New Rates Of Property Tax Implemented | Property Tax Increased | English Subtitles

New Rates Of Property Tax Implemented | Property Tax Increased | English Subtitles

Assalam O Alikum Friends! Welcome to Choti C Talk. FBR has changed the tax rate on property In the Finance Bill 2019. Earlier, The property value was raised Beginning with 18 cities. Now the tax rate has been Implemented in accordance with The new property valuation Starting July 1st, 2019. You probably heard on some channels That there is a good news For property business That tax rates have been reduced. I request you to watch the video till end And decide yourself, whether The tax rates are reduced or Raised instead. Let’s begin with capital Gain Tax. To understand what is capital gain, Assume that you bought a property For Rs 1000000 and then sold For Rs 1200000. The gain of Rs 200000 Is called Capital Gain. Tax is charged on this gain. In the old system, You had to pay 10% of capital gain If you sold your property In the first year of purchase, 7.5% in the second year, And 5% in the third year. There was no capital gain tax, If you sold your property After 3 years. In the new system, The capital gain will be added In your total taxable income Like your income from salary or business And the normal tax rates Will be applied. FBR states the reason behind this As to introduce Equal taxation And to avoid tax evasion. Now for the constructed property, If it is sold within 1st year Of purchase, The full amount of Capital Gain Will be added in the Taxable income. If property is sold between 1 to 5 years Of purchase, 75% of Capital Gain Will be added to taxable income. No capital gain will be added If property is sold after 5 years. In case of a Plot, Full capital gain will be added To taxable income If sold within 1st year of purchase, 75% of Capital Gain If sold within 1 to 10 years of purchase, And no capital gain Will be Added If sold after 10 years. Simply, If you buy a plot, You have to pay capital gain tax, If you sell it within 10 years of purchase. Previously, It was a 3 years threshold. If you used to sell your property After 3 years, No capital gain tax was charged. You can understand now That the time period for Charging capital gain tax has increased. So now you will pay tax On your capital gain For upto 10 years of purchase As compare to 3 years In the old system. Let’s talk about Withholding Tax. In old calculations, Seller used to pay 2% Of the recorded sale value if He sold his property Within 3 years of purchase. Now the rate is reduced To 1%, But time period has increased To 5 years. So now if you sell your property Within 5 years of purchase, You have to pay 1% withholding tax On the recorded value. Again, The rate is reduced, But the period for calculation Of Withholding tax Has been increased From 3 to 5 years. As for Buyer, The withholding tax rate is also reduced to 1%. But there is a catch. There was no withholding tax If the purchasing amount was Less than Rs 4 Million. You only had to pay withholding tax If you bought a property worth of 4 Million or above. Now the tax rate Is reduced From 2 to 1%. But you have to pay Withholding tax Irrespective of the purchasing amount. So if you buy a property For Rs 1200000, You will pay Rs 12000 As a withholdign tax At the time of purchase. Now let’s take a look On the total taxes payable At the time of purchase. There are two provincial taxes At the time of purchase, 2% Capital Value Tax And 3% Stamp Duty. Now add 1% withholding tax, The total tax payable upfront Will be 6% of the FBR value. In the example, For the purchase of Rs 1200000, The total tax amount, That used to be Rs 60000, Now after adding 1% withholding tax, The tax amount will be Rs 72000. I hope you can Figure out now The story behind The reduced tax rates. No doubt WHT is reduced to 1%. And for those Who will buy a property Worth of 4 Million and above, The total tax will be 6% Instead of 7%. But for the one, Who is purchasing a property For less than Rs 4 MIllion, The total tax rate will be 6% Instead of 5%. Remember that, Withholding tax is like An advance tax Or a tax withheld, And it is adjustable With other payable taxes. In other words, The withholding tax will be credited In the total tax amount When you will file your return. Though you will be credited But you have to pay it At the time of purchase. That wasn’t the case In the old system. But now it is implemented. Note that there is no diffrentiation Of Filer and Non-Filer In the new tax rates. Both have to pay 1%. That’s because of new rules. The purchasing ban on Non-Filers is removed But they have to File Their tax return Within 45 days of purchase. So if you are a Non-filer, And purchase a property Eventually, you have to become a Filer. That’s why the rate of Witholding tax is kept At 1% because There is no difference Regarding Filer And Non-Filer. Please keep in mind that Now you can buy A property with cash for upto Rs 5 Million only. If you purchase a property For more than Rs 5 Million, You will have to pay via Crossed cheque or a bank draft. In other words, There must be A bank to bank transfer. Failure to do so Will result in a penalty. And a fine equal to 5% of the market value Of property will be imposed. So that’s all the story About the so called “Good News” Of reduced tax rates. You can easily understand that You will have to pay More tax when you combine it with the provincial taxes. In my personal opinion, The tax rate for the buyer Should not exceed 2% Especially when you have raised The property value for tax calculation Closer to the market value. The total tax payable should be 2%. 1% for FBR and 1% for the Province. For the tax calculation, You can charge it On the market value But it any case, The rate shouldn’t exceed 2%. On the other hand, The government should take Strict action against The unreported transactions And take necessary measures To document The property business. As for the Withholding tax on seller, It should be withdrawn. There should be No tax related restriction On the seller based On the time period. Its should be seller’s choice. Whenever he wants to sell His property, He should be free to do so. As for the Capital Gain Tax, It should be imposed on seller, Either as a percentage, Or by including it In the taxable income. But either way, The Capital Gain Tax should only be imposed If the Seller doesn’t reinvest The money in property Or in any other business In the given Tax year. In short, the seller Should be encouraged To reinvest his money In property or any other business In the same tax year To avoid the Capital gain tax. So guys, that’s my opinion About the taxation on property. It’s quite obvious that The new rates will increase The total amount of tax For both buyer and seller. And it won’t be a good sign For already suffering Real Estate sector. So the tax rates On the provincial level Should be reduced To let the Real Estate industry To thrive. Its my opinion by the way, And you have right to differ. And If you have yours, Please express it in the comments. Like and Subscribe to Choti C Talk. Take care and Allah Hafiz

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