OCR Training zipForm 101 Basic Training

OCR Training zipForm 101 Basic Training

Good afternoon everybody Thank you all very much for attending today’s webinar and intro to zip forms 101 Just real quickly just to tell you a little bit about Who I am my name’s Anthony I work here at the Orange County Association of Realtors been here now Coming up on 15 years Started off in the MLS Department, so I know guaranteed. I’ll speak to all of you at some point in time Regarding rules regulations violations things like that what I’m also involved with at the Association is our outreach program our outreach programs design give your various training on your tools and products so not only do I train on? MLS how to run searches and modify listings create CMAs all that fun stuff But I also train on the tablet devices like the iPad and tablet devices to make you the 21st century agent and What we’re going to go over today zip forms today? we’re gonna go over some of the basic new tools on the new version of zip forms that you may be experiencing or for those of you who are veterans in the business or seasoned agents in the business And you’re still using the current version of zip forms to show you what the new version of zip forms Will look like an act like come that you can utilize now Seeing how they’re updating that that that version do I have anybody that hasn’t even logged in to zip forms ever so let’s get into Zip forms so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go into WWC AR o RG this is their state website zip forms is a state provided benefit for all c AR members This is what your your ca argues pay for Each and every year it gives you the right to not only access your Contracts electronically using zip forms, but you being a member of CA Are you also have access to other tools and benefits like the CA our hotline ask? questions to real estate attorneys get free legal advice You also have access to benefits Classes and designations that you can take to better yourself as an agent now from here on CA ARS website what we’re going to do is we’re gonna log into zip for by simply coming over to where it says Accesses it forms access now now if you’re a brand new agent in the business And you haven’t been to see a ours website to register yourself as a user To register as a user very simply you’re going to come over to the top right corner click on sign in From here Over to the right where it says new to see a are question mark you’re going to click on register When you click on register? You’re going to scroll down and you’re going to input your n RDS number now. You’re an RDS number Stands for your national real estate data systems number we here at Orange County and abroad Referred to this number as your nerds number your n RDS numbers referred to here as nerds We issue you that number when you join the Association now because you’re a nerd and I remember back in the day It wasn’t cool to be a nerd but today as nerds were the world and every realtor that everybody knows Here today or gets to see online today is a nerd nerds rule the world and we are all nerds in this business So with that n RDS number because you’re an Orange County member that number should begin with two zero five five Then followed by another four numbers that we issued to you So don’t confuse this with you or Cal BRE license number Once you input that you that nerds ID number then put in your legal last name If I can spell my last name correctly, and then you’ll hit submit when you hit submit you’re then going to be asked to create a your own unique username and Password for CA ours website this can be the same as your CRLs username and password But we have to remember that there are over 250 thousand agents part of CA r so You may have to actually come up with something unique now I will say that in CA RS username and password they do recognize capital letters and numbers Whereas CR MLS is login for MLS it doesn’t matter if the letters are capitalized or not? Here with CA r it does if you make a capital letter or if you make your username or your Password with capital letters you got to remember that you got to input that in each and every time So once you create that username and password, and you hit submit after you choose What Association you’re with you’re going to agree to the terms of usage for zip forms as well as see IRS website And you will have been told that you have officially created Your account after you create your account any time you come to see IRS website Just simply come to where it says access zip forms and click on access now From here you’re going to input your username and password that you created and Now when you hit sign in? You’ll now wait for the advertisement to go through and click continue For you to be logged in to zip forms now if you’re a brand new member into zip forms today the only version of zip forms that you’ll be accessing accessing is the brand-new version that we are going to go over today if I have the seasoned agents here attending our class today, then what you may log in to is The current version the current version of zip forms will look like this, and I’ll probably have to revert back to what it looks like And it looks like it’s starting up the new version for me, which is good But at the top here I’m going to go back to the classic zip forms plus So if I have any agents that are currently logging into zip forms, this is what you’re looking at now At this point I will say that you want to start moving over to the new version of zip forms And how you get to the new version of zip forms is at the top right side here and click on this big Red button that says try new plus Reason why you want to start using the new version of zip forms now is that in the next couple of weeks? The this current version is going to go away all your transactions that you currently have here are Automatically in the new version, so you’re not going to lose anything same with your templates Everything is going to be in your new version, so I will say from now on Be in the new version, so we’re going to click on try the new plus Any brand-new agents to the business will only have access to the new version of zip forms plus right away We get to see that the news version of the zip forms is vastly different than the current version, okay Here instead of being defaulted into my transaction list first. I am now defaulted into my dashboard Now the dashboard I really like a lot because we get to do and see a lot of things super quickly as an example under the recent activity The last time that you were logged into zip forms what you last did in what transaction okay? So it basically just gives you a nice friendly reminder of when you were last logged in and what transactions you modified or edited Okay, the second is that Here over to the right hand side you have potential sales volume Potential sales volume are all your current active transactions that you’re currently working on whether it’s a for sale for lease Purchase or listing any transaction that you create Those are all considered potential sales so at this point we can see that. I am currently working on about $750,000 worth of sales Okay now at this point One of the things that we want to do or look at is there are pending transactions Pending transactions are when you go into escrow. You’re waiting escrow to close in zip forms There is a feature for you to change the status of the transaction now unfortunately the status of the transaction does not affect the MLS but What zip forms is encouraging you to do is change the statuses of your? Transactions so when you go into escrow you change the status status to the transaction to say pending our backup and now that will be potential income that you have in escrow and Of course if we’re getting ready to close escrow or we close escrow we change that transaction to close now We can also track our closed transactions so for the year. We can see how much or how successful or how much? Money, we’ve actually closed out for the year Now right next to this the most important one or one of the important ones is fell through that means that if a transaction was cancelled or was withdrawn or Whatever or expired That’s income lost now. I know when I showed this one Here that a lot of agents tend to get a little defensive and go I don’t want to see how much money I’ve lost but let’s use that positive or that negative as a positive Maybe you need to evaluate what you’ve been doing for the year, so you get to see what you are currently working on How much money you’ve got in escrow how much you successfully closed? But here if you notice that you’ve lost more than you’ve closed. What are you probably going to need to do and By the way the answer is not I’m going to quit the business the answer here will be I need to re-evaluate my business model I need to start closing more successfully than letting things fall through So in a way this will be a nice transaction management system To see what your productivity has been like for the year So this is a great tool for you here at the dashboard now from the dashboard I Can create a transaction just from the dashboard I can also manage any Pre-existing transaction that I’ve created just from the dashboard or I can immediately go to the forms area to make a transaction from the dashboard So I don’t necessarily in this case in the new version of zip forms have to click on the transactions tab To create my transactions or modify them I can do that all from The dashboard area okay now before we go over to the transactions area. I do want to point out one thing Here in zip forms and that is at the upper right hand side You’ll notice that over in the upper right hand corner. There is a photo of myself now in zip forms you can and customizers it forms to a degree and one of that cut one of those customizations is Uploading a photo of yourself. Why would I ever need to upload a photo well? What’s nice about uploading a photo of yourself is that anytime you send out something from a transaction? whether it be a direct email from the transaction within zip forms or A digital signature request this photo will go out to your clients To add a photo of yourself just simply click on where the photo area is and from here You can click where it says change when you click on change You’re going to browse your computer for a photo of yourself and upload it now Please make sure it’s a current photo of yourself because again this photo does go out to all of your clients before we leave the Photo screen we can also update our profile here in our profile section When we click on view profile? down below here We can create an email signature the email signature is how we want our emails to end from zip form so if we do Email contracts or we do send out a digital signature request we now have a nice email signature that we can create or that we have created so less typing you have to worry about doing if You’re a formal to your clients. Maybe you Put in your salutation like sincerely gratefully thankfully Oh hardly followed by your name your company Your address your caviar license number or so on and so forth okay, or maybe you create an email signature Because every client is the best friend later guy later, dude. Talk to you soon. Yeah, whatever you want Anything that you modified under your information or under your email signature at the very top click Save now There is one other thing under the profile section that we are going to take a look at and that is the settings Here under the settings tab Very first option that we’re given is That we can change our ecig mature option our signature option is all defaulted into digital ink digital Ink is one of your free member it’s offered to you by ciear, but those of you attending to today’s class may like to use DocuSign and Instead of you saving the contracts on to your computer where you upload them into doc you signs System instead what you can do is select your document joist and link your DocuSign account with zip forms now everything is merged together So you don’t have to worry about exporting any of your documents onto your computer to only upload them into DocuSign Once you choose this and you hit save you have now chosen DocuSign as your preferred digital signature option but most of us Will be able to use digital ink or all of us can because this is your free member benefit given some time today I’ll go over fairly quickly How to set up documents to be set out through digital signing okay? Now a couple of the other settings here are super quickly if we scroll down a little bit Some of you may not want that Dashboard to be displayed down below here select the box that says make your transaction list your default Landing page so anytime you go into zip forms your transactions will always appear, okay? And then hmm the other option Set up your auto auto save Click on the down arrow. It’s typically in the off position we’ve all had this happen where we’re at the crucial stage of writing up our contracts, and then our computer dies and You’ve lost all your work Set the autosave if you click on the down arrow you can set your autosave to every 15 minutes 20 25 30 or every hour I Personally recommend every 15 minutes that way in case your computer crashes you haven’t lost more than 15 minutes worth of work After you set up your interval of the autosave at least come up to the top click save and save your options Back at the transactions tab here at the transactions tab here’s a list of all my pre created Transactions for those of you who don’t know how to create a transaction we’ll go over how to do that today But very simply there are two ways of creating a transaction in zip forms actually technically 3 The first is from the dashboard section where we can click on create a new transaction The second under the transactions tab is the new button but I click on the new button What’s different here is that I now get to pick and choose first? What type of transaction am I making by creating a new listing for sale? Am I creating a new offer for sale? Am I creating a new lease for a tenant to make an offer on a? On a lease or am I creating a new lease listing to list Pick what type of transaction you’re going to create. Let me click on it Now you’re going to name the transaction I’m now going to select the transaction type Now one of the nice new features here or one of the current features From the current version to the new is that we can upload a picture To make this transaction stand out I know that each and every one of us try to create a unique name for a Transaction like maybe a client’s name or a property address or a combination of the two But what happens if I’m working with one client, that’s made 15 offers on 15 different properties. Those are 15 different transactions, and I know typically Or what happens periodically is that sometimes you accidentally wrong transaction by mistake? Well with the add image feature you can now make the transaction stand out visually add a photo The photo can be whatever you want it can be of the property It could be of your clients it can be you know the dog the cat the flower bed Whatever the only thing I ask is that make sure it’s an appropriate photo Because like your profile picture This photo will go out any time you send out a request From the transaction whether it be a digital signature request or an email to the client from zip forms? So make sure it’s an appropriate photo There is one added new feature in The creating the transaction itself and that is this button here And it’s called MLS connect now MLS Connect has been around for a couple of years And that as a separate button or still is a separate button within zip forms to allow you to import another listing Directly onto your contracts so if you’re representing a buyer Whereby you have to type up everything you could instead click on MLS connect and import that listing data Directly onto your contracts, okay, so they’ve now done it are added a button here for you to be able to import the Listing from the MLS onto your offers if you’re representing a seller This is not such a great tool to use because technically at the moment You have no signed listing agreements so technically you have no listing in the MLS to import And if you were to import another agents Listing on to your listing contracts you’re gonna have to re-type over a majority of all that listing information Anyway, because the listing agent comes over well your the listing agent So you’re gonna have to take out the that listing agents information to put yours on Really, this tool is not such a great tool for Someone representing a seller, but this is a great tool if you’re representing a buyer From here at this point if I wanted this transaction created Named it choose the transaction type I hit save now when I hit save I’ve officially created the transaction now I could go to the forms button and now coming over to where it says all forms and start adding forms into the Transaction the third method of creating a transaction within zip forms is found under the TXN or transaction tools If I click on the transaction tools to create another transaction within zip forms I’m going to use forms advisor now forms of Iser was created by ciear legal And what this allows you to do is answer set of legal questions Most of which are yes or no answers and based on your answers will compile a list of forms required for the transaction So this is a great tool for those of you who are brand new to the business and not sure exactly what forms you need Seasoned agents, and they’re in the webinar This is still a great tool for you because maybe you’ve come across a weird action you were never dealt with before so and Based on those answers you can create a transaction in less than 10 minutes here I’ll show you so I want to use myself as an example. Maybe I’m a real estate agent I’ve been working in the business for about 15 years, but in my business model all I deal with is buying and selling properties and In reaching out to my sphere of influence my past clients one of my past clients calls me back and says hey Tony I want to list my home, but I don’t want to sell it. I want to start leasing it out I need to use it for passive income Well, wait a minute. I’ve never dealt with the lease before maybe my friends my colleagues Who helped get me into the business all they deal with is buying and selling properties to? Maybe my broker my office manager just out of town Maybe they’re on vacation or whatever do I want to pass my hard-earned? Client that I’ve spent money on to retain and give them to somebody else that maybe a leasing expert Probably not right because it’s all about customer service so what I’m going to do is come here into my transactions List click on the transaction tools, and now I’m going to click on forms advisor When I click on forms of Iser forms of Izar opens up? First thing over here to the left What type of transaction are we dealing with are? We dealing with the purchase of a property are we dealing with a lease of the property? Or are we dealing with something else? Well? I’m dealing with a lease of a home When I click on the lease am I done with the listing side the leasing side or property management well I’m gonna be listing this property When I do that now, I’m just going to go through these tabs and answer the questions very simply if there’s an answer that’s got multiple choices click on the down arrow and select the necessary choice if I need to switch an answer from yes to no or no -. Yes. Simply click on the answer Once I’m done with the first tab hit accept and go right on through now I’m going through this super quickly but You’re gonna. Go through this a little bit slower. You’re gonna read all your questions and answer them as best you can Because you’re gonna ask yourself at some point How would I ever know the answer to this question well just remember these are lawyers asking you these questions and if you guys have ever watched any lawyer program, whether it was going on Court TV or CSI or whatever that Sometimes these lawyers ask you some of the most off-the-wall questions Answer them as best You can because the more accurate you are with your answers the more accurate the system will be in giving you the necessary forms required So once you’re done with the last set of questions Here at the summary gives you a chance to review all your questions all your answers if you agree with everything here You’re going to hit. I accept when you do that. You’re going to name your session At this point when we say ok and What’s nice about naming that session is that at any given time if I ever need to come back or? If I have the same situation ever again said re answering all the questions I could just go over to the file list Reference this session to grab the exact same forms now once I create the session here We go it analyzes my questions my answers and now it gives me a list of everything that I need Starting from left to right in green The forms are going to be used gives me the form number gives me the form name Now what I love about forms advisor is that link you into two other free member benefits offered to you by CA are The first is forms tutor Now forms tutor was created by CR illegal to explain to you the agent how and why this form is used This is good because you have to explain each and every line of that document to a signer right well How do you know how to explain that to a client if you’ve never read it before you don’t know anything about it Here if you click on the forms tutor forms tutor should open up and it should take you directly to the form, but in this case just to show you a form the form will open up just like so and then You’re going to see these nice little blue dots Depending on the form at every page every line may be every paragraph Okay, so in this case as an example. I’m opening up the RP a informs tutor and It may take it a second here the form opens up and now we see these nice little blue dots throughout the form if I click on the blue dot I Now see a nice written explanation of that form or of that page of that line of that paragraph I know most of us here. Do not like to read right? It’s hard enough that you have to already read the through the form now You got to read through this entire legal explanation about that form or of that paragraph Well, let’s make it easier on ourselves Over here to the top left corner. We got the side words triangle that is a play button if I click on the play button I Now hear an audio explanation of this form of that line of that paragraph So this is a great tool for you to be able to click on what you need and Learn about that form which is kind of nice Now by the way you can access forms tutor directly from CA RS website if you go to CA org move your mouse to where it says transaction Center under the zip forms tab scroll down to where it says forms advisor forms tutor and From here scroll down to forms tutor and when you click on access forms tutor you can access from every form from A to C So here you can look at every form just like we did so this is a great learning tool to learn the legal aspects of your forms the second member benefit that forms advisor links you to is the legal Q&A section at CA hers website, so Questions asked by you the agent regarding this form for various situations and their responses to those questions So now with these two tools alone You can now learn the full legal aspects of why that form essere so now if you know the legalities behind the form and You know the questions and answers that come up that are asked by agents now you can confidently explain Why this form is being signed by your? Which is great, and then of course the last column here preview we can preview what the form looks like If we love everything that we see here we can now click on create a new transaction we name the transaction Now when we say ok Forms advisor is now creating the transaction within my zip forms account so I can now simply close out And now when I click on my transactions tab there’s the Donny Trump lease for 9:28 now when I click in this transaction I Can now go to the forms area and now modify all the forms So in a way we created that transaction in less than 10 minutes Are there any questions or informs advisor so? Here we go into a transaction that we’ve created Once we go into transaction Transaction that looks a little bit different now just because it defaults you into a summary of the transaction This information will be filled in as you begin to fill in information on your forms like the buyer or seller information the listing agent or selling agent information depending on the transaction things like that alright going into This transaction super quickly to actually add forms into the transaction for me to edit I’m going to come over to the gray bar here near the top and I’m going to click on the third icon from the left Which is your documents button here on your documents button this is where you’re going to be able to look at all your Forms within the transaction as you can see right now We have no forms added to add a form into a transaction very easily We come over to the top right to where it says all forms when we click on all forms Here’s a list of all 329 CA our forms for buying selling leasing properties in the state of California to add a form into a transaction Simply click on the form from this list and it adds it into the transaction Most of us when we start a transaction only need about what two or three forms to get started do I want to go through? 329 forms just for two or three forms no I Need to find those forms super quickly and easily well How we do this is at the very top at the very top underneath where it says form says search for form name or description Here if I click in the box I can say type in the form number like our, PA The moment I type in our PA the forms list starts to automatically show you or give you all the forms that have either our PA as part of the number or part of the title of the form Once I find the form that I need I click on it and add it now if I don’t know the form number But I know part of the form name Like oh, I don’t know disclosure Now all the forms the sorts to give me every form that has the word disclosure as part of the title again simply click on the form that you need and Add it to the transaction once you’ve added the forms into your transaction very quickly and easily Close out by clicking on the red X or clicking on the white box outside and now I can click on the form and Begin to edit the terms of the agreement now Before we go into this Let’s go over a couple of your extra tools here super quickly right away on our Menu choices over to the far left we can assign documents This is how we begin to digitally sign our documents either using DocuSign or digital ink from our earlier session? Share the share button allows you to give access into the transaction for someone to view save and print documents from within the transaction so if you have PDF documents or or PDF files within the transaction you could actually share those with other people like Another agent or your TC or your assistant or your lender your title your escrow your broker whoever? You’re not limited. Just give them access to view save and print the necessary documents They need to continue with this transaction MLS Connect as I was talking about earlier MLS connects is a great tool for you to import MLS listing data directly onto your contracts. How we do that We simply click on the MLS connect button When we do that it defaults us to our MLS system For all see our MLS users. This is a free tool offer to you by CA are We come down below We now need to select the property type because when we type in the MLS number if the MLS number When we go to find it doesn’t match the property type, it’s not going to find the listing in the MLS So if we’re representing a lease our land Lot or a mobile home click on the down arrow and select the appropriate property Type then once you do that come over to the MLS listing ID number and now type in the MLS number w17 one seven eight Zero eight one as an example by the way I can’t include the primary listing photo on my agreement or on my transaction Don’t worry. This is not being advertised So I’m not using another agents photo without their permission because this is between me and my client So this photo doesn’t go out anywhere other than me and my client At this point now when I click find Zip forms will now connect up to see our MLS and hopefully knock on wood we find the listing just like so Now when I hit save I am now imported the MLS Information onto my contracts so when I go into a contract as an example the cover sheet We can scroll down on the cover sheet by the way cover sheets got my client information First name last name email address of my clients As an example, but now go down to page two So here we come down below. There’s the property information all right here, so as a matter of fact we’ll probably get even more information than we normally would have in typing up the contracts like MLS number APN number maybe the list price list date what the property includes and excludes if it’s been typed in on the listing Along with me putting up my offer. We scroll down a little bit further and Here, we’ve got the listing brokerage information all nice and neatly typed in for us So this is a great and easy tool for us to import our Information onto our contracts besides MLS connect as I mentioned earlier. We can have PDF files Added into this transaction so in this case. I’ve got a represent a buyer We’re writing up a purchase agreement There are other documents my buyer needs to give to me for me to submit a formal Formal offer to the listing agent like proof of funds or money deposit check Bank statement letter from their lender saying what they’re approved for and maybe a letter from their parents saying that they’re a great buyer Right got about five or six different documents well With you a documents button I can click on add a document browse my computer for that document or That document maybe and Now when I say ok a copy from my computer has now been uploaded as part of the transaction if you upload a PDF document Into the transaction you can also get it digitally signed You can just all you have to do is just place the dot place the areas on this document for the signer to sign That’s all you got to do so this is great for buyers buying agents. This is great for selling agent or listing agents, so Maybe I’m the listing agent Maybe we go in and we add the offers in our transaction now if we’re adding in documents we need to keep them organized this is where the add folder feature comes in click on add a folder and now we Just name a folder Client stuff Now when I say okay a folder is created now I need to get this document into that folder simply hover over top of the document Click and hold it with my mouse drag it over top of the folder and let go now I’ve moved that document into this folder Okay So this is a way of keeping everything organized so maybe in this case I represent my buyer I had a folder called client stuff or client docked then I go into that folder added their documents that way or maybe I represent the seller and Now I get offers from other agents I’ll create multiple folders offer one offer to offer three offer four and each and every one of those folders will have the individual offers for that From that buying agent, so this is a great tool these two are great tools for you to add in foreign documents All right, let’s go into a form going into a form very simply we click on the form that we want to modify and edit From here. We’ve got several other tools that we can work with again. We’ve got a sign towards the left We’ve got MLS connect to add in documents the other one that we want to do is fast fill Love fast fill what fast fill does oh? And I notice here that there’s the Save button Save button will appear anytime you modify anything in the con in the contract this used to be all the way over to the far Far right, but they just moved this the other day, and I want to say they moved it yesterday So you got your manual Save button? okay, so we modify something in the contract we can manually hit the save or If I change something in the contract, and I forget to hit save the moment I go into a different document You’ll notice that it automatically saved my work, so You’ve got the autosave which saves every 15 minutes, and now you’ve got a manual save and now you’ve got an autosave Fast film love fast film what fast well does is it takes out all this pre-written legal text and leaves in only the blank lines of the Contract so if I know the contract like the back of my hand and I want to out super quickly Click on fast ville take out all that pre-written legal text and now we can just fill it in from top to bottom Just like so Ok so it’s a great and easy tool To fill out your forms super quickly ok Na, this is a great tool you fill in your contracts say We fill here the offer But do we fill in every line on this purchase agreement probably not, right Most of agents that I know will leave a lot of this blank to protect you and your client after you fill in what you need to fill in on the contract and Instead of leaving all these extra lines of text blank Na allows you to fill in what what is called not applicable on all these blank lines How we do that very simply click on na fill? Say apply na and now anywhere that there can be typed text is automatically filled in with na so after we type up what we need to on the document we come over to na fill and fill out the rest of the document so that every line of text that Doesn’t have RT text in it is now filled in with not applicable so now someone can’t try to commit fraud against you and your client at any given time you can rewrite over an Individual line just simply click on the individual line and manually take out and retype in what you need But in very few cases where you might have to re-type over the contract entirely Instead of you going through every line taking out na instead click on the NI fill again And now hit remove and that removes out all the instances of Na on this form So it’s a great Protective tool or preventative tool from having somebody write something in without you knowing it ok Preview the document has PDF Spellcheck that’s an important one now Highlight love highlight what the highlight does it highlights the pre-written legal text so if you need someone to really pay attention To make sure that they read something in the forum before they sign it because it’s a term that still needs to be they go Sheeted you can highlight it now not everybody likes yellow, so click on the color select the color that you like From here we highlight or highlight over the area and now click highlight again And now you’ve highlighted the text now I can email this document out as a PDF to my client or to my broker Please read this sections that are highlighted Let me know if you have any questions because we may have to write something else or different in the terms Now they can read it Broker answers my question now what I need to do is remove the highlight before we sign How we do that select the color that we’re about to remove We highlight over the area click highlight again And that removes it automatically because I call this a drafting tool Most people’s printers are black and white even on that light pink color This would would show up as jet black so in a way it will black out those areas of the forum Now the last thing you as an agent would want is to have a client sign a form with areas of the form blacked out That will not make for pleasant conversation between you and your broker Even on a color printer as an example this light pink Actually on a color printer hides all the black lettering as well, so it’s like blacking it out So I would say before you print it to get it signed Remove all the highlight areas in your contract that way It’s a crisp clean easy to read contract after you print it all right one last button that we’ll go over today Photos love the photos tool the photos tool allows you to upload photos to your contracts This is a great tool for Forms such as the avid for those of you who don’t know what an avid stands for it stands for the agent visual inspection disclosure Basically, this is your form that you need in order to walk around and visually inspect the defects of the property doesn’t mean that you have to get in the attic or get underneath the house not that you have to get on the house yet here in California, but You have to walk around the house and notice any visual problem now The one thing that I always hear From agents is well We have to be careful of what we say on the avid you’re absolutely right you can’t say What type of stains on the carpet or what type of cracks are in the wall right? Can’t say that’s a big crack small crack, or a medium sized crack all you can say is that there’s a crack but because you have your phones with you at all times take a picture of it take that photo put it onto your computer and From there you’re gonna upload it as part of your contract so as an example Here, I’ve opened up an avid and maybe as I’m filling out the avid I’m gonna make a note here on the entry that the rain gutters Don’t seem to drain anywhere Now I know most of you most of you agents saw something like this You would probably think I was a crazy person right. What do you mean the rain gutters don’t drain anywhere? They got a drain somewhere, right? That’s why they’re on the house. You would think but because I took a picture of that rain gutter at the entry I’m gonna now come over to the photos tool I’m going to click on attach a photo and now I’m gonna browse my computer for that photo Once I find that photo I’m now going to describe the photo It’s important that you describe it because you’re gonna have things linked up here so rain gutters Above entry now when I say okay a Copy from the computer has now been uploaded and made as a reference on the contract now. I can click on the reference Drag it to where it needs to go and let go Maybe I make another note that maybe in the dining room the there is floor damage near the sliding glass door Again browse my photos Attach find that photo and describe it floor near sliding glass Door in dining area And again when I say okay? The reference is added to the top of the document I grab it move it and it now becomes number photo number two I Am not limited to the amount of photos that I add, but what happens is that when I either print or email as a PDF or send it out for digital signatures these photos will be added as extra pages after the last page of the document So when a client goes to digitally sign this or print to sign this? This is what they’ll see? Here as the PDF document They see page one of the Avid looks pretty normal to me, but when we get down to page two Here at the entry rain gutters don’t seem to drain anywhere there’s reference to photo one for damage near the sliding glass door reference to photo to photo three photo four photo 75 photo 375 if you wanted after you get past the last page of the agreement as you see here there will be an extra page Added automatically on that extra page you notice that there’s reference to photo 1 and Now there is a photo of the rain gutters above the entry that don’t seem to drain anywhere So now when you see something like this you can now take a picture of it and disclose it Or as we go down a little bit further There’s another page photo – there’s the floor to image near the sliding glass door in the dining area Don’t know what type of damage It is but now I have properly disclosed it to my client for them to maybe Evaluate and maybe think about doing an extra inspection are there any questions on this That looked pretty neat I will say that besides the avid this photo feature is probably good for two other forms the other form That I think this is super good for is the RR the repair request? You put together your repair request after an inspection What’s part of your inspection the inspection report? What’s in the inspection report the photos ask your inspector to email you a copy of the photos that way when you’re putting the repair together and you’re making references to what line items in the inspection report That your client once repaired you can now attach a photo next to that line item in the repair request now in a way You’ve helped the listing agent in the seller not have to look at a separate document To see what it is that needs to be repaired It’s all right there in front of them The third form that this is super good for besides the avid and the RR the memo the move in move out inspection Basically you do a MIMO with a brand new tenant you now take photos so now that An attached to the MIMO the tenant signs off now you got it before of what the property looks like as they move in Now when they go to move the ten that goes to move out you go around with your brand new MIMO you take brand new Photos of the current conditions as they move out now There’s a before and after No longer can the tenant say nope this was always like this when I moved in you can now show them Visually on the memo that they’ve signed by the way, and I’m going to show you this really cool I’m going to preview this document one more time on those photos that you uploaded to the contract There’s a date and time stamp of when you uploaded it to the contract so hopefully when they sign off on this The dates and the time that they sign off Match up. This is another reason. Why we also described the photo so that you can so You know how everything combines together are there any questions on this all right? Let’s show you one last thing and I’ll let you guys go and that is digitally signing contracts Today what we’re going to do because this is an intro class is we’re going to show you how to set up Contracts to be digitally signed to email a signer the request to sign the document so today is all about the beginning of doing that Very simply as I mentioned earlier you have choices between two you have DocuSign digital ink DocuSign is a third-party vendor that third-party vendor if you go to DocuSign com sure let’s Russ sure I can go over what a template alright, let’s go over a template quick a Template just so you know a template is a base a way of Setting up forms that you constantly use for multiple transactions a template will save you anywhere from 15 or 20 minutes per transaction Basically a template or set of forms that you constantly use for multiple transactions But instead of going in to a transaction where you grab blank forms and fill out everything from scratch in a template on Those forms you can have some generic information generic information for that type of client would probably be your name your company your caviar a license and of course some basic generic terms that you always try to negotiate for And again a template will save you anywhere from fifteen or twenty minutes per transaction How we create a template in zip forms we come over to the templates list? when I click on to the templates tab here’s a list of all my created templates but if you don’t have any templates not a problem this will be blank to create a template come over to the top left corner here and click on new Like creating a new transaction you’re going to name it what type of template Would you like to create listing for sale offer for sale offer? For a tenant or a new lease for a landlord maybe I want to create a new template for a buyer I Click on new offer now. We’re going to name it, but we’re not going to name it client or Property specific we’re going to name it something client generic and what I mean by that Because we’re creating a buyer’s template. Maybe I called the template buyer or purchase or standard sale purchase maybe I go as far as creating an REO to purchase template or a Short sale purchase template if I’m creating a listing template Maybe I call it listing or seller or standard sale purchase or short sale purchase or REO purchase whatever you need So in this case I’m going to name my template Then choose the template type Now by the way Where it says the auto apply you’re going to leave it at do not automatically apply this template reason Why is that you want to be fully in charge of what templates that you’ve created? Get applied to what transactions here, you’ve got two other choices to automatically apply this template to every purchase But not maybe not every purchase of the standard sale purchase may be ones in REO or a probate you’re going to use different forms and Of course most importantly you don’t want to automatically apply this template to every transaction because what happens if you’re representing a settler you’re not going to want your buyers template added or your buyers contracts added to a seller simple a Seller’s transaction right so leave it at do not automatically apply Once you name it choose a property type and the auto apply as none, or do not hit save now Just like with a transaction we go and grab the necessary forms that we need for this template Those of you who are working at companies that give you a list of forms required for every transaction Use this search bar and grab the necessary forms for this transit for this template Things like that Now once you add in those forms now Click on the forms and type in your generic terms Again, you’re not going to work be worried about Adding in a client’s name or property address, but you will add in your information Write your company your name Maybe your copy or license number your email address things like that Okay Maybe we go into these forms and we type in our generic terms right our generic terms being oh, I don’t know How many days s shoot for do you shoot for 30-day escrow? Do you shoot for 45-day escrow do you? for 365 day escrow who pays for what buyer-seller right is this alone and things like that add those things in Now once you’re done Adding in your generic terms onto this template now we’re ready to apply that template to a transaction so now when we go to create a new transaction and We name it And choose the transaction type will now get a selection here called select a template Click on the down arrow and now grab the template that you need Now when I hit save all those generic terms and all those forms are now added to this transaction So now what do I need to do in this transaction? I need to type in the specifics of the transaction the specifics being at this point Client information property information maybe the offer But you’ll notice that some of this other information is already filled in Maybe I go into the form and instead of maybe a 30-day escrow they want it 45 or maybe instead of an all cat or a loan they want to offer all cash I Can switch all that around all right, so let’s get back into digital signing as I was mentioning earlier. You have two choices DocuSign digital link DocuSign third-party bender charges you about two hundred and fifty dollars a year for unlimited signing using DocuSign, sorry Digital link because it’s created by zip logics and simple objects create zip forms you can sign unlimited transactions unlimited amount of times for zero cost before you digital and We are going to go over really quickly how to set up documents to be set out for digital signing using digital ink Reason why I like digital ink one of the many reasons why I like digital ink besides it being free it is very user friendly just like DocuSign you’re going to hear a lot from a lot of other agents that DocuSign is the end all and be all have digital signing And that was probably true about eight nine years ago because was not very user-friendly And it was definitely not very customer friendly today. That is not the case both systems are very easy to use So it just really comes down to personal preference, okay? and of course if you’re like me you’re probably also on a tight budget and I’d like to show you your free stuff where you can when you can because when you’re on a tight budget You want to take advantage of your free stuff where you can when you can so? With that said before we do any digital signing whether it’s stock you sign a digital Inc Make sure that all parties involved in the transaction are ok with accepting digitally signed documents Double check with your vendors like your title your escrow your lenders make sure that they are ok with accepting digitally signed documents also Double-check with your clients not every client is a technically advanced or technically tech-savvy client So your clients may not want to do digital signatures ok doesn’t mean that we don’t want to work with them Just means that we have to figure out other ways of getting their names on the contracts One big indicator that they’re probably not going to be tech savvy is if they don’t have an email address I’ve heard that many a time can I send this out to my clients for digital signing if they don’t have an email address and The answer to that is no they have to have at least an email address They don’t know how to use email you probably don’t want them to digitally sign the contract now besides you and your clutter Besides your vendors and your clients Great opportunity to talk to the other agent on the other side of the transaction a quick simple yes-no. Do you accept digitally signed contracts? Hopefully they’ve already double checked with all their vendors. They’ll tell you a quick yes or no if they do or don’t So find that out ahead of time But today in the perfect world we’re going to digitally sign contracts How we do that very simply? be in the transaction When we’re in the transaction move your mouse to where it says e sign by the way everybody can practice this today all You need to do create a transaction call it test Grab at least one form on that form you Must at least have a signers name and a property address to do what we’re about to do From here when you click on e sign After you save your work This will take you to all your digital signing history for this transaction. Well. This is a brand new transaction There is no previous history here, so the only choice. I I have available is Create a new signature packet when I click click create a new signature packet the signing service is defaulted for me as Digital link if you’re a DocuSign user and you selected DocuSign as your default choice You’re signing service will say DocuSign from here We’re going to come down below and choose or select the documents from our transaction that we wish to sign So click on the document From there when we click on the d icon we’re going to now select. What forms or Documents whether it’s a PDF document or a contract itself To be digitally signed when I select the document I hit close Here are the documents. I’ve selected. I’m now going to come over to the top right and click Next Now I need to select my signers select the parties come over to the left hand side click on the little blue icon with the person with the plus sign and From here when I click on that I’m now going to go with the transactional parties The transaction parties are the people’s that are typed in on the contract you and your clients I? select I now select the signers That are going to sign now This is what I love about the cover sheet if you have the cover sheet page one of the cover sheet requires at least a first name last name and email address You don’t have to fill in everything else on page one But at least your clients first name last name in their email address if you fill it out there Not only is our name filled out on every contract their first name and last name but when you go to digitally sign the first name last name and email address will automatically be filled in if You do not use a cover sheet in their transaction Then only the first name and last name will be a we will be filled in here Before you can select that person you then need to click the email section to type in their email address now If you’re up at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, which I know some of you in this room are Do you want to be typing anything extra at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning probably not? Type it on the cover sheet that way you don’t have to worry about doing it later on with all three elements here, we can now select that signer to sign as We select the signers you’ll notice that in the background this puts in an order of selection This order of selection indicates the order in which the email goes out in know At this point I’ve selected me and my signers like hit close Now I can switch the order if I need to right now. I’ve got Donny being first meaning that they will get the email request first to sign before number 2 and number 3 Number 3 will not get the documents until number 1 and number 2 if sign completed and reviewed the documents Now if I’ve talked to Don and I’ve talked to Ivanka and Ivanka says hey I can get to these documents in five minutes whereas my husband Don won’t get to these documents until 11 or 10 Or 11 or 12 tonight do I want Don to be first or second? I probably want him to be second how I can switch the order simply hover over top of the signer click on the four-way arrow just like so and drag it above or Below and let go now. We’ve just switched the order of Ivanka and Don now Some of you in this room want to send it out to everyone all at once you can do that as well simply click on the number click on the little arrows next to the number and now you can make everyone number one That means that everyone will get an email request at the same time to sign the documents now I typically don’t like this especially if we’ve got signers at one email address Sometimes spouses the older older couples only have one email address amongst the both of them This is where we need to be careful to make sure that we leave it in the order because you don’t want that one Spouse signing as the other by mistake fortunately in the state of California Without a formal power of attorney Spouses are not allowed to sign for each other So it’s important that you leave it in the order especially if they are at one email address So in this case Don and Ivanka are at one email address They do not have a formal power of attorney so what I need to do is put them in order so in this case I’m now going to leave them in the order indicating Who’s signing first second and third okay Now at this point and I’m going to take the listing agent out by mistake, I meant to choose myself At this point after I switched the order around. I’m now going to hit next Now in digital link it asks. You. Would you like to add in some cybersecurity? now this will be the only time digital link ever charges you and that’s typically five dollars per signer for the transaction and Actually, it looks like they updated this to be unlimited signers for are only five dollars per transaction so that’s not too bad so in this case ten dollars for them to digitally sign the documents from this day forward, but I Can tell you nine times out of ten you will not need to add this in certain special cases like re o–‘s or short sales sometimes the lenders require special verification, but with all the Regular transactions that you’re probably going to be dealing with Nine times out of ten with all the tracking software that Digital link already does all You will need to do is just hit. No. Thanks a lot of times your lender Will tell you if you need to do the special verification in This case because we don’t have to add in the special added cybersecurity We go to the most important step stage three making sure that our documents have everything to do for our signers Meaning my signers have something to do in every document for them to sign an initial now here are the pros and cons of what? I like and dislike about digital ink first thing that I like about digital Ink is that the form takes up the full size of the screen It’s easier for us to read and go through but what I dislike about digital Ink is that when I get down to the bottom of the RPA in this exam I’m down at the bottom of the first form of the forum itself Unlike digital or DocuSign if I get down to the bottom of this forum the other forum automatically uploads And then the next and the next and the next so it’s easier for me to look at the forms very quickly from start to finish I Have to come back up to the top and click on the down arrow next to the document just switch in between my documents but About 90% of the forms in zip forms already have the digital areas already placed So it’s really easy for me to tell in digital ink What areas already exists in the form so I don’t have to necessarily scroll through the form and that is done with This box over here to the left this big giant blue box When I look at the big blue, box. I’m gonna look for the far left here, and I get to see What signers already have what tasks that are? Pre-existing in the form that I’m looking at so I see here in the RPA that Don Trump or Donny Trump already has the sign sign sign initial initial initial initial initial sign initial sign fields already placed Same thing with buyer to to verify that if I wanted to scroll right down And I see this is where Don and the Vanka are going to be signing Already they haven’t signed it yet because I haven’t sent it But at least I get to see where they’re already signing so what I like about digital link is that I can quickly and easily Go through my forms like that PDF Document I see here that when I go to this Document that I see immediately that buyer 1 and buyer 2 and nothing underneath or in between That means that this document has nothing to do for either one of my clients So what do I need to do I can scroll down on the document and? Where they need to sign or initial simply select the signer Now I can choose a task by clicking holding down with my mouse and dragging and letting go into position Now I’ve just added a signature area with a date box for buyer one click and move the box select the second signer click drag and place for buyer two Just like so So what I’m going to do here in digital. Ink is go through all my forms that I’m signing this time whether it be two documents one document or 15 documents or in some cases sixty and Make sure that every signer that’s supposed to be signing has at least one task To do in each and every document if you notice here in the PDF file all we needed to do was add in where they need the sign so any listing agents that are here if you get a PDF RPA you can upload that PDF document into your Transaction and now all you need to do is place the initial and signature areas for your sellers on that RPA PDF that way Now once you’ve done that and you hit send The email request will go out to the first signer for them to digitally sign the document Once all signers are done signing their documents You will get an email that says The documents are complete and in that email will be a zipped PDF file of all the signed documents But in zip forms because it likes to keep everything all in one place now within the body of the transaction itself within the first 30 seconds of the last signer signing the contract a folder is automatically created that says signed documents or Digital ink signatures completed on and then the date and in that folder will be they signed PDF files are there any questions on this well, if I haven’t overwhelmed anybody which is a good thing Let me give you my information again. I want to thank everybody for attending today’s webinar Sorry, we went over by a few minutes here, but here’s my information you can feel free to email me anytime my email is Toni at okar org or Feel free to give me a call at nine four nine five eight six sixty eight hundred extension 1:04 I hope everybody got to enjoy today’s webinar, and I guess I will talk to you guys soon

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