Our New Korean Apartment!

Our New Korean Apartment!

It’s time for our apartment tour. YAY! But actually it’s not an apartment. It’s an Officetel. Oh. And for those of you who don’t know, Officetels are different than apartments. They come with options. And if you don’t know what an “option” is, let me show you, Come on guys, let’s go! Let’s look at the officetel! [music by Trip Deuce Media] And by options, I mean appliances, So, if you get an officetel, it comes with a washing machine, maybe a kimchi fridge, you can have an air conditioner. If you have an apartment, you have to buy all that stuff by yourself. Now, this officetel is super awesome, because it comes with a mom! Fresh baked cookies Martina! Thanks mom! You’re the best! This is totally amazing I What’s this?! Is this a cookie package? Are these even freshly baked? Are you sneaking out? She lied to me! This is our refridgerator. It comes with a bear to protect it. Because bears always protect you from food thieves. [Terribly inaccurate bear sound] Is that supposed to be a bear? [still quite off] Oh that’s a little bit closer. [Tiger roar, not a bear roar] Isn’t that thunder [**note, Simon, that is not thunder, you dummy] BBRROAAAH! There you go! That’s a bear! Many people kept asking about this. This is not an oven-washing machine combo. This is a gas range on top and, just by accident, there’s a washing machine below it. Which makes it really convenient when you drop food on your clothing when you’re cooking and you’re like “I’m dirty!” and you just throw it on in. We’ve done that countless times already. That’s right! Just cooking in your underwear, right? These are cupboards! I think you have them in North America! But you don’t have this: This puppy here, I thought it was a washing machine [cuz I’m dumb!] It’s a kimchi fridge! OH YEAH! And we use it for vegetables, as well as kimchi. You should Eatyourkimchi® Copyright Martina and Simon 2008. Simon and Martina. Whatever! I’ve been waiting three years for these badboys. These are our cereal dispensers. Couldn’t fit them in our old apartment. Watch this! BAM! BAAAAM! Look at that cereal! It was dispensed! UHHH! This is also where we film our TL;DR Thursdays, sitting up here on the countertop, you can also see that we have counterspace. It’s glorious! So glorious! And, I have a coffee cupboard for my coffee love. Look at this! FILLED WITH COFFEE STUFF! I got my Hello Kitty Coffee Machine, I got my french presses, I’ve got my bean grinder. HUH! Ready to go! Ok, let’s go see some more options! You forgot about the best option: the Spudgy! Mmm. Yeah. That’s the Spudgy. Anyways. By Spudgy! What the?! I deserve more attention than this! MOOOM! [music] Oh hi! I didn’t see you come in, even though I was the cameraman ten seconds ago. Welcome to the new and improved man-space. You can see here we have my favorite option: the air conditioner I can air my pits, while I edit my videos, similar to how a man would. Don’t you mean, LIKE A MAN? (Copyright Simon and Martina 2008) Or that! Come closer, let me show you more! [music] So this is the new and improved man-space. You can see here that I don’t actually have a chair, because now I’m doing a standing desk. So, this is where I do a lot of editing, Uh, this is Martina’s new computer, she doesn’t have a chair, either, but she has a stupid pink ball. Hey! That ball’s awesome! It’s for my posture and my one pack! Let’s move over to the entertainment room! And we’re here! [music] So this is the glorious entertainment unit. It’s by far the best part of the house. Uhh, excuse me. Don’t you mean, the Spudgy? Oho! Hey Spudgy! Hold on one second: Where were we! So, this is our Samsung LCD TV. This is a nice new TV You see this little Wii sensor right here cuz we have a Wii. Check out what we’ve got underneath here: We got ourselves a Wii and a PS3, nicely stowed underneath, oh yeah that’s really nice. Ok Simon that’s enough about this let’s look at other stuff here, ok? Well but wait I didn’t show you NO! Ohhh. You’re getting cut out of the shot. So welcome to Glorious Room #1 of 3. This is our wardrobe, and it comes with another great option: It comes with a handyman dad. OH HAI MARTINA! I’m putting up this mirror! Umm, ahh, are you… It’ll work! Don’t worry! It’ll work! What happened to your hands? Whaaa? Are you ok? Yeah. It doesn’t hurt, much. Ok yeah you know let’s. Hey, let’s go to a hospital! BEEP. That wasn’t secure at all. Anyways, let’s go over here now. Umm, this is our wardrobe. I can keep all of my really cute dresses here and everything like that. And we can store all of our winter clothing and our suitcases, which are awesome, because normally you have to stuff it in a ball and put it in a drawer, And also I have my little makeup corner over here. It’s OUR makeup corner, right Simon? Actually, it’s not my makeup corner at all, it’s all yours. Oh is it just me, is it just my corner? It’s just for meeee it’s my cornerrrr!!! Simon doesn’t have a corner like this! Lalala corner. Anyways, that’s my corner song. Anyways, this is my ginormous makeup kit that everyone keeps on asking me about. So there it is there. Glorious glorious! Uhhm, what’s that picture in the back there? What picture? This thing? No, the picture in the back, with the white hair. This one here? It’s nothing! Are those pictures of TOP? NO! It’s not pictures of TOp YOU SAW NOTHING BEEP And here’s Simon’s gigantic T-shirt corner. I don’t know why a guy needs so many t-shirts, Those are your shirts right here! Pish posh there’s like five of them! Let’s go over here: look at this. Ohhh color coordinated. Double levels of color coordination. It’s so beautful. Oh hey guise! I’m the Spudgy! Spudgy why are you in here? Um, I always hang out here, this is fine. You never hang out here! I’m just…so neglected since your parents came here. Oh stop it! You’re dramatic! Oh. Let’s go on to the next room! And this is our second of three rooms. This is our guest room, and I did say guest room, not a hotel-room-cuz-I’m-coming-to-Korea I’m looking at you, mom and dad! Just joking! You guys can stay here for free! Super cereal! Actually, you can’t. Spudgy doesn’t want you here. Hey hey! Keep your mouth shut! Don’t worry, I’ll pee on your bed! Hay! HAY! You behave yourself mister! You stop it! Uhh. Ok let’s go! So now time for our bathroom. If you can see, it’s a bathroom. CLOSE THE DOOR! OMG! [awkward silence] Uhhh. Oh yeah! That was good! Iiiiii would spray if I was you. Anyhow, this is our bathroom. This is where you log out, or, release the Kraaken. Or bomb the oval office, if you will. It’s just a bathroom. Looks very similar to our last one. Anyways, on to the bedroom! Huzzah! OH HAI! Soudgy didnt’ see you come in. As you can see, this is the Master Bedroom, for the Spudgy, What are you doing here? Oh, ohh. Go to your bed. NOOO! Oh hi! I didn’t see you come in. As you can tell, this is the master bedroom, and if you can’t tell we pretty much don’t have a lot of decorations here yet, because we don’t know what to do with the place. so, if you have any suggestions for decorations we’d love to know, but we’re pretty much spent for ideas on how to decorate our place. Oh! And one more thing I forgot to show you! This is our, I don’t know what to call it, but we call it the Solarium, This is where we can hang our laundry, It’s got sliding doors. Oooh! It’s really hot. Uhhh. Hope you enjoyed the tour of our new officetel. Good! So now stop asking us for a tour of our new officetel! GONG!

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