New Lenox IL Real Estate (2019)

New Lenox IL Real Estate (2019)

Today I’m talking about New Lenox
Illinois real estate. Let’s get started! I know what you’re thinking BORING! But
this is information that you need to know, so stay tuned! If this is your first
time visiting my channel, my name is Kerri Jonikas and i’m a Realtor in
Chicago’s southwest suburbs. Please consider hitting the subscribe button
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post. I post new videos every Monday and I wouldn’t want you to miss out. First
let’s talk about what’s going on in the market right now. There are a hundred and
eight active listings on the market right now. This is single-family homes,
not townhomes, not condos, this is strictly single-family homes. There are
nine listings that have taken a price change, and 54 listings are currently
under contract. That is a lot of properties that are currently under
contract, right? So what does that tell me? That tells me that the market is hot! It
is only March first and we already have 54 properties currently under contract.
What does this tell me? This tells me buyers you better be prepared. You better
have your pre-approval in hand and be ready in this market because that means
that the sellers are going to get lots of offers from the buyers and the buyer
that is most prepared most likely is going to win over the one that is not
prepared. Let’s back it up a little bit shall we? Let’s look at 2018. In 2018
there were 454 homes that sold in New Lenox Illinois. Let’s talk about the
average sales price in 2017. In 2017 the average sales price was $286,358. In 2018
the average sales price was $299,844. It’s a little over a 4.6 percent increase in
our sales price. Now let’s take a look at the lowest price sales in 2018 in New
Lenox Illinois. 815 South Prairie
sold for $74,500. 930 South Cedar Road
sold for$84,500 . That one was a foreclosure. Then
727 Ogden Road sold for $88,750. Now let’s take a
look at the highest price sales in 2018 in New Lenox Illinois.14242
Summerfeld Drive sold $599,00. 531
Chatfield Road sold for $660,000. 1172
Georgio’s way sold for $725,000. I hope this
information was helpful for you. If you can please give it a thumbs up and don’t
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