Our NYC Apartment Search ๐Ÿ  (REJECTED TWICE) + a peek at our new 2-bedroom apartment! | Lucie Fink

Our NYC Apartment Search ๐Ÿ  (REJECTED TWICE) + a peek at our new 2-bedroom apartment! | Lucie Fink

Welcome back to my YouTube channel! It’s
me, Lucie, and today I’m gonna tell you the story of how Michael and I found our
dream apartment. What I’d rather say is “Here’s the story of how Michael and I manifested our dream apartment.” Because we didn’t just find it, but we
actually dreamed it up in our heads, and then it materialized in front of us…So
we’ve been searching for an apartment now for months. The process has had a ton of ups and downs… We’ve gotten really excited only to be crushed and let down…
but you know what, I recently listen to a podcast and it was all about a book
called “The Beautiful No”… Essentially, this woman (who wound up being Oprah’s
producer later in life) initially got rejected from a job that she really
wanted, and when she first got rejected she was devastated. But then when she
later got the offer to move to Oprah, she realized that that no that she got from
the previous job was the most beautiful thing that could have happened to her,
because it’s the only reason that she took the Oprah job… which then led to her
having an incredible career. And the truth is, when you’re apartment hunting,
you’re gonna get a lot of no’s. Especially in New York City where real
estate flies… so if you see that an apartment is on the market and you go
look at it, someone could have put in an application
ten minutes before and you’ve missed your shot. And Michael and I definitely
experienced a lot of that… So I want to tell you the whole story. But before I
can get into it, I think it’s important for me to set the stage for you… give you
a little background into who we are and what we were looking for in an apartment,
and why. Michael and I currently live in a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan.
We’re not uptown, we’re not downtown… I would say we’re somewhere in Midtown…
don’t really want to tell YouTube where we are… but it has been our dream
to move downtown. There’s one particular neighborhood downtown… and to be even
more precise, there’s one particular CORNER downtown… it’s like a little
triangle intersection between a few streets… and it is our magical corner. So
this is the corner that Michael and I dream about when we think about New York City. Anytime we’re traveling and we’re out of the city, we think about this
magical corner and it makes us miss home. Even though neither of us live there, or
have ever lived there… but I just want you to keep in mind throughout the story
that we have a magical corner, and it’s somewhere downtown in Manhattan. So, first
things first, why are we moving at all? We currently live in this one-bedroom
apartment… I just did an apartment tour showing you this space a couple weeks
ago… click somewhere up here to watch that… but don’t navigate away from this
video! ‘Cause I’m not done yet. This apartment has served us well. We’ve
lived here for three years, loved our time here, it’s a beautiful
building… the truth is though, my lights and my camera equipment are clogging the
place up. I shoot almost all of my videos in our bedroom. I’m currently in the
bedroom right now…This is my closet behind me. The bed is right there… Because
I don’t like to assemble and then disassemble things, I just leave my
lights built all day in the corner of our bedroom, and I shoot a ton of stuff
on our bed. The kitchen and living room are sort of one unit joined together…
there’s not a lot of space. If Michael and I are both trying to do two separate
things at once, we often have to split into bedroom and living room, and you can
hear everything through the walls… so I can’t record a video if he’s watching TV.
We’re kind of on top of each other. And the other reason we’re looking for a new
apartment is because we’re getting married in September, and we both have
this idea in our minds that this current apartment is our “dating apartment” and
it’s where we got engaged. We’re flipping to a clean page in a new book. We’re
getting married, and we want a new apartment that is our newlywed apartment.
We were not looking to buy. We’re still looking to rent. We just wanted an
upgrade in terms of space, and in the best case scenario we could be down near
our little magical triangle that I mentioned before…
Here are the things that you should know that we were looking for in an apartment:
1. Windows and Lights Michael and I love natural light. It fuels us. And
in New York City, especially downtown, a lot of those buildings are pre-war
buildings that have very tiny windows and not a lot of light comes in. We both
need light, so we heavily look at windows when we look at apartments. Second thing
that’s really important to me, which I sort of mentioned in my apartment tour
video, is we like unique floor plans and interesting spaces. A lot of New York
City apartments are just cookie-cutter square and rectangular units. There’s
nothing wrong with that if you like squares and rectangles. I personally am
uninspired by squares and rectangles. I know most bedrooms need to be square
because that’s just the easiest way to arrange furniture… but if the whole floor
plan of an apartment could be some sort of a triangle or a trapezoid… that’s what
I like. I like when you walk into a space and it’s different, and it’s angular…
and for whatever reason that really gets my creative juices flowing. It gets me
really wanting to shoot content, and of course, I’m looking for an apartment that
I can shoot a lot of content in… so I needed a space that was creatively laid
out. In addition to the windows and the floor plan, another thing that was really
important to us, of course, was location… and we wanted to be as close as possible
to our magical little park… I’d say the fourth thing that was
important to us was having a doorman. We currently live in a building that has a
doorman. It’s not really about the safety of having a doorman… I actually think so
many neighborhoods of New York City are perfectly safe that I would feel
comfortable just walking off of the street into an apartment, and I don’t
feel I need a doorman for safety. I think the reason a doorman is key is because
of the job I do, and because of the way I’m partnering with brands all the time,
and I’m getting packages shipped here… I just don’t know what I would do without
a doorman to store those packages when I’m not home. A lot of these buildings
that you see on the side of the street you know, you just put a key in the door,
and then there’s just a stairway going up, and if you have packages they kind of
just sit there for everyone to see… and potentially TAKE… I heard a statistic
somewhere that maybe 20% of all packages in New York City get stolen, because
they’re just sitting in stairwells or sitting in front of people’s doors… and I
don’t think that would be smart with the amount of packages I receive and the
timely turnaround that I need to create content for brands. I just don’t think I
could risk having stuff being taken. We currently have a rooftop on our building,
which is really nice… so we thought it would be nice if we could find a place
that had a rooftop… As you can see, I’m naming a whole bunch of things that are
kind of difficult to come by in Manhattan. (Especially downtown Manhattan.)
So we went into this process just kind of open-minded. We figured we would take
a look around, see what we found, go look, and see what happened… So. Here’s the
story. This is really where it starts, I promise. That was just the set up. First
things first, we spend about two weeks looking at apartments online, and we
finally spend a day going to look at places. We found one place that we were
in love with. We had looked at so many other places, and Michael and I would
just make eye contact with each other in the apartments… kind of like a “get me out
of here” kind of eye… and then we went in this place,
and I could see from his eyes that he loved it as much as I did. So here’s the
deal with this place: It was just about ten blocks north from that little
triangle that we love… It had two bedrooms, two bathrooms… It had two
outdoor spaces… PRIVATE spaces. One of them was really big off the living room…
one of them was off the master bedroom and was really tiny, but it just had
incredible views of the Empire State Building… the two bathrooms had windows…
one of the windows was in a shower, and was looking straight out at the Empire
State Building… and then the best part about the apartment from me was that the
living room was a trapezoid. And it was so cool. The kitchen was tucked into the
side like a little triangle… the living room was a trapezoid… the bedrooms were
interestingly shaped… there was a lot of closet space, and of course, the two
outdoor spaces. It was a co-op building, which means that someone owns the unit
in the apartment, and then they’re part of the board that owns the whole
building. I think that’s right… Honestly I do not know what a co-op is… but because
of that, it’s not like a standard rental apartment in New York where all the
units are the same. This particular apartment was renovated and was designed
to the owners liking. And, to be honest, it was not really our style… I would
describe it as mid-century modern… in a kind of cool, Palm Springs type of way… but
it was definitely not the style that we would design a future home. But we were
really excited about it because it had been on the market for so long and they
were having difficulty selling this place, or renting this place, because it
was a two-bed two-bath situation… which would be perfect for any sort of young
family… but because the unit had no bathtub they could not rent this to
young families. So Michael and I thought we were the perfect people for this
apartment. We’re two young people who want two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but we do
not have kids, and we’re not planning on having kids for at least the next couple
years… so we didn’t feel we needed a bathtub. We pretty much immediately fell
in love with this space and applied for the apartment. Because it had been on the
market for so long, we actually applied and put in an offer that was lower than
the asking price, and we thought we were gonna get it. Signed, sealed, delivered.
Talking about how that was gonna be our neighborhood… it was our dream spot…
etcetera etcetera. What do you know, as luck would have it, The Magic NO
happened… and we heard back from the listing agent
that apparently the exact same weekend that we applied and put in an offer, two
other people applied and put in higher offers than us… so, we lost it. I’m gonna be honest, I
really had built this apartment up in my head. I had already envisioned having a
little grill on the porch, and having friends over, and doing things with all
of our family and friends in there… and the truth is, once I found out that this
apartment was not gonna be ours, surprisingly I wasn’t that sad. I
remembered how excited I felt when we first found the spot and I just became
immediately excited to feel that again about another spot. One, two weeks goes by… I’m
still looking at places… I’m going out pretty much every day with different
agents, looking at spots… looking online… We come across this one listing, and the
unit looks so beautiful. The living room in the kitchen in particular. They only
had photos of the living room and kitchen. The bedrooms were not
photographed, and we didn’t know why, but then I looked at the floor plan a little
closer, and I realized the two bedrooms in the unit both had no windows. So, as
you remember from my previous statement, we need windows. We love windows. We’re
window people. Windows bring light, and we love light. And we like plants. Truly, I
thought “There’s no chance I’m gonna like this place. But let me just give it a
shot. I’ll go look.” Just to orient you on a map, this was not
in our dream neighborhood, but it was in probably our secondary dream
neighborhood of Soho… and it was right on Prince Street. Phenomenally beautiful
street. Every high-end retail shop is on that street, and it’s just bustling and
filled with so much energy, and we love it down there.
So even though this wasn’t our initial dream spot, I thought “This could do…” and
we got to the spot and we loved the energy outside, and we said we’re going
up, hopefully we like this place… So, this building had no doorman. It was just key
into the door, and then there was an elevator, which is a little different
from a lot of these walk-ups… so you tap your little fob on the elevator and then
it takes you up to your floor. And there were about two apartments per floor. So
you go into the apartment, and immediately Michael and I were floored.
Blown away by the beauty of this space. 11 foot ceilings… full wall of white
exposed brick… beautiful ceiling, light fixtures hanging from
the top… the living room was just stunning, and ginormous, and there was a
wall of four giant windows that were all lifted up… and the real estate listing
agent was in there with his girlfriend, and his girlfriend was sitting in the
fire escape surrounded by plants, just like looking out on Prince Street… We’re
walking around this beautiful space… you sort of round the corner, and there’s the
kitchen there with another window facing West…
so there’s your sunset in your kitchen… Beautiful kitchen, just, like, bright… open…
lots of whites and natural woods… stunning. And you can kind of see that this whole
space was basically just one big loft apartment that they built a flex wall in
between, and created two bedrooms in the back. Two separate rooms, each with their
own bathroom… so it was two bed, two bath… But the issue here was that there were
no windows in the bedrooms, and they were very small, and there was not a lot of
closet space. The one saving grace of this situation was because the ceilings
were so tall, and they were about 11-foot ceilings, this flex wall had those
windows on the top of the wall… so some light from the living room did leak into
the bedrooms. They didn’t feel dark. I was really concerned looking at a floor plan
that these rooms were gonna feel like closets… and they didn’t. They felt
nice. Michael and I just had a moment where we talked to each other and we
were like “We don’t need bedroom windows… We like sleeping in the dark anyway.” I
wear an eye mask when I sleep! How great would it be to not have to close a
window? Or how great would it be to not have any light on me? I actually recently
just did a five-day challenge all about getting better quality sleep, and one of
the top things I learned was that you don’t want any light pollution on you
when you sleep… So I’m sitting here telling myself “I don’t need bedroom
windows… I’m gonna sleep in the dark… Cool.” We started to have this feeling like
“Maybe we’re meant to be on Prince Street… We’re meant to be in Soho…”
Many of you guys who follow me on Instagram might know that I frequently
talk about Prince Street pizza because it’s one of my favorite pizza spots in
New York City… and this apartment was walking distance from Prince Street
pizza. I’m talking two minute walk down Prince Street to get my favorite pizza.
So I was feeling pretty excited about this spot, and Michael and I essentially
walked out of this place, sat in the car with the agent that was showing us
around, and we said “We want this one. Let’s apply.” As we’re applying, I call
my mom and I’m telling her about the apartment… and she immediately
has some concerns. Namely the fact that there is no central air, which is fine,
but that just means that the windows are where you’re gonna put your air
conditioning units… and if you don’t have windows in the bedroom, how do you
condition the air in the bedroom? And by “condition the air”, I mean “make
it cool”… which is another key thing that you need to do when you’re sleeping,
because you need to sleep with it cold, otherwise you’re hot and sweaty and you
don’t sleep well… And then she’s asking me “How are you gonna actually deal without
having a doorman? Think about it.” I was thinking about it, and I was thinking
like, I don’t know, maybe I’ll get a P.O. box…
I’m gonna come up with something… I just need this apartment, it’s so beautiful. I
kind of threw away all of my serious thought processes about this and I just
said “I want this apartment.” So my mom was fine with it. She said “You know this is…
it’s gonna be your apartment. It’s all good. I’m just asking you some questions.”
And at the same time, she sent me a floor plan of another apartment. I looked at
this floor plan, and I was just stunned by what I saw, because what I was looking
at was a floor plan for an entire two-bedroom two-bathroom apartment that
was one big triangle. The whole apartment was a triangle. But anyway I kind of
threw that out of my mind… I didn’t do any research into looking at that
apartment. I just said “I’m applying for another apartment right now…” and I put my
phone down. So we applied to the Prince Street apartment…
we’re so excited to get it, and what do you know… we find out that someone else
who had seen the apartment earlier in that week had already applied that
morning, and had already been approved by the owner. Michael and I were not
prepared to give up without a fight. We really thought we wanted this apartment.
So we went ahead and we offered a higher bid, and we also started doing all of
this energy channeling in our apartment… So Michael and I were sitting right in
our living room sending our energy to Prince Street. I recorded a video of
Michael pushing his energy to Prince Street, trying to get the owners to go
with us instead of the previous applicants. We were just pushing all of
our energy out, channeling, trying to get this apartment. And the truth is, it
didn’t work. It was our second Beautiful NO. So… TWO NO’S. Now we’re feeling a
little bit deflated. At least I was. I was not as
upset about the first apartment, but this Prince Street apartment getting out of
our grip was something I was having difficulty dealing with. I had already
started visualizing my selection of plants that I would put on the fire
escape, and the way we would design that living room… and I was just pretty upset
when we found out that it wasn’t gonna work. And also, Michael and I were just
starting to get a little bit down about the whole process, because we had now
lost two places that we thought we loved, and we realized that the real estate
market in New York City moves so quickly. So even though there’s new stuff popping
up all day every day… unless you’re sitting there monitoring it, it’s very
possible that someone is gonna swoop in and take it before you get there. SO… Then the manifesting happened. So I had a call with my entrepreneurial and
life coach Marjolaine… and she told me “Stop going to
look at apartments for a second, and just sit down and write down on a piece of
paper what it is you’re looking for. Before you’re gonna find this dream
place, you need to write down everything you want.” The first two apartments that
we looked at… they had a lot of elements… things that we wanted, but they also were
lacking some other things. So that first apartment was really lacking in the
department of the design and the look of the apartment. I’m really into bright
white walls… I’m really into dark wood floors… and white kitchen cabinets. And
that first space was very dark. It had dark floors, dark cabinets, dark
everything. And, like, a green tiled bathroom… The second apartment was great
in a lot of ways, but it was lacking in a lot of other ways. There was no doorman.
There were no bedroom windows. There was no air conditioning in the bedrooms. It
had very few closets… A lot of other things. So, I said to her “I just don’t
think I’m gonna find an apartment that checks all the boxes… but I guess I’ll do
what you’re asking, and I’ll take some time and I’ll sit and I’ll write down
everything I’m looking for.” So I have a page in my bullet journal… I could flash
it up here for you right now… I blanked out some things because I didn’t want
you guys to know exactly the neighborhood’s I was looking in or
anything like that… but I essentially wrote down
everything we wanted. So the first thing was that we were looking for a unique
space. Second thing was about the floor plan… we did not want something squares
and rectangles, we were looking for something
triangular, circular, or trapezoidal… we wanted at least 1200 square feet. Must be
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms… ideally we would have an open kitchen
layout with a big island, instead of having a kitchen that’s tucked away like
a galley kitchen… my favorite decor would be dark wood
with white cabinets… but I was also open to dark wood or light gray floors… I just
didn’t want the browns that are in our current apartment… The next must-have
list in my dream apartment is huge windows… Outdoor space is a definite plus…
The next bullet point are the areas that I wanted to look in… next was a doorman
building, having a washer/dryer in unit… having some sort of cool, open interior…
and city views facing West for sunset. So, once I wrote this all down and I showed
it to Michael, the two of us together were really starting to get a better
picture in our minds of what we wanted. And at that point we just stopped
looking altogether at non-doorman buildings. We realized that it would be
really inconvenient for us to not have a doorman to help us with packages and
handoffs, so we just stopped looking at buildings
that didn’t have one. The next thing that happened is, like an angel sent from
heaven… my mother texted me again with that
original triangular layout that she had sent before. I looked at it again and this
time I wasn’t all clogged up by the idea of living in the Prince Street apartment. I
had more of an open mind and I looked at the layout she sent me, and I actually
took a closer look at it, and I said “Wait a second… This is crazy. This apartment is
a triangle. The whole unit is a triangle… and because it’s a triangle, and there are
windows on each wall, the apartment has views facing North, East, and West. What’s
even better about this apartment building is that there’s a doorman,
there’s a roof deck, the windows are six feet tall each… and there are 19 of them. And yes, they do exist in the bedroom. It’s
newly renovated with dark wood floors and bright white cabinets… The walls are
bright white… It is 12 foot ceilings… two bedrooms, two bathrooms… the amount of
space we’re looking for… It literally ticked every box that we were looking at.
But then I look at the street address, and it was an address that I just did
not know where it was. So I go to Google Maps, and I type in the street address…
and the street is ON the magical corner that Michael and I love so much. Pretty
much at this point knew in my heart that this apartment was going to be ours, but
I knew that I had to get it first… so I called the listing agent, freaking out on
the phone… She actually told me later that she thought I was prank calling her
because she picked up the phone and I said “I love triangles, and I saw your
listing, and I hate living in squares and rectangles, and I just want to live in a
triangle.” I honestly blacked it out because I was
so nervous that she was gonna say “I’m sorry, we already got an application…” but
she laughed, and then she said “Okay, well it sounds like you’re perfect for the
apartment.” And I said “I see that there’s an open house, but I really want to come
before the open house because I don’t want anyone to steal it from me. My
fiancé and I are meant to live in this apartment. We dream of this corner in the
city… We dream of living inside a triangle… There are 19 windows, 2-bedroom,
2-bath… This is PERFECT for us, and we need it!”
I get so out of breath just thinking of it. So, this woman was so sweet… she
offered to show it to me the next day. I met her, Michael and I went inside to
look at this space, and we both just had that feeling that we were home. We
remember looking at this apartment that we live in now, and we remember that
feeling of the first time we walked in when we just smiled and looked at each
other and said “This is the one.” and we remember that for the whole remainder of
that night, we couldn’t stop thinking about how someone else might be looking
at it, and we need to apply and get it immediately… and that’s exactly what
happened with this space. So the moment we left, we emailed the agent and we said
“We want it. Let’s move. We wanna apply. Tell us next steps.” And I am
pleased to say that we have officially signed the lease for our new two-bedroom
apartment that we will be moving into later this summer! So now that you listened
to the saga of Lucie and Michael’s two-bedroom apartment… I just wanted to
let you know that I will put a little clip right now showing you my cell phone
video of walking through the apartment… Another really cool thing that happened
is as we were going to meet this agent to go look at the apartment, we ran into
Michael’s sister and her boyfriend on the street, and we brought them up with
us to look at the apartment with us… and it was just kind of one of those magical
moments where you’re like “WOW. Everything’s meant to be. We’re meeting
up with family on the street outside of this place, and showing it to our family…”
It was perfect. That is the saga… Third time’s the charm…
No’s can be beautiful because when we think back to the other two places, I
realized that it was meant to be a No at those spots so that our road could lead us
to this third spot… but the one thing I will say: I truly believe that a lot of
things in life… the outcome of a lot of things… is just based on how optimistic
or how pessimistic you are. And Michael and I are very optimistic people in that
if either of the first two apartments had worked out, I’m sure we would be
living there feeling the exact same way we’re feeling right now, where we feel
like everything happens for a reason… We’re meant to be in this apartment. You
know, if it was the first apartment we would have thought “How great, it’s our first
stop and we found our dream home!” If it was the second apartment we would have
said “Good thing we didn’t take the first apartment, because we were meant to be in
Prince Street!” And now that it’s the third apartment we’re saying “Good thing
the first two didn’t work out, because we were meant to be here.”
So I really think everything in life can be boiled down to your mindset about it,
and you don’t have to feel like the world is working against you all the
time… but if you just reorient and put things into perspective, you can kind of
find the best out of any outcome, and any situation. So we are moving later this
summer… and we are so excited to design this new apartment. We’re gonna have our
second bedroom designated as a shooting studio, and also it will have a
pull-out couch where our friends and family can stay if they want to sleep
over… and it does have a bathtub… so, who knows, maybe we will live in the spot
through becoming parents, and that will be our child’s first
bathtub. I sure hope. Anyway, I hope this story was interesting to you in some way…
I hope you got something out of it… If nothing else, I hope it was entertaining,
and I’m really excited to show you our new space and show you how we design it.
Comment below if you have any design suggestions for us. We are always open to
getting design ideas, furniture ideas, wall decor ideas… send them through. And
also comment below and let me know what else you want to see on this channel. I
am definitely going to do a full empty apartment tour when we first move in, and
then I’ll also do a full new apartment tour with all of the furniture and
everything in it once we design it. So excited to show it to all of you! Thank
you so much for coming back to my channel! So sorry Michael couldn’t be
here for this video, but he really wanted to be… and I’ll send him your love.

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