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The Physical Properties and Chemical Properties of Matter

mr. Crotty here in my virtual studios in beautiful Atascocita Texas with another chemistry lesson on the properties of matter in this lesson you're going to learn about physical and chemical properties and physical and chemical changes it's important to understand how matter changes because that's what chemistry is all about matter changing and the […]

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Insiders guide to mortgages Introduction

welcome the very first edition of the insiders guide to mortgages my name is Mike Rennick I'm the senior broker the team lead with team Rennick real estate services part of that great keller williams on the water family in this video series my guests will be mr. brody Wiseman welcome Brody how's it going […]

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tips for people who live in places exercise we must move I've always been on the move this some magnificent body not mine particularly but all of our bodies are capable of such things the muscles and everything you got to use them