Partnering with Peninsula Open Space Trust – Pacifica | Moving Real Estate

Partnering with Peninsula Open Space Trust – Pacifica | Moving Real Estate

Okay, hi I’m Alex Wang and I sell Silicon Valley real estate and we are here in the town of Pacifica in a small little neighborhood We might have to move it inside. Let’s see if we can get to it Hey, I’m Alex Wang, and I sell Silicon Valley real estate. So we’re here Hey guys, so I’m here with what my good friend Lynnette Giusti and you know we’ve known each other for years I sell down in Silicon Valley you sell up in San Francisco and Pacifica So, you know great opportunity man when Peninsula Open Space Trust reached out to me and said hey, you know why we have this property if Pacifica has donated to us what are we going to do with it I thought of you right away and what better person to work with than someone that you like and you have worked with before and knows the area and can negotiate and so, you know We’re here and we’re looking forward to getting this house sold. Yes Thank you Alex for the opportunities and you’re excited to help you market this and get it sold Great Lynnette so thank you. So good to see you Alex. You too. Look forward to seeing you next week and having the property sold. Just met with Lynette You got some hammering down there. So the audio is not the best but uh Starting to rain now, but Pacifica man, it’s a great little town right on the beach great. Great place. Nice little 2/2 here super excited to help Peninsula Open Space Trust sell this thing and Yeah, we’ll keep on going Hey guys, so I got we got a little bit of activity or our Pacifica property so I’ve got Lynnette coming down to meet with me and we’re gonna head over to meeting the peninsula open space trust and present the offers One thing that I shared with Janine as well is that I did that we did talk to each of the agents and asked them Oh, well, no, it’s multiple offers, you know and you’re offer might need a little bit of work you want to go up in price and We know that the right answer is just like we can’t answer that question. Yeah, we need to talk to our clients But the second buyer the 951 buyer said that they could probably go up to 960 or 970 So that’s that’s what they said and you never know until it actually you know, the the counteroffer come, you know comes back Great, and then we’ll work on I think you’re right. Having speed is definitely more important right now So we got a game plan Hey guys, so when properties here in Pacifica trade and a lot of other cities up and down the peninsula there’s a sewer lateral Sewer lateral connects the city main sewer to the house and There’s a requirement that it be inspected and so someone set a video camera down through the sewer lateral to take a look at it and it’s completely shot And so it needs to be replaced and we’ll be doing that on Friday and we opted not to do the sewer lateral repair before going to market because we wanted to get the property on the market as soon as Possible and so we wait until the property got into contract and we got a buyer now We’re in contract in escrow. And now we’ll do the work. It’s a one-day job Pull it out put a new one in and we should be fine Hey guys, so we’re minutes away from the beach here at the Pacifica house and we had two weeks of open houses And we happened to go with two weeks to full weekends of getting the full exposure to to the market and ultimately resulted in three offers on the property and other three offers we decided sit down with Peninsula Open Space Trust and they opted to do a multiple counter they countered buyers A buyer B and buyer C and so buyer A accepted our counteroffer Buyer B declined and buyer C ended up raising their price above our counteroffer and ultimately the buyer C and the cherry on top of the whole thing was they were great first time home buying clients looking to get into their first home, and so everyone is super happy And now for the best part of this process we are now SOLD

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