Oceanfront Home – San Antonio Del Mar – Rosarito Beach Real Estate by Kanoa, Aury & Ron

Oceanfront Home – San Antonio Del Mar – Rosarito Beach Real Estate by Kanoa, Aury & Ron

hi everybody this is Ron with
baja123 in sunny Rosarito beach mexico and this is Auri
and we’re very excited to share with you this brand new listing of a beautiful
home in San Antonio del Mar hello Ron and Auri how are you guys doing we’re great thank
you well I appreciate coming in talking
about your brand new listings in San Antonio Del Mar
I really love San Antonio Del Mar tell us a little bit about the
neighborhood well the neighborhood is a very high-end
neighborhood the nice thing about this neighborhood is mature its established
very close to the US borders but it also has different things that make it
attractive such as restaurants parks but the one thing that makes it a
differentiator is pristine beach access it has not very many places have its own
driveway that you can stroll down to the beach and bring the toys to it does have
an amazing Beach it’s got work most beautiful beaches in our area but you’re
so mentioning the restaurants do so people that actually live in this
community can have access to the restaurants right from their house they
can probably even get delivery from that you know it’s not only deep restaurants
which is also got dry cleaners you’ve got spas in some community it isn’t
unless everything you might need schools are nearby and everything else you need
the preferred community by a lot of Americans tennis courts pools parks I
see all that with it has all that available as well so it’s a really
beautiful like there’s a mature community so going to tell us a little
bit about the listing what’s going on with the listening to disco well the
nice thing about this listing is that its first of all so in front but not
just that it’s got its own private sandy beach access which not too many places
have in addition to that it’s a very nice-sized place 4,300 square feet over
4,000 square meters and construction so very large home right on the ocean and
one of the things I know right now is there’s not a lot of oceanfront
properties available so this is one of the few building from properties that’s
available in our area not only that but it’s very exquisitely done I mean it has
the touches and Spanish Hacienda style but not overdone it’s very high-end
minimal touches that make it unique and classy
excellent once again to support 300 square foot and how many bedrooms are
going about it it’s got three beds in the main home it’s also built for
single-story living so you’ve got one large schedule in the upstairs and then
off the main home you have a small casita
that you can as a potential income property or just
book for your family when they come over and you have extra beds for them to be
lounging I think that single-story living is important we’re getting a lot
of clients right now that really need that single-story living type home some
people will actually use those second third bedrooms that there are stairs for
people that are coming over but they don’t want to be climbing a lot of
stairs all right but to see that it’s also a nice feature it has everything
you’ll need from a guest health complete rest room a kitchen and a studio type
bedroom so it’s a very nice feature too and you also walk into that home you can
just see those amazing views going back to your point on in the story living
you’ve got not only the bedroom you’ve also got a very grand large kitchen that
has beautiful ocean views but they also lead off to the huge Terrace II that’s
right off the ocean and to have the single sort of living the plus the nice
view that you can enjoy it just makes it priceless well it’s an absolutely
beautiful listen I’m really excited to be promoting this is there anything else
you’d like to say about it well yeah we’d like to say that this isn’t going
to be on the market for long especially as the prices listed for so if this is
something that you’ve been waiting for as an opportunity you really should make
some time to come in check on it today very difficult to find a home under the
five hundred thousand each front in the condition that this home is in so I
highly recommend if you’re looking for an oceanfront home in the Rosarita Beach
area you get a hold of our analogy and schedule of showing thank you guys very
much for coming and talking to us thank you
thanks I’m really

3 thoughts on “Oceanfront Home – San Antonio Del Mar – Rosarito Beach Real Estate by Kanoa, Aury & Ron

  1. Alguien quiere comprar esta bella casa?? Someone wants to buy this beautiful home????

  2. hi Ron what is the price now at the house on Arrecefi, te last house we looked at

  3. I don't think that the HOA in SADM is very effective. I have seen a lot of violations from the home owners not keeping they property up to snuff. Just look at the picture of the tennis court! Not even painted.

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