Oceanfront Condo at Calafia #506 T3 – $284k – Rosarito Beach Real Estate by Kanoa and Zinnia

Oceanfront Condo at Calafia #506 T3 – $284k – Rosarito Beach Real Estate by Kanoa and Zinnia

Hello everybody this is Kanoa with Baja123.com Rosarito Beach Real Estate. Today I’m sitting here with Zinnia Quezada and we’re
going to talk about her listing in the Calafia towers, good morning Zinnia.- Hi good
morning Kanoa. – So, I’m looking at the photos obviously, this is an oceanfront
development, you want to tell us a little bit about it?- Absolutely, I would like to
start with the location of Calafia, because it is just ideal, it is only 30 minutes from the
border, so it’s an easy drive, it’s located only a few minutes from downtown Rosarito,
that is from the shoppings, the restaurants, and all the night
entertainment, it’s a very easy commute and it’s very accessible. – So, tell us a little bit about the
amenities in the development.- Kanoa, the amenities are the one thing that separates this development from the
others, Calafia offers more amenities for the price than
any other community of its size. It has two oceanfront pools, it has a steam room, a sauna, a Gym, it has
a walkway throughout the whole development and 24 hours security. Its
grounds are really beautiful.- What about the access to the ocean, Does it have direct access to the beach, doesn’t it?- It does, I will say
that, it does have a sandy beach on the north side of the development, that builds
up during the summer, it is not there throughout the winter but is definitely
there through the summer.- Excellent, what about the unit itself?- This is an oceanfront unit, it has a three bedroom,
two full baths and it has a lot of square footage. If you’re looking for square
footage, this is the unit. Price per square foot, you won’t beat it, it
has granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, high ceilings, a fireplace and
it comes completely furnished and it is very nicely furnished by the way.
This unit has ocean views from the master bedroom, from the kitchen, from the
living room, the dining room, it’s got really really phenomenal ocean views. This unit
has an open floor plan, not only it has an open floor plan but the bedrooms are
very large, there are unlike any of the other developments, you will not find
another development with the second and the third bedroom being just as large as the
master bedroom, also they all have natural lighting coming into them, all the
bedrooms, all the areas have natural light coming into the unit, which like I said, it is
very unlikely that you will find one of this.- So, tell us a little bit about the HOA.- The HOA is a
170 dollars, that includes your water bill. -With 24
hours security, correct?- Definitely, it has a 24 hours security. The security in the development is really good, I mean
they will not be able to get through to those doors unless you are being expected.- So, how’s the title held for this property?-
It has a bank trust, so it is clean title, it’s ready to move in and the owners are
just ready to move in themselves, so it’s a unit that was custom built for
them to live on, so, it is very well built and very
well furnished.- Excellent, well I really appreciate you coming here and talking to us about this listing. I ‘m going to put your contact
information below, so, if anybody wants to schedule a showing with you or has more questions about this listing they can contact you. Thank you very much
everybody and thank you Zinnia for being here. If you want more information about this
listing, we’ll put a link below with our contact information and a link to our website.
If you like this video, give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. Thank you
everybody, this is Kanoa with Baja123.com Rosarito Real Estate.- This is Zinnia from Baja123.com

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  1. i woulld love tho live here in 1 year frrom now

  2. How much do the 2 bedrooms go for? I rather buy something with an ocean view than a little shithole in LA county.

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