New York City – Video tour of a furnished apartment on Park Avenue South (Midtown East, Manhattan)

New York City – Video tour of a furnished apartment on Park Avenue South (Midtown East, Manhattan)

New York Habitat Video Visit – Furnished Apartment Park Ave South and 25th St – Midtown East – Manhattan, NY Hello and welcome to another New York Habitat furnished apartment video tour. Today we’re going to give you a tour of a fantastic 1 bedroom furnished apartment at Park Avenue South and 25th Street in Midtown East, Manhattan, New York. This apartment is located on the 4th floor of a building equipped with an intercom buzzer at the entrance and an elevator. The apartment is air-conditioned and has ceiling fans. Wireless internet and a stereo system are also available in the apartment. If you’re a feline lover, you’re in luck. There is a cat living in this apartment that will need to be fed twice a day. The living room is spacious and has 2 large windows overlooking the street. It’s furnished with a large sofa and a coffee table. Facing the sofa there is a book shelf. You’ll find books, magazines, recommendations of local restaurants and neighborhood tips provided by the owner. Next to book shelf, there is a table with a chair and a computer where you can watch DVDS. There is a piano and art work on the walls, giving this apartment a unique style. The modern kitchen is fully equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave, a stove, a coffee maker, a toaster, and even a dishwasher. There are plenty of dishes, glassware, pots and pans, and utensils. You’ll also find a dining table with chairs and a washer and dryer, located in the kitchen area. Off the kitchen, you’ll find the stylish bathroom with a spacious shower. You’ll find a large counter, a sink and a mirror. Being a furnished apartment, towels are provided. The bedroom is furnished with a king sized bed flanked by reading lamps. You’ll find more decorative art on the walls and 2 large windows, allowing natural light into the room. There is a dresser, a table with a chair and closet space for your belongings. This 1 bedroom furnished apartment is in Midtown East, a great neighborhood in Manhattan with many attractions. You’ll find many restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping stores and convenient subway connections throughout the area. Just one block away from the apartment, you’ll find Madison Square Park. A great place to relax and people watch. From the park you can see the iconic Flatiron Building, located on 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue. One of the main attractions in this area is Macy’s department store, which occupies a full city block from Broadway to 7th Avenue. With its multiple floors, Macy’s sells everything from clothing, to furniture, to electronics. Don’t forget to visit our website at where you’ll find more great furnished apartments not only in Midtown East but all over Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Booking a furnished apartment with New York Habitat is the best way to experience this amazing city like a true New Yorker. Well, that’s a wrap of our New York Habitat furnished apartment video tour today. Why not book a furnished apartment with New York Habitat for your next trip to New York. We hope to see you soon living like a local in the Big Apple.

43 thoughts on “New York City – Video tour of a furnished apartment on Park Avenue South (Midtown East, Manhattan)

  1. how much would an apartment like this cost per month?

  2. @rtp4527 Thank you for your interest in New York Habitat!
    Apartment prices in New York vary a lot depending on the neighborhood, the size of the apartment, the amenities included…
    To get the price of this apartment, click on the link in the description just below the video; and you will get additional pictures, a map and the price of this 1-bedroom apartment in Midtown East. You'll also find links to similar apartments at the bottom.

    Thank you 🙂

  3. 🙂 You don't rent the cat, it just stays in the apartment while you rent it

  4. wtf a cat 

  5. The cat is the gift of the flat? haha

  6. Some random cat just stays with you while you live there.. WTF

  7. too bad im allergic to cats

  8. Why is the apartment in NYC so goddamn expansive

  9. Im laughing so much cause of that cat hhahahahaha. All the comments about the cat hahhahaha…" You dont rent the cat" hahhahahahahhaha obviosuly not hahahhaha

  10. "People watch"…..

  11. good video, but better rent in new jersey twice is much place for same money..

  12. Complete with your own cat lol. The apartment is beautiful, thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. And how much it will cost ?

  14. Is 25th really considered mid town, I'd definitely consider that lower Manhattan

  15. Seriously there is a cat that comes with the place… 😀

  16. too much overpriced

  17. you'll find .. you'll find .. you'll find

  18. and might I add beautifully hidden cameras in every corner😕😅

  19. How much will I have to pay to not have the cat?

  20. it comes with its own books? NY truly is that liberal?

  21. That's a beautiful city

  22. Wow you´ll find books on the book shelf!

  23. Dream apartment.

  24. This is a sublet right?

  25. Oh yes, with bed bugs.

  26. Is there really a cat there?

  27. So that cat is at the mercy of whoever rents the apartment? Suppose someone who likes to abuse animals stays there?

  28. Forgot to mention HOW MUCH you annoying little shit??? Would it be cheaper without the cat, I could just shoot the fucker, (messy). I could just toss it out and tell the owner it ran away away, went bye bye, whatever…
    Fuck it the apartment wasn't that great anyway, why would I want someone else's shitty books, crappy art and tasteless furniture???


  30. you don't give a price !

  31. the real estate barons are converting many office buidings to overpriced apartments. also demolishing beautiful pre-war buildings to build boring glass buildings

  32. I'll rent it & pay a $150.00 a week & that better be utilities inclued or $100.00 a week & I pay my own utilities .

  33. and the rent is 6oo a month

  34. The price? If you have to ask, you can't afford it. Sign here. Once you've been approved, we'll add the price to the document you've just signed.

  35. I would love to take care of that cat.

  36. Fully furnished, fuzz therapy included!

  37. How much? 20k per month?

  38. These real state jiants destroying pre WW2 buildings and making boring apartment

  39. I wasn't really sure at first but when you threw in the cat with the deal that was it, you got me. Wait right there, let me find checkbook.

  40. That's so funny! Apartment rental, cat included.

  41. Is this apartment still for rent by the day?

  42. why would anyone want to leave this place???………love it

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