Our New DREAM House Tour!

Our New DREAM House Tour!

what’s up everybody welcome back to my
channel! hi how are ya!! oh my god you guys that was less then today we are doing
the ultimate dream house tour! now I woke up this morning and can we get deep for
a second I sobbed.. I cried a happy tears this morning because it has been such a
crazy journey getting here and I think sometimes people only see the success or
the rewards but on a real level six years ago I had $500 to my name okay
let’s go over here and talk for a second I had $500 I had tax debt I had the
worst crazy experiences that one day I will share hi Geoffrey start
autobiography it needs to come soon I’m proud that I’m self-made I’m proud that
I’ve gotten this far on my own and when I quit music I literally had about 400
plus dollars left it was me diva and diamond in my apartment and I had dreams
of starting a makeup line and no one would believe in me in the beginning to
help me start it and it was so discouraging and I never gave up on
myself I want you guys to take away from that always from me is that I never gave
up on my dreams and no dream is ever too big and that’s what I’ve learned is that
every time I accomplish something I see that there’s so much more out there for
me to do and things that I want to achieve and I just can’t believe it that
I’m here I am self-made I taught myself how to be a CEO of a cosmetics company
and now we are one of the top 10 brands in America like what the
2019 has been a blessing and we didn’t even plan on moving without growing our
house our pink Barbie house we outgrew it years ago I get labelled a hoarder
sometimes because our house was always so messy but you guys I had no room to
put anything every spare bedroom was full of clothes there was so much
clutter like it gave me anxiety and I’m gonna go come on it’s a big house blah
blah blah but we really did outgrow it and I was very anxious there a lot and
there were so many amazing memories right like hello we filmed a thousand
tutorials there and reviews but with two dogs passing this year and just so much
we were ready for a change and we were already looking but when I saw this
place online my head was like oh my god it’s such a dream so today I’m going to
give you a semi empty house tour and my dear friends Shane and Rylan are coming
over hi babe you know not not to get really deep but
I really want you guys to take that away that anything is possible and it isn’t
about the size of the home or things that you can buy it’s about really
believing in yourself and there’s so many people out there that don’t and I
want you to feel empowered that if I could start from literally dirt nothing
that anything is possible so without further ado I would love to show you
guys the full house there’s a lot of things that we’re gonna change a lot of
things that we aren’t gonna change this will not be a pink Barbie house this is
my Caesar and my Caesars Palace I don’t even know what to call it it’s so insane
and I’m just so proud so let’s begin the tour
I told Jeffrey I wanted to film my actual reaction pulling up to his house
I’ve been avoiding all the spoiler videos all the leaks I’ve seen one
picture but I’m really scared I don’t know what to expect it’s from what I’ve
heard it’s a castle I’ve been watching this of course and I think I saw it from
the road and it’s like already crazy okay so we’re pulling up to a gate I
heard there’s more than one gate this is also crazy
oh my god Jeffrey what are you doing oh my god oh my god where are we
Shane’s coming over for the very first time we’re about to see him puff on
camera oh my god this is just gonna it’s just so surreal like one of my best
friends on the planet is coming over to see my new home what I was so excited
yeah oh my god I gotta me nervous oh my god my sorry dog oh my god
what there’s a crane okay wait hold on what do we do where do we park are we in Vegas what is this Oh oh my
god here look there’s a new wagon Oh Jeffrey I think our house is too big
yeah I think you need somebody move in oh my oh my god my cords hanging I’m
freaking out I don’t want to do like foreign oh my god hi oh my god oh my god
I feel like I’m in like this is like Las Vegas but I’ll have to leave my neighbor
that her yeah yeah I really found a castle and we’re like Riley is it’s not
like Caesar’s Palace like not Vegas like I was like there’s probably valet I just
broke so it stretches all the way down there way over here is Trisha here hey
last warning just happened are we not only fans wait have you okay I love
actually like nervous like a video step aside I just want to show you like I
don’t know it’s really crazy for me like all jokes like all jokes aside all tea
like I mean you the fact that you got me to go back to my old apartment and you
got to see where I came from like it’s crazy so it’s like come on six years
later it’s like holy shit yeah I never laid either
it means are like full transparency I wanted a place for me and my family
obviously me and Nate and the dogs are not moving into a 10 bedroom house by
ourselves that would be ridiculous so there’s a lot of speculation I’m like
what’s happening what’s going on and you know it’s like my mom oh I don’t know
how it’s not to be really dark is like I don’t know how much longer she has left
and I want to spend every I mean a moment I can with her oh my god oh come
in we moving in we have living security so you know my garage was kind of small
for all the cars I have so now you drive down this beautiful crazy nobody’s gonna say my reactions
are fake okay wait what did they see him have you done you know I mean obviously
things leaked online a lot of media outlets have posted it there’s a few
people that we’re trying to sell this house that never could so there’s like
videos it’s like their real estate I’m floating around
I’d like you all to take that down and likes my address but you know it’s out
there and at the end of the day you know we are in a gated community if you’re
living here please leave me alone my dogs hate when people are driving by a
gate this community was a lot it was different
yeah it’s a different tear of just moved in I wanted a crazy French villa and I
know this style isn’t for everyone we all have our own taste you know I like a
grand I I don’t have taste so I like spin the bottle you just take a bottle
and say Garlin and good the left wing is it the right boy like you go up one and
it goes up the other and then you kiss at the top yeah so this is like
basically a D there’s a few things from our old house in here but you sick even
on the wall if we’re picking paint swatches just really bright out of it
right in here the walls are a little like I don’t understand
is that what room is that that’s like that is hair day security cameras and I
think a lot of people may be shocked by that but I just want it I don’t know I’m
just feeling a whole different vibe of like opulence and like black velvet and
gold and white I’m like woodsy look at our new cart bag this is gonna be one
next week I went broke a in French and gaudy that’s new palette I new palette
yes oh my god we had a huge tree here with like lights
and we can do a huge bonsai tree so when you walk into this crazy entrance right
this is a 4-game come on for yay it goes because that whole gaming room is a bar
the kitchen you guys it’s like one of my favorite things I like so I’m
overwhelmed what is that like secret entrance that you can get through three
different ways are gonna make it a a weed the dank cellar
look I just put in these crush develops yesterday so even though the house is
kind of empty we’ve already started to do changes immediately because I’m like
girl look at my dining room okay so the kitchen this is my foot oh you know your
audience I know I don’t cook but I love food and I love when people cook for me
so come in here all right Shane please just go in the kitchen will stock up soon we’ve been a little
busy is that a fridge – yeah it’s all empty
right now this is a fridge and freezer yeah it’s like almost a joke it’s so
crazy ten fridges the kitchens one of my favorite things is massive
yeah oh my god so this is our old couch that either you’ll ever created you’ve
seen on our channel maybe bubble house where’s all my shape even though this
house is a castle this feels homey like you know what I
mean like when I thought the outside I was like I know when people’s first
reactions like holy shit its massive but it feels so homey Madison’s the best
Madison’s living here now by the way you guys in two months just moving in where
are you gonna show to your corner yeah love to show you her wings No Jeffrey’s our eyeliner so this is
gonna be the pulling apart room dog area all their toys cute yeah
sometimes I sit on it the Vinci Pumpkinhead Halloween dude this kitchen
insane like for real like my mom loves cookie and we get when she came first of
all my mom opened the door I know she doesn’t ever want to be in camera but
would she open the door sobbing like she was like remember one mean you lived in
a one-bedroom apartment together Isaac yeah I do I know no personal space
that’s like fat right that’s like we brought we roughed it out it’s just like
it’s as creative so fulfilling to see her eyes like light up and I just
started sobbing I was like girl it’s hot I don’t yeah this is like on a real no
this is your sisters so my favorite part of the house
hi this is the three story will they want a glass elevator please do the
honors oh my god please sir I love it could you want to be scared you know
where you’re at Shane welcome to the start Peter this is
every tub of baby how are we building this like Musa wool this is like the
dream I mean come on I’ve never seen a movie theater like a real disco ball I
didn’t even see that one isn’t it stunning look at the stars on this guy
Shane it’s like hypose racing your home like what the hell
come on movie dude CD yes this will be in one of my obviously this time we’re
gonna put a red one in here so this isn’t permanent okay all right you did that we talked
about it yeah are you like a Slurpee machine like let’s talk about it yeah so
red popcorn machines coming okay Barry to hopefully give me my own machine oh
my god yo girl and yo grandma just two flavors I don’t need all ten okay all
right cake batter and something else yes swap it out every month something pink
yeah our own stuff it’s a whole bar you may be wondering
jacquard with a sparkler it’s an equal machine there they’re hidden in a secret
room I don’t want any clutter in this home but since this is a theater I put
two movie theater gems in here yeah and we’re gonna put a new Rick and Morty
pinball here that’s coming for Christmas yes but for now they’re doing all the
security but Shane it over just wine or no all today yeah look at the grapes
before you even enter look at the stainless all right I’ll let you do the
honors I’ll go get wine yeah I oh my gosh you
might find me that’s crazy
we’re doing security in the Navajos in this room right now and then here’s the
temperature control room this is for me just the temperature control it I’m
gonna close this in that’s cool yo they mean that you’re just sitting
here like yes so you’re never gonna I can’t picture it
I know I can’t picture getting you know like we have our Michigan House maybe
get another vacation house somewhere amazing in the future you know and you
know I have investment properties in other states that have come on landlord
of the year this has never actually yeah like a drama okay so Cordova Pete cows
had a four car garage okay we now have a 16 car garage oh if you got it’s a
little empty right now but this is okay so when I’ve talked about
this I didn’t say my intro I just saw the Tesla okay
yep we’re down muffler we’ve had it for a long time stole the slingshot
hilarious like that orange through blue motorcycle my god you know the yellow
Lamborghini charlyk I swapped it out for a new wine rookie the dealer was like no
charge we’re just gonna get I’m like okay can’t say no or that so of course
we got Nate’s baby we got Mike crazy the Rolls Royce is getting wrapped and the
McLaren is getting Constantine which takes a few months which is already
happening before this whole thing alright so we never had a dining room in
our old house we had pinball and there’s a lot of clutter and I just never you
know so we this little room in here oh yeah now they’re out of the house no
more clutter cute little see your gaming room me I do did you hear your left echo this took me
three times coming here to notice this because there’s so much involved in this
house and I was like oh my god was insane skylight how is that happening
okay so let’s start here shall we oh hi big doors so this is it this is an
homage to my old pink house this will have my old pink bed in it you see the
frame we took someone to chandeliers out from the kitchen the beauty room and I’m
gonna do this all pink oh into the bottom-left iconic Jeffrey oh yeah that
classic Barbie I love that there’s three chandeliers like wax deceased look at
the quartz the crystal the marble all the tile work look at the bathtub it’s
like real beauty in the Beast fiberglass with rows like what that
he’ll paint stone high just washing off the blood of my enemies a lot of water
all the water Hidden Hills there might be a drought what are the odds of happy
ground and also clean your Pole so all jokes aside you guys when you’re
sitting here and you go number two there are some features that will fully with
the pot nice water spray your roll down so giving a name to a gum tissue save
the environment exactly so you use let know paper a little bit of water and
your whole is sparkling and the anal bleaching is another that’s a great
future we have good idea I didn’t even realize that you could see
over from this side when we were in this yeah yeah every every leg it’s like a
big catwalk yeah my bedroom is bigger than my own there’s the welcoming this is the
welcome to our bedroom now there’s a lot of the stained red wood that will all be
cool oh look at my new statue imported from Kauai and I should get statues
figures so there’s three ways to go there’s an empty closet it was a massive
bathroom and closet for white and then the bedroom the Fortier and the husband
side this was empty but I made so this these are staying this is not this will
be here to provide the house so you have a living room in your bedroom yeah so we
all know my famous peek bedroom this will not be all black velvet gold see
where all the red wood is yeah I’m gonna be honest I hate it it makes me sick
so we’re doing a beautiful opulent gold standard yeah that’s good they’re cool
we do have a mattress on the floor like a nice cool again with my mom a tiny
little closet and a bathroom what oh whoa whoa okay okay so wait what
that’s yeah and I’m gonna be really honest that would all be ripped out soon
I’m gonna make a bigger closet I hate would I hate it not for me okay but if
you spin around there is a 10 person orgy show other side of the show when he
gets out of the shower violet it’s like you would go out this way and Shane you
go out this way and you guys dry off and you mean the middle later get dressed
yeah I mean this is everything that you can dream of so Nate of course on heated
seats nice for the toilet yes she opens up automatically this is the main closet
oh it is now remember Nate’s sole about 80% of his clothes yeah this is my
jacket that you guys have seen me a war all year in our series I track since the
house everybody collar literally everything cool I know I never ease up
so start go start what else remember this is where we are so you know we are
we wrapped around yes good nice retro yeah so this will be I can’t wait to
show everyone in this room done it’s very like you know not where we wanted
but attached or bedroom that urinal that’s the dream yeah is the
dream yes you want your little locker room yet this is the changing room yeah
okay ready for this they recreated showers from Thailand in this I don’t
even know if that means showers yes Wow oh my god we turn around I’m
talking me never use this okay I will check people in and out of the gym I’ll
work Monday through Friday yeah oh my god oh my god okay so after you work out
it’s time for facials massage and meditation that’s rich for that this
bedroom that’s an actual hotel spa yes yes Gucci
chair for check-in so yesterday we had facials here massages in the other room
and I was so sure like how are you gonna use all of this like as you have to use
like a bag we’ve already started other massages over here the facial lady
someone in the jacuzzi oh that this is so crazy this is real stained glass by
the way like isn’t this insane I could stand out search of jeopardise
so here’s where you get massaged there if you’ve had a long day of spilling
tear you know maybe we go through another scandal the meditation room whoa
we’re just full of r8x security cameras and some Zen wow this is like legit
you’re supposed to sit and stare at them nice doesn’t even put it bad right
behind right here something just a really nice bag just I haven’t
felt like a like I was nervous when I saw the picture how big it was I would
like Jesus I got scared because I was like I don’t want you to get like dark
inside yeah Castle so it feels very good it was a while though you didn’t go
through the room no Shane wanna wait for you oh I know we
haven’t made it through your house yet sometimes like over the last week my
legs have been hurting from fucking so much I’ve been taken care of okay
yeah use your hailer on like a necklace I do exactly so there’s a lot of my
clothes on you know some racks but this is Matty sweet oh my God look at this
full sink look at refrigerator everything underwear hey I’m like a
kitchen so this is the bedroom good morning
you know you guys think it’s crazy to the outside need a little protein yeah I
was honestly running out of calories really okay you’re gonna see it before
we transform it that’s a bummer honey I feel like I arrived just by
knowing you know here we go but this was a Rose Garden I had for the dogs to pee
but before summer you guys will see a full transformation okay there’s going
to be huge grass panels bigger hedges and I’m redoing the whole pool baby pink
my dream since I was little I have a big swimming pool I’m not kidding hopefully
you them yeah it was really windy the other night so it’s up full leaves right
now how is this real like you know hasn’t settled is that this is all a
backdrop for my channel yeah oh yeah I’m gonna get a newer one but full kitchen
out here hi the tour hasn’t stopped you guys let’s go okay we’re cooking out all
summer here oh my god okay we’re doing you should do rope use the mess a Red
Bull cake yeah yeah we’ll be talking tomorrow the foam you see that that is a
5,400 square foot barn and that is my property what oh yeah
sorry everything in the white fences is all our property and this is part of our
land that’s your house and it is empty right now it’s full
empty with plumbing ready for it whatever and I am going to turn oh my
god I haven’t announced this yet at all I’m sewing Blanche – come on launch the
next patent I am going to turn that into the beauty barn full hair salon shampoo
bowls nail station we like makeup everything you should get that I’m gonna
be the beauty bar you should get chair lifts what do we do
phone in his castle we’ve been looking for like an hour sitting right down by
the driveway on the side you’re gonna have to turn here find my friends on for
one person to trust okay okay so you could all manage to hear that
Rylan has a plan for us girl oh my god I felt like we could hang out for a while
more but the house tour was so long I’m finally I’m tired Wow very soon they will definitely be
here yeah good to see you okay guys that was a lot I am
emotionally a wreck right now and I mean that I’m the best way possible
it was so cool to have some friends finally come over this week and see
their hire see the house a person and Shane and Ryland means so much to us so
for them to be the first people here just means the world oh my god
I’m really excited to start on a few projects I think that the house is
stunning on its own it’s beautiful and it’s so me but my dream of having a pink
swimming pool is going to come to life and filming like painting and doing some
transformations and the new vault oh my god maybe she called the fortress but I
can’t wait to start changing and making things a little more us this has been a
crazy journey you guys I want to leave with one final thought thank you to
every single person out there that supports us none of my dreams would ever
be fulfilled without all of you out there so thank you all for believing in
my crazy ideas for my cosmetics and the brand just everything that I’m doing it
just feels I’ve never been this fulfilled before and it’s not about the
size of the home or the success it’s about personally feeling finally a
hundred percent and happy and it’s so scary to say that because I know it’s
been a very tumultuous year but to end it with such new energy and a new space
is exactly what we needed so just thank you to everyone out there that watches
my channel and supports me I will forever be grateful I love you guys and
I’ll see you on the next one

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    Me here with my busted Nissan Sentra: 🙄😂

  90. Okay! Bitchhhh! I am jealous af. Also very happy for you, but JEALOUS.

  91. I’m obsessed with the planned color scheme for the house and the fact that his crew is moving in and his mom, fucking QUEEN ALIEN!!!! ICONIC ❤️❤️

  92. Remember when he was in Hollywood undead😂 so sad. Good times.

  93. 2x speed – for the beginning. kinda normal speed talking

  94. I’m actually speechless😍

  95. i would always see this house on zillow.

  96. Imagine Jeffrey throwing a party at his house 🤯

  97. This was just like willy wonka and the chocolate factory😍🤣💥

  98. Jeffree is the only Beauty Guru I like anymore

  99. ok but like… jeffree JUST set up the vault closet in his old house….

  100. My dumbass would get lost 24/7

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