NEVER TOO SMALL ep.11 27m2 Tiny Apartment Design – Elizabeth Bay

NEVER TOO SMALL ep.11 27m2 Tiny Apartment Design – Elizabeth Bay

The biggest feature of this apartment isn’t anything architectural it’s actually the outlook or the view onto Rushcutters bay So the apartment was built in the 1960s designed by Harry Seidler. Been used as a Navy quarters for at least the last 30 years it’s been used as a residential building The apartments 27 square meters we relocated the kitchen what’s now become the living space and put bedroom at the back so you have a separate sleeping area which had windows and allowed for cross ventilation to occur The living space has been designed to be as big open and simple and clean as possible. That can then be filled with the individuals lives whoever’s living in the apartment. And that kind of gives that its life gives it colors gives it warmth. I mean that’s about giving it longevity The material palette of the kitchen was selected to really make the space feel as light and bright and open as possible the mirror kind of reflects the view and brings out the color extends all the way up to the ceiling. The entry space we doubled it up as a little study space with a desk that folds up and you can look out over the kitchen also when the desk is away there’s the opportunity to pull down a folddown ironing board So the bathroom what we ended up doing to kind of enhance that feeling of space is use these really large format tile which the whole bathroom almost has no joints in it. Using this large format tile like a marble look we created this strong sense of luxury and we’ve incorporated a laundry in it. So in the bedroom below the bed there’s storage drawers, above the bed there’s kind of all your wardrobe. From sitting on the bed you can kind of look out past the kind of the kitchen living space to the view. That view the outlook kind of the almost full height windows really helps the space feel a lot bigger than it is a lot less restrictive it’s almost like being outside when you’re inside

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  1. I honestly think that the old layout would have worked better. The living space could be used as a bedroom as well and it could have like a decent sized couch or sectional sofa. And the new Bedroom area is really small I feel like there is no place to stand around the bed.. But the apartment looks sick the view is awesome and that bathroom seems really lux and clean.

  2. I genuinely LOVE this. I've always wanted a tiny house and recently stayed in a one bedroom apartment to dogsit for a coworker and even her space felt too big for me. If the closet in my current room was a bathroom and my desk was a stovetop oven, I'd be in heaven. This would be a dream for me.

  3. Very nice

  4. stunning

  5. amazing channel. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Def my favourite so far. Love the living room window – just needs some plants and I'd be happy.

  7. This is my dream apartment. The layout is just perfect.

  8. anyone like me don’t like kitchen without window?

  9. Let me guess, it costs more than a normal house.

  10. This is twice as big as my apartment in Paris yall… it's huge!

  11. View is beautiful. I installed a sink to ceiling mirror in my bathroom but it would get dirty easily from water splash. Cooking with oil might be a little messy but using stainless steel pots instead of pans could reduce splatter.

  12. As well designed as it could be expect for the bedroom wardrobe which is just impractical and the living room space. There so much space there being wasted in an already small apartment. Looks unfinished. Idk. At least put a drying rack there or sth.

  13. Nice house want one

  14. This isn't tiny…

  15. I'm living in a 29m2 apartment, and my house layout is much more functional. The inside of my front door has a long, sleek mirror on it, which creates the illusion of more spaciousness. One side of the front door facilitates a coat rack and shoes on the floor. Directly across it is my electrical oven and ceramic cooker. Next to the oven in the corner is where my vacuum cleaner and garbage can are hidden from the walkway. My kitchen counter has more than enough working space, even though my microwave, kettle and coffee machine are on it as well. Next to the kitchen counter is my fridge, right across my 160 cm wide bed that has two big storage drawers. Bordering the fridge is my 154 cm wide wardrobe, which houses 26 clothing hangers, 4 drawers, 2 robust shelves and 2 separated bottom spaces above the drawers. Then there's the dining corner, in front of the radiator. My 118 cm long table serves as both a dining table and a desk for my laptop. It's big enough for four people to sit at, and I can easily move around 3 sides of it. In the remaining corner of my living room is my TV cabinet. It's tilted, so it only minimally takes away window space and at the same time makes actually watching tv feel a little more homy. Separating my bed with the back of my four-seater sofa tightly against the side, not only gives my bed more privacy, but also maximizes my living room space. There's still room enough for my Ikea Sandared pouffe, a coffee table on wheels, an aroma diffuser and multiple houseplants. Of course I'm utilizing the wall space through decoration and wall shelves. Below my sink in the bathroom is a cabinet that hides my spare shower gel, toothpaste, shampoo, cleaning products and what you have. The washing machine sits next to the toilet, with the laundry basket and ironing board across it. Above the washing machine and toilet is a huge wall shelf, that serves as extra storage for my iron, toolkit and storage boxes. So even though I can store anything I want, it never looks crowded in my house. When decorating a small living space, you should think as multifunctional as possible, whenever you purchase some furniture.

  16. that is small !! wow

  17. Brilliant

  18. the series of never too small episodes and the chill outro in each episode…. love it

  19. Its cute and cozy buz has no personality it needs plants for sure 😊

  20. Feels more like a jail cell with a view.

  21. Basicamente un mono aca en bsas

  22. Breathtaking

  23. Eu amei o banheiro, muito pratico com a maquina de lavar.

  24. that might be the most beautiful view i've ever seen

  25. Love this design. All one needs in their life and can be adapted to car port/garage design. I would only want the bed to be higher and not built into the wall or with built in cabinetry.

  26. It makes me want to know the in-depth details of this apartment. Is it possible to know how they did it?

  27. Can see my head getting knocked out by the cupboards above the bed everyday trying to sit up on the bed….Huge design flaw! Can't even sit and read in bed without stiffing 5 pillows in there

  28. Why do people love to make the shelves above their head while they’re sleeping? It “feels” too heavy.

    The apartment still is my top fav.

  29. I would really like that apartment. The one change: I'd swap out the windows there for one large window. I think that would look nicer.

  30. It would be nice to know that your video or channel is sponsored, and not just hide it from your viewers.

  31. amazing

  32. What a view!!

  33. Hit my head getting up each morning

  34. Never too small,my motto😀

  35. Never too small of place to just end it all.

  36. is all of this practical though. its like a phase, a fad.,..reminds me of that song about cubicles up in the sky or something (some Australian Country singer)… in reality people are messy, this seems so unrealistic unless ur an obsessive-compulsive type. i've lived in a confined space and although it was livable alone, u could never have a partner in such a confined space.

  37. não amei

  38. I am a minimalist but this is fucking depressing. Sure, you do not need space AROUND the bed when you are in it, or around the table when you are sitting at it… but still

  39. I may have done bunk beds or pull-down bed to get in a full size wardrobe. But still pretty

  40. it's all about that giant window. everything else is not really special in my opinion

  41. Sure looks expensive.

  42. The living room leaves a lot to be desired. There's spartan and then there's spartan.

  43. Awesome place !!!

  44. My dream apartment!!!!

  45. I love this apartment!! I always learn a lot from this videos like using large tiles to improve the feeling of quality, or the full panoramic window which opens up the space so much… People like to complain a lot. Small apartments are full of charm and they challenge your creativity because you've got to get the most from each square meter. This is a small place that has certain features that make it a pleasurable space, and cleaning must be very easy too… but people love being in gigantic houses that require maintenance and an army to keep clean, plus utilities are higher , so stop bragging, nobody is trying to convince you to move into a small house or apartment, this is for people like me.

  46. Beautiful

  47. I would want that view from my bed.

  48. Both beautiful and dull 😬

  49. Hello, I am going to college and really confused about choosing between interior design and architecture. I've searched on the internet about the difference about them but still got not much idea. Can you help me figure out which type of person is more suitable for each career? Thanks.
    And iam not native in english so my comment may seem unnatural :")

  50. Love, love, love, love, love this place.

  51. the view of this property is amazing, unfortunately this layout makes the space feel small. i wouldn't put bathroom and kitchen in the center of the room

  52. good idea

  53. The voice tone and temperament felt painful and I caught depression from it

  54. Great job! I'm sure I still could never afford it, but it looks a thousand times more livable compared to the before pics. The washer sold it for me.

  55. so spacious! I wish I lived there :o)

  56. Nice job. I know those apartments. It does look better but only downside is the bedroom doesnt have much of an outlook but thats only a small price to pay for the redesign which works very well

  57. Lovely place , the only thing I don't like is the closets above the bed

  58. The lonely seat is depressing tho.

  59. Good design and good use of a small space.

  60. Bathroom & bedroom looks nice but the kitchen feels like it could've been more innovative & had a different layout, its simplicity makes it less appealing imo

  61. Ok, this is a student dorm room with a exceptional view!

  62. Without the big window and the view, would be awful.

  63. This guy is a true minimalist

  64. Would have been smart if the bed was elevated until the window to get a nice view and use the space under it for storage

  65. It's not that small.

  66. Never too long videos showing never too small homes.

  67. Omg that's the kind of house I would love to own. Small, modern and minimalistic 😍

  68. I live in a 15 m2 room isk what you talking about

  69. I wish there were more Japanese apartments with this sort of tech in the bathrooms and bedrooms. The price of apartments of this size is far lower (for example, $650–$800 USD per month) and quickly double in price just to get a more modern toilet and sink. I wonder how much this place would cost to rent. Probably $1800 a month if we’re being realistic.


  71. love it

  72. Mirror next to cooking hob… Hmmm

  73. Didn’t like this one. What a waste of a great view

  74. Thoughtful minimalist. Framework for looking around you. Lovely.

  75. That wardrobe over the bed gave me anxiety. Imagine waking up in the morning and hitting your head at it.
    Otherwise great design.

  76. Looks kinda much smaller than 27. I wonder if it’s because living room is unfinished

  77. Hello Mr. bay. Your name is so feminine.

  78. I would love so much to live in a house like that one day! 😁

  79. I require at least a sofa!

  80. But sometimes people own stuff.

  81. It's not home it's hotel

  82. Love it. The view is like a painting.

  83. Ridiculous design. White walls, no curtains, no light control, one uncomfortable cheap chair and table. No one could living In such a place, not even a minimalist.

  84. The window needs to extend to the ceiling. Otherwise it makes me feel like I'm in a prison cell.

  85. great shagpad

  86. If only it had a little balcony it would be perfect!

  87. Couldn't the sink in the bathroom be larger…?

  88. Imagine that you wake up from the bed and your head hit that wood box

  89. Empty small apartment always look good

  90. Killer view. I feel like the wardrobe space can be better though. Perhaps a futon bed so that closet/ wardrobe can be more easily expanded and accessible. Just did for thought

  91. how to shit with that toilet bowl?

  92. Amazing space, I love this unit so much.


  94. 2 windows ..

  95. This one's by far the best I've seen in this channel. The window is just insane.

  96. Hate mirrors! And not sure how you 'make up' a bed that is against the wall? You have to be on it while you put the sheets on?? I need a bed I can walk around! I will take the view though.

  97. There’s too many chairs

  98. It's easy to step out of that thin line between "Minimalism" and a "Boring" Design…

  99. By US standards…that would be a walk-in…closet….with a nice view.

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