No Jumping Full Body FAT BURN Workout | 10 Min Beginner & Apartment Friendly Routine

No Jumping Full Body FAT BURN Workout | 10 Min Beginner & Apartment Friendly Routine

hey everyone welcome back today we have a quick 10 minutes workout. There’s no jumping involved, it is great for a quick
easy morning routine and also it is perfect if you’re not looking for
something not too extreme. It is a great one to do before your ab workout just to
help you to get your heart rate up. I haven’t worked out in the month and this
was such a fun one to film. I had such a great workout, I feel so good after, so
yeah don’t forget to smash that like button, smash it, subscribe and let’s jump
straight into it. We’ve got 12 exercises today 40 seconds on and 5 seconds off.
Pretty straightforward guys let’s start with inchworm and shoulder tap. Make sure you tighten that core as you walk your way down to a high plank and tap your
shoulders with your opposite hand. This is a really good first exercise to warm
up your body and you don’t have to tap your shoulders when you’re up, that’s
just me and my wonderful coordination next we’ll have lunge taps. Go as fast as
you can watch your form and engage that core next we have no jumps skater. Feel free to
add a little hop if you want more intensity, but I’m totally fine to keep it
slow and steady today Leg extension and knee up is next. It’s
pretty similar to a single leg RDL, make sure you go slow when you’re doing your
first one so get your movement down and not lose your balance. Push your hips
back and have a slight bend on your knee as you are lowering down. Make sure your
core is engage, and your back is straight don’t arch your back or round it back now on to the other side next we have knee walk squat. Get on your
knees and then on to a squat position you can fold your fitness map for more
cushion for your knees. Don’t injure your knee guys. Also I like to alternate my legs when I’m
getting up up and down planks are next. If this is too
intense but you feel free to do it with your knees on the ground instead do a push-up followed by two knee tucks
while squeezing your abs. Again if you can’t do a push-up all good to have your
knees on the ground. I have to have my knees on the ground too since I haven’t
worked out in a while I’m still feeling a little weak from my herbal medication
so I gotta take this slow. flip around onto your back as bicycle
crunches are next. Just six more exercises to go guys. Make sure you
squeeze those abs! reverse plank leg lifts are nex.t
You’re going to feel this on your arms your back your abs and your legs. Make
sure you use your core to pull out your body. Make sure your butt does not drop
down too much keep pulling up with your abs and feel
that burn guys, keep pushing you can do it Now lay on your back as we’ve got
reverse crunch variation next. Lay your hands next to your hips for support
and use your core muscles to lift your hips off the ground. This is absolutely
great for your lower abs Crab toe touches are next. Just do them
nice and slow if you are starting to feel tired we are almost there guys next we have glute bridges. Thrust those
hips into the air! just keep THRUSTING! and our final exercises is plie. Have your
feet really wide apart and pointing outwards like so and lower down your
hips. This works the inner thighs and yeah let’s wrap this up guys, let’s do this! and that’s the workout! great job
everyone do smash the like button and leave a
comment down below so this video can reach more people who need it! thanks so
much for watching guys and I’ll see you in the next workout

100 thoughts on “No Jumping Full Body FAT BURN Workout | 10 Min Beginner & Apartment Friendly Routine

  1. OMG My first workout in over a month! My body is still not 100%. I still have some bad days so i'm not doing any super intense workouts yet. I do have more programs coming soon so stay tuned!!! Please let me know if you have any video requests! Love you guys! 😘

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