Oceanfront Home – Real Mediterraneo #55 $545K – Rosarito Beach Real Estate with Kanoa & Ron Giron

Oceanfront Home – Real Mediterraneo #55 $545K – Rosarito Beach Real Estate with Kanoa & Ron Giron

Good morning, everybody! This is Kanoa
with Baja123.com Rosarito Beach Real Estate. This morning I’m sitting here with Ron Girón, Ron we asked you to come in here and talk to us
about this listing you’ve got in Real Mediterráneo and we’d like to say it’s on
the north side of Rosarito, it’s actually in Tijuana but we say it’s
in the Rosarito Beach area because it is along the coast, it’s a great development, tell us a little
bit about the listing. – Yeah, good morning, everybody! The listing we have in Real Mediterráneo is a very incredible place, you’ve got a lot of lavish finishes in the house itself, overall, it’s got a great location
because you’re sitting roughly about 10 minutes away from the US border and you
are also about five minutes away from Zona Río and five minutes north of
Rosarito Beach. – So, Ron the location is important,
that the distance you’re saying right now to the border, so for people that want to cross a lot, this is a great development that they
can get right from the toll road over to the San Diego borter and would you say
10 of 15 minutes, right? – Exactly – And so, but they also can get to
Rosarito Downtown or Rosarito in about the same amount of time, so, for those people that are going to be
looking to use all the benefits and features of Rosarito Beach as well as
maybe Tijuana or San Diego, this is a prime spot on the coast. –
Location, location, location! – That’s right! – Yeah! – Is this furnished? I’m
looking at the photos right now, is it a furnished unit? – It’s a
beautifully furnished unit, it’s a 3 bed 3 1/2 bath, two story, oceanfront home, there’s nothing in front
of it other than the small trail that leads down to the amenities but you’ve
got a beautiful view of the Coronado Islands, the furnishings are very upscale,
you could tell throughout the home, that they didn’t cut
any corners in and what they want to put on it, in addition to that, you’ve got something
that’s very unique with the stainless steel handrails that are inside the home
and that’s something that they put in there to prevent the rust and decay that
can happen, of having an ocean home, so this is something that
will last long. – Which we know that if you don’t build right down here, that’s all there, you know, with all the metal. – Absolutely! – So, tell us a little bit about the size of the house. – Yeah, it’s a little over 2,500 square-foot
home, sitting on a little more than 2,800 square foot size lot, the home overall
is a two-story, three-bedroom, three and a half bathroom, with each of the bedrooms
downstairs having their own and sweet, we’ve also got a nice living area
towards the front of the home to get a nice balcony that you can really take
advantage of it, put umbrellas in and you know, enjoy a nice sitting area to watch
sunsets or you could go downstairs and you’ve got about 200 square feet or so
of nice little green area, that you can enjoy from the outside of your two
master bedrooms. – It looks like, you know, is a really open, very bright, nice big
rooms that are really impressive with this listing, let’s talk a little bit about Real
Mediterráneo and the community. – Yeah, you’ve got a development that will only
have 83 homes, so, you don’t get too many people that
will be clustering the amenities, you will have a nice oceanfront pool, you’ve got a smaller gym area and you’ve
got a big area that you can use for receptions, whether you want to enjoy
your kids birthday parties or just have friends over. – Like a Club House. – Like a small Club House yes, exactly. – And the access to the beach? –
It’s got access straight off from the homes,
each home has its own trail that leads down to the main access point of the
ocean and the trail goes down to a small slope where you can even take down, you
know, your cars if you wanted to take down a boat, jetski, it’s got a small cove that
will make it very private as a result. – And this cove is the Real Mediterráneo cove, it’s kind, is what I notice, it’s like it gives you the private beach for its own community right there. – It really does, you’ve got other people who kind of will go off in the other areas but they don’t come over in between those two big bluffs. – One of the things I noticed, what you don’t always see a lot
of down here, is when you drive into the communities it’s got a really big white streets and I really appreciate, you know, being able to drive in and not have like
the cars all that are parked on both sides and not being able to get through,
they really, the developer thought it out, the streets are really wide, it’s
really easy to drive around, it’s got a really calm feeling to the development,
it’s really peaceful, I was really impressed with what they have over there. – Yeah, very massive streets. Another good
thing is all the electricity and everything is built underground, so it
doesn’t, anybody who is on a back road doesn’t have any obstructed views
because of that. Another great thing is that because
you’re so close to the US border, when you think about crossing that toll road,
you enjoy the discount fifty percent discount for anybody that’s going to be
you know having to cross and show residency there and in the future, they
hopefully that will get knocked off for everybody who is living in the area. – One of the things that I’ve had people
say to me before, is you have like almost a double security because you’ve
got the garden gate, you’ve got the gate that people have to drive through but the
other thing is the only way to access these properties is from the toll road, so
they have to be on the toll road to get to this property. – That’s right and you brought up a good point too, you
have 24-hour gated security and that’s something always adds value
to your properties and it gives you that peace of mind knowing that all the
lavish finishes that you are going to have in your home also will be taken care of. – So, Ron we know that the way titles are held on here is important, tell us a
little bit about the title of this property. – Absolutely, this home is owned through a
Mexican Escritura and all the taxes are paid on a yearly basis, everything is up
to date with what it needs to be and it’s ready to transfer over to a new
owner. – So, the Escritura basically, for the
people that don’t know, it’s how held is like a fee simple title like we are used to
in US but if a foreigner wants to come in, we can put a banktrust on that property
or for Mexican buyer wants it we can just transfer the Escritura to them, correct? – Exactly. – Excellent! If you want more information
about this listing, we put a link below with our contact information and a link to
our website. If you like this video give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our
Channel. This is Kanoa with Baja123.com Rosarito Beach Real Estate. –
And this is Ron with Baja123.com

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  1. That's expensive and like you said,It's not even in Rosarito.It's near Rosarito.You can find a lot cheaper places in Rosarito for around $200 thousand.

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