Oceanfront Development – Plaza del Mar – Rosarito Beach Real Estate by Kanoa

Oceanfront Development – Plaza del Mar – Rosarito Beach Real Estate by Kanoa

Hello everybody! This Is Kanoa
with Baja123.com in beautiful Rosarito Beach, Mexico. I’m sitting here
this morning with Scott Weier, I wanted to bring him in to talk to you today
about Plaza del Mar and his new listing development he’s got and I want him to tell us a little bit about it. – Yes, we
picked it up last September – October, don’t remember the exact date, it’s been very very
good for us, we’ve sold 15 properties in there so far, mostly lots, a couple of homes
the development itself I think speaks for itself if you see it, it’s nicely
located you know, some people think it’s a little
too remote and each person has their own view point of everything, but to me it’s just far enough away from Rosarito and Ensenada
to have some peace and quiet, tranquility you are close enough, you know 20 minutes you’re back to either place or
even out to the Valle de Guadalupe, so location is very nice. Really close to a lot of restaurants
like La Fonda, Poco Cielo, it’s within a mile of those areas and just a phenomenal beach in front of it, which most people that
are coming down because they want to be on the beach. – I’m looking at the views right now, it is
just amazing, it’s got a sandy beach and I’m looking at the homes that are
there, they’re really nice upcoming community. – -Yes, you know back to what you made the comment on the homes, the homes are all newer, the development itself is about 10
years old, when they started it so, obviously, nothing is outdated fifty
years old like you’re getting some of the communities. and they have certain
restrictions on what you can build, so it’s going to keep it very nice and
fresh for long time. – Can you tell us a little bit about the amenities? – The amenities obviously
have a great beach in front of it from where you can walk about two miles, you can walk to La Fonda, Poco Cielo,
or most different restaurants from it, the other part is a clubhouse, they have
squash courts and all things, in the bottom of it, I don’t know if anybody else
that has it down here, so if you are into squash it is just for you, has a weight room in it, the pool area up above, everybody kind of loose it up
and has an easy walk into, it is really beautiful actually, with the nice wet bar, some
seating around it, part of it it’s covered, the other part is not, nice grill area, a little
shower up there, and an infinity pool that swims out on the third level so the views up there are incredible, it’s a really nice place to entertain, it’ll be a great place to have a small way for that matter, and then there’s another viewing deck
even up higher from so, all together, you have a very nice facility. – Just so everyone understands
you have the whole development, so there it is not just one property in there,
you’ve got lots where people are building on, right? – Yes, and you know we can put together
customed homes, we have investors that are building spec homes, so if you want
something of that nature it can be put together for you to see and don’t have the headache of building, because it can be a headache, especially down here.- Why would people want to go in there and buy a lot
rather than going to find something else right now, that is already built?- Well, one reason right now is there
really isn’t too much inventory out there to find anything that’s built, that would
even meet what you’re looking for, the second thing would be, location
location location! And as you drive up and down the coast, there aren’t that many
properties that have a beach like this one, that have the facilities with the
utilities buried, nice wide streets, in a just a beautiful landscaped development,
when you go south to Rosarito there’s only four areas, five if you count Las Gaviotas that
you would want to be in, two of them have title issues, this one doesn’t and Punta Piedra
doesn’t, I think the advantage of Plaza del Mar
over Punta Piedra is it’s got nice look to the land so all the views are going to be decent, where Punta Piedra is very flat, so if you are not oceanfront your views are limited, and then the HOA is 150 when you have a
house built and 55 without a house, Punta Piedra is 250 with house and you know, each people
choose to decide accordingly but at the end of the day when you are factoring all
the different things like this, Plaza del Mar is the best option around. – You mentioned something at the beginning about the distance, you know I come from Los
Angeles, everything’s an hour away so how is this compared to getting from San
Diego to or from the border and to the development. – We make an interesting point because we tend to
you know, when we’re driving the 20 minutes and we’re flying down the toll road at
seventy miles an hour, we think it’s a long ways away but you get into San
Diego and sometimes it can take you twenty minutes to go a block because of
the traffic or even on the toll road, you know there is traffic coming in and out, in the
states this makes it very difficult to get anywhere so it’s really not that bad,
it’s a very peaceful drive but we do have to mentally put it in to relationship, you
knowm that it is a quick drive and you’re going seventeen, eighteen miles versus a block in the same 20 minutes. – You know
I’ve noticed that you’ve been having some success right now I think you’ve
sold, How many? 15 yes. – Two houses and 13
lots. – Well, I think it makes people comfortable, it’s a good product, people are coming in ,they’re seeing it, they are excited about it, and they are buying it. – Yeah, I think it is priced very well, that is about the only
thing to add to it, the lots are bigger, another thing with Punta Piedra and Plaza del Mar both have big lots. they are more expensive than maybe some of
the other ones, where you don’t get title and that’s part of the reason too, and the
other thing is, the size of the lots within, you can actually have a yard, there’s a lot of places where
you don’t have a yard, your property is all house and that’s it, so when
you start factoring the cost per meter square, its price very very well. –
This is a gated community, right? – It’s a gated community, has very good security,
you know, even from beach access, it’s really, it’s on the end of the beach, and the north end of the property is cliff
and you can’t go any further, and they do have only one real access to the beach and they keep
it locked, you get a key or call the guard to get you in to the beach easy.- What about if somebody did like
want to come down there, they saw the lot, they are going yeah, this is what I want to do, what next? what do they do next? Do you help them with the building of it? – Yes, we can put the whole package
together again, either you know, investor doing it, obviously they would want to
make some money off of it, but it also makes it easier because you don’t have
the headaches, especially if you’re living in LA or San Francisco or Minnesota or something that nature, just
can’t get down here to oversee it a little bit or we can hook you up with the builders direct and they
can communicate with you and save a little money and do it, but either way, you can build in a
lot of equity because the other part of buying a lot and building it versus buying something already built, already built is,
depending, is 30 to 50% more expensive than if we bought a lot and build somewhere, so there are a lot of incentives to do it, you get the house you
want, you get it for less money, you get the location you want, it’s pretty good
opportunity.- Well, I ‘m sure people are going to have more questions, I am going to put your contact information down
below so they can get a hold of you, set an appointment to come in and take a look.
Thank you very much for spending this time with us. Thank you for watching, if you want more
information about this listing, we’ll put a link below with our contact information
and a link to our website, if you like this video give us a thumbs up and
subscribe to our channel, have a great day everybody! – Thank you.

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