf owner this is the first time I have seriously thought that a 308 could be a potential purchase – previous models were becoming more and more bloated and trout-faced.

  69. i didn't like interior, it's really simple without buttons

  70. Awful car

  71. Try it, like it or not it's better than a Golf…

  72. It's a very sleek design. It's great and better than the old version.

  73. I didn't like the dashboard its quite empty with no enough toys to play with. Also the speedometer is too far with the steering wheel feels disconnected from the speedometer and the rest of the dash. Needs new interior design. Exterior is very inspired by German style but good try.

  74. Not concerned about the MPG figures as I am pretty sure this vehicle is not better or worse than all today's modern economic cars. It would realistically gives you a return of between 48 to 55 MPG.

  75. I'm amused by the dreary irrelevance of, and contradictions in, the remarks made by the tester. It is astonishing that the tester, who should have an in depth understanding of automotive engineering, can be so spectacularly ill informed about the subject and the compromises involved. I don't understand what all the fuss is about a Golf, I test drove it, and found it bland, poorly equipped, uncomfortable slightly clunky, and astonishingly poor value for money. Not the place I would want to sit for my 30,000 odd miles I drive in a year. The 308 was a different storey.

  76. peugeot , don 't beginn to sleep with this good car because VW arrives in 2019 with a new golf based on a new very light chassis (based on the last prototype very light ) . It 's a technologic war between carmakers now .

  77. Some how Car Testers behave like the VW Golf is the best thing ever since sliced bread has been invented.
    This 308 is better than a VW Golf in every Category , Performance ( Almost less 200 Kilos than a golf )  Comfort  , Boot space , Fuel economy & Design in & out 
    I mean Vw golf looks like it was designed in the 1960's Black & boring 

  78. Who gets in a car and strokes the dashboard. I don't understand this on new car reviews.

  79. I really have no idea why all car reviewers keep comparing every hatchback with the golf!…the new golf is sooooo boring in every aspect so grow up guys and try to get out of the box!

  80. Lose the bloody laggy controls for the air conditioning and put dedicated buttons for it.

  81. If only the Golf looked like this! 

  82. I wish Peugeot would come to america, i want one those cars 

  83. Just a Skoda rapid space back rip-off! French crap as per usual!

  84. Bland? He's comparing this beautiful car to a god ugly boring Golf and he's calling the 308 bland? At least Peugeot actually changed the design, they didn't just do what VW did and change some curved lines into straight lines.

  85. why peugeot doesn't put a new piece of plastic on the dashboard (near the gear box stick) .this one is hard and too cheap. it would cost some £ only . the germans never do this error .

  86. "the bland design", and then looks at the car popping out of the screen with those flashy wheels and chrome everywhere

  87. In terms of exterior design, I think it looks pretty good. My only complaint is the extremely bulky "C" pillar!

  88. The Brazilian version is way better.

  89. Bad review. This car beats all the car brands or competitor in its class. It won the car of the year in all categories of the competition, remember!

  90. Bland? This is the most eye catching hb in this class. I've been driving for 4 weeks. I've got much more compliments than the previous Golf 7 for three years…Come on..

  91. Have my 308 as I have said in another comment for I have mine for 2 years and drove 158,000 miles and still love it! Like it much more then the golf I used to own, so much better looking, get lots of compliments and not a problem since I've bought it! Highly recommend.

  92. i was waiting to see more about the panoramic sunroof..

  93. he looks like a gay 80s leather guy chaser

  94. How tall are u ?

  95. Hows the headroom in the back with models without the sunroof?

  96. it does look bland as owt outside, I like the inside though just the shape outside looks boring as hell

  97. whats up with his arms they are odd..his left one just seems shrunken

  98. good car.. but backseats roomspace sucks.. too straight n limited space..

  99. He has loads of leg room?

  100. I intend to get a '15 plate 308 diesel regardless of this review

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