Ocean View Home – Baja del Mar – Rosarito Real Estate by Zinnia Quezada

Ocean View Home – Baja del Mar – Rosarito Real Estate by Zinnia Quezada

hello this is Zinnia from baja123.com
today I want to talk to you about a very impressive custom home in the oceanfront
community of Baja Larry Myers in Rosarito this is a gated community has
security 24/7 has a sandy beach for miles and miles
you are probably about 60 steps from the doorway of this home to the actual sand
it is also by where the pabellon is where the movie theater and the WalMart
in the Home Depot are so it’s very well located as far as only a few minutes
from the downtown to Rosarito and all the restaurants and the rest of the
nightlife or 15 minutes from the US border I’ll start with one very
well-built structurally you can see it in the spaces in all of the natural
light that comes through in the very high ceilings with all different shapes
the wide hallways the curves on that staircase is just gorgeous it’s over
5,000 square feet it has four bedrooms three full baths in two half baths in a
two-car garage with a ton of storage space not to say that it has balconies
on the front and in the back and a garden on the back as well the home is
just beautiful all around 3 I would say the master bedroom it is a three story
home so when you are on level 3 and you open those word custom french doors that
open into this huge master bedroom where you on your left can see the fireplace
and then your right you know the set for the bed and so on but in the front you
have from wall to wall from floor to ceiling windows and it is not a straight
wall but it’s a half a curve like sort of like a moon wall so you really do get
those 180 panoramic ocean views it’s just gorgeous not to mention the walk-in
closet in the master bath with a large jacuzzi tub as you’re stepping
down into the second level you will be captivated by the open floor plan the
high ceilings and of course the panoramic ocean view that you get from
those windows again and the views are just outstanding because you have them
from the kitchen from the dining room from the living room not to mention the
oversized terrace there are many many other details at the home I didn’t even
get into the kitchen their granite countertops or the
cabinets which you open and they slide right out or the $10,000 purification
water system in the garage or the osmosis system and I can go on and on
but the last thing I do want to share is that for a home with this quality that
it’s over 5,000 square feet for 429,000 we’re talking about $85 per square foot
and that’s a hell of an opportunity please do not hesitate to contact us
either me or one of our team members here at Baja one two three four showing
of this home thank you very much and have a wonderful day

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  1. how much for this house

  2. do u guys have any loser to ensenada…malecon. mira mar .other locals around the areaaa

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