[Music] hey everyone welcome back to our Channel everyone welcome back as we mentioned and the last video Adams parents they’re coming this week oh my god you can come in for a little visit yeah we actually bought them this is their Christmas gift from us so they’ll stay here for a week and they’re gonna be sleeping in our bed and we’re gonna sleep on the couch that’s gonna be interesting yeah I’ll be fun I mean my parents don’t travel a lot so they’ve never been to the west coast so we have a feeling like we want then to see like the perfect side of it yeah we want to make sure don’t have a lot of fun yeah and they’re very sweet you’re very loving so I’m sure we’re gonna have a great time yeah we will because they’re coming we clean the apartment really well and we thought this would be a good time to give a little tour yeah this is the perfect time yeah so I’m gonna get started okay we’re gonna start in the kitchen the kids this is where I spend all of my time cooking is labor less though of everyday excuse me for such a load but I like the kitchen I like how open it is it’s so different from the kitchen we had in Brazil all for sure we’re going to open we both can cook here and then up here when we’re washing dishes we can look at some memories that we have we have the husband a husband book from John Aaron this was John’s zarin’s and we have to cook books that were presents yet earwolf presents from yeah we saw our friends from YouTube yeah and then this is from a student of mine in Brasilia for the sign it’s a common sign in Brasilia these are from John and Erin for Christmas and this was our first trip here in Oregon was to Mount Hood so he wanted to remember that and then these were also gifts also gifts from France from YouTube and then our mugs which we’re glad to say that they were sold out in one day yes and now they’re back in order yeah we have our diet we follow the diet his soul here probably my favorite piece in that my favorite piece is a picture I took of the tree Bernardo and his mom planted before she passed away you know I like how it kind of ties the nature in the house and then the green blue and he goes with all the plants we have here and it’s a good picture I love the picture yeah it was so sweet when he showed me the thing yes and this took me forever to install yeah but it’s working it was a lot of work okay oh my god we’re gonna have to google it was the green wire and changing we’re better for this away that’s heavy yeah so delight who you mean yeah I have asked some people like mr. dr. Nance but it worked it works now we’re going to the living room which is very close to the kitchen it’s basically the same room but yeah so we have this low stool they thought it was a cool idea to the plants magazines you saw this idea on Instagram yeah I saw a picture and I thought it was cool mm-hmm and remember where we got this plant oh my goodness it was so hard to put in the car yeah this and some other ones yeah you know our way back from the first trip here in Oregon mm-hmm our way from the cabin yeah we got some plan about some plans [Applause] got to be perfect Minamoto this is right that’s where we are finalists so good actually a lot of them we’re did we got that fight as well yeah we got the other one on the shelves yeah and on the shelf we have like this cool memory from Thailand mm-hmm we got this picture that reminds us of nature as well to loose a colorful one and we have our YouTube moves okay we have a youtube plaque the YouTube plaque right there and this is our favorite spot in a living room you always we always come here we added a lot here yeah we do a lot of editing sometimes they translate the videos here we have the mountain view it’s on a clear day yeah we have the view of downtown Portland which is really cool it’s pretty here yeah it’s pretty and we get some sunlight here sometimes you have some time okay keep going Leavenworth memory memory mm-hmm it’s cute okay have a comfortable couch it’s a big one took us a long time to decide yeah we actually got a good deal from the couch coffee table and a dining table yeah we did because we traveled a long ways to get it yeah she was happy you know we got the bus and we went to the other side of the city we got an hour to go it’s helped us we got 42 stops don’t you remember phone my store do you like this one ya know what if your foot the other way yeah you’re like no not really this one was meant for you it’s just so disgusting it’s like you’re on a rabbit this wanted left for you it’s fluffy the way you like just door number two hey what don’t judge a book by it’s cover boy I like the lights inside a little Christmas light couch came in now I got more things to put together so before we get into a little argument pushing putting that together yes we argue is because of the furniture because of you for genius of you I will listen to you because you won’t listen to me so just doesn’t the furniture okay we’ve only been in this for one minute and we’re already arguing you wanna know what the argument is about if if this is squared is a squared I don’t know okey brollies I told you just believe me come apologize no that’s clean I’m sore remember we talked about eight by eight my first time Domino’s in the apartment first time yeah oh it’s the bedroom this is our view we have a good view going this way but when we wake up and we’re in bed we have that view too than the others we have like a lot of people who could see in the room and then so he loved candles we have a lot we have candles everywhere and this was our first souvenir earth this was from the first cabin there’s Nina we have a lot of memories from that way we have like a leaf well because it was the first time we both experienced fall together here yeah so it was special to us and big compass because we’re always on the go mm-hmm and then we like yellow so and then our friend on YouTube gave us the picture there actually – I gave one to my mom because it was two people sent the same thing and then you got some more plants and about it you know we thought we want a cozy room so we have a comfortable bed comfortable bed as the plus 2nu a mattress would mean so much my back you gotta use those muscles what look at my boy don’t die yeah we can both lift it up wait no not like that I’ll help you I can leave one here and then do you like yeah excited put the bed together 30 minutes 30 minutes fight that too long or too short too short and it is 131 and let’s go tighten the net you guys I’m gonna tighten that screw the bad is done almost up to 35 I forget the time we started cheap test oh she’s good yeah this coconut fits us both yeah it’s good now I guess the bathroom here we have the hallway yeah I’ll close here a little messy and since we don’t have a blue wall we got this go board and you vote since you won’t let me have a wall but in those pants baby stop recording it’s easier then to let it hang out so we have adjust some of our goals like the what we had on the wall yeah our trips travel more look at the first short Hawaii where the ceremony the ceremony yeah your mom and dad coming yeah yeah the trips we have planned okay yep so the bathroom is so small it’s not small actually it’s much higher so the one we had in heaven so that is true it’s actually a good size it’s pretty basic there’s a bathtub a mere toy you loved I think that’s probably the your favorite place you have our bathtub yeah for sure yes no no I like it but I’m not my favorite from the apart where’s your favorite holy cow – I knew it yeah so mine’s the bathtub yours of the couch oh yes okay that’s it that’s it no I think that’s the tour right yeah okay oh that was a long tour there’s a long tour there’s a long one don’t you think so good that’s automation sorry finally it’s our home together yeah now we can now we can actually see oh yeah cos now it’s now it is like it took me a while to see this as a home because I had in my mind it was gonna be temporary but after you proposed and after getting getting married now I’m starting to see it as a whole yeah okay so remember to go out make memories and it’s always important to make like your place the home that’s what you have to say we’re excited my parents are coming oh that’s bad okay [Music] you

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