Networking Tips For Introverts | How to Succeed in Real Estate as an Introvert

Networking Tips For Introverts  | How to Succeed in Real Estate as an Introvert

As you know, networking is essential in
this business and life in general, so keep watching and I’ll share tips with you on
how to crush it at networking. Hey guys, welcome to my channel if you’re new
welcome back if you’re true. I’m Dara, real estate investor, entrepreneur, and
consultant out of Atlanta, Georgia. And I am gonna dive right into the meat of
this video, sharing with you five tips on how you can crush it at networking in
this real estate business and just any other networking opportunity you come
across. Before I get into the video, make sure you hit that subscribe button, click on that bell so that you can get notified every single time I upload, and
watch all the way to the end to get all of my tips and even a bonus tip. Tip number five on how to crush it at networking whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, outgoing, shy, whatever the case is is to have an objective. Before you go into a meeting or a networking event you want to have an objective. For instance, if I was to go to a networking event for real estate investors, maybe my objective is to find my next private lender. Maybe my objective is to find a cash buyer for
this wholesale deal that I have. Maybe my objective is to find a realtor who will
run comps for me whatever the case is you want to go into a meeting with a(n) end
goal in mind. What is the objective of me– what is the purpose, what is the point of
me going to this meeting? So that when you go there you have a target and once
you leave you can assess whether or not that meeting was worth it as far as what
you wanted to get out of it. Tip number four is to come prepared. What’s that saying? “Prior proper preparation prevents piss-poor performance.” There you go. So you want to come prepared. What does that mean? If you’re in the real estate business–which is what this video is pertaining to–but really any industry,
you have to come with your business cards. So if you don’t have business cards, you need to invest in getting business cards. If you click on this card here, you can watch my video on how I designed my business cards for free using Microsoft Word so there is no excuse, get you some
business cards. So come prepared with your business cards and your elevator
pitch: your twenty-second-or-less introduction of who you are, what you do,
what you’re looking for, whatever value you bring to the atmosphere. And if it’s
a real estate networking event or meeting where you have to come and
present or, again, if your objective was to find a cash buyer for one of your
deals, come prepared with flyers and details–as many details as possible–
about that deal. So if you have a property to sell, it’s best to have
tangible flyers with the address pictures, bed/bath count, price, scope of work, ARV, things like that and so when you pass it out the people, they have that to
take away and that is how you need to come prepared. Come prepared with your
phone charged, come prepared with pens in tow. So because what I like to do is when
I collect people’s business cards, I like to write down where I met them from and
what it is that they do or what they need, what they seek, whatever the case
is, something about them that I will remember is what I like to write on the
back of their card. So you want to make sure that you have your own writing
utensil and not having to borrow somebody else’s. So, be prepared. Tip
number three is for everyone but especially my lovely fellow introverts
out there. Tip number three is to sit back and observe before you approach. Now, again, this video is about networking events in general so that could be an
event with thousands of people in a room hundreds, tens of people in a room, or a
networking event where you have to– each individual has to stand up and speak in
front of everyone and introduce themselves. If it’s a type where everybody introduces who they are and what they do, then that’s more so where you would sit back and observe because, again, you’ve come to this event with your objective in mind. So for instance, if your objective was to find a cash
buyer, private money lender, or realtor, you’re going to pay attention to everyone who speaks and what it is that they do and what they offer. So if somebody is
a real estate agent and that’s what you came looking for, you’re gonna take note of all the agents and you’re gonna prioritize who you’re
going to speak to when it’s time to introduce and network at the networking
event. So, again, just– I like to personally sit
back and observe you know scope out the whole room and
then pinpoint, “Oh yeah I’m gonna talk to him. Oh yep, I gotta get her number.”
So that’s just what I like to do; I like to prioritize who it is that I’m going
to meet which brings me to my next tip. Tip number two: manage your expectations.
When you go to a networking event of course, like I mentioned in tip 5,
you have your objective. So you really want to strive hard to hit that and meet
that objective, hit that goal or whatever. But when I say manage your expectations,
let’s go back to the scenario if it’s a room full of 500 people or so, I personally
never really walk into a networking event with the expectation to meet every
single person in the room because I’ll drive myself crazy. And so when I say
manage your expectations, of course the goal of a networking event is to meet as many
people as possible and build your network, because your network is your
net worth so you definitely want to meet as many people as possible, but there is
a difference between meeting people and engaging in in-depth, long, drawn-out
conversations with people. So of course you have your identifier: your
business card, so if you’ve come with 20 maybe your objective is to get rid of
all your business cards, hand out 20 business cards. So that means that you
are going to meet 20 people. So, just manage your expectations accordingly and
just you do that so that you don’t leave the event beating yourself up for not
having met 500 people in a room. And along with managing your expectations,
another introvert-friendly tip is to manage your time and energy wisely
because an introvert typically gets drained easily
or interactions a lot of human interaction is taxing for us, you know, it
drains our energy. So if you’re at a networking event and you’re spending 30
minutes talking to one person, no matter how interesting that person or that
conversation is, you’re gonna feel drained or I feel drained at least after
long, drawn-out conversations with people. Meaning that after that 30-minute
conversation with Bob, I’m gonna have less energy and less of a desire to go
meet the 30 other people who I said I would give my business cards to or
whatever the number was, whatever my expectation was, spending that time with
one person will make it less likely for me to reach out and meet all these other
people. Now, again, I did mention that there’s a difference between meeting and
introducing yourself to people and engaging with people, so you definitely
want to meet as many people in that room as possible and, for instance, something I
would say to somebody is, “Hey, I’m Dara what is it that you– who are you, what do
you do, how can I help you get what you need or what you want?” and then I also
try to find something in common with that person. And I keep it short a lot of
the time, because once I find maybe something in common or something that
they want and I can truly actually add value and help them or this could be a
mutually beneficial relationship, I’m like, “Okay great.
Do you mind if I follow up with you tomorrow? Do you mind if I give you a
call tomorrow? Do you mind if we schedule a lunch date or a time to go and get coffee?”
Right? So you’re using this networking event to just plant seeds; you’re not
here to cultivate, plant, sew, water and grow a tree, you know? So you don’t want
to spend so much time on just getting to know one person because there’s so many
other people in that room to meet and who need to meet you. And finally, tip
number one is all about your attire and your appearance. So about your attire, you
want it to be properly fitting and appropriate for the occasion. Honestly,
truly a lot of the real estate events and meetings that I attend, I’m pretty casual,
because it doesn’t really call for anything to be dressy. Now if
the event calls for you to be dressy, dress accordingly. But make sure that it’s
something that properly fits you so that you’re comfortable just being you. You’re
comfortable; you’re not having to fidget every two seconds and adjust and pull up
your pants cuz you forgot a belt or fix your bra strap because you ain’t wash the
right bra today. Okay? So wear something that’s properly
fitting, comfortable, and appropriate for the event. And I personally like to wear
things that are attention-grabbing, things that are conversation starters so
a lot of times I have t-shirts that say something, maybe a hoodie that says
something, maybe a jacket or a sweater that says something, a hat that says
something, or a bag that I’m wearing that says something. But essentially, something
in the front of me–a bag that’s to the side of me. Something in the front of me
will say something that would make people stop and be like, “Wait what does
your shirt say?” Or, “Wait what does your hat say?” and then you go from there: “Oh my
shirt says ‘real estate’, it’s the periodic table, and I designed it myself.” And, you
know, and that is a way to differentiate yourself; this is a way to be remember– rememberable? It’s a way to be remembered or memorable. Something that can grab
your attention, a lot of times I wear my my college t-shirt and they’re like, “Oh
did you go to school there?” Another conversation starter, because it’s not
about real estate in that sense so it makes you more of a human and not just a
stuffy business person. Again, I mentioned this shirt that I actually did create
myself, so if you would like one of your own, look down in the description box on
how you can order yours and other t-shirts that I have designed. If you
would like some help on networking, wholesaling, investing, whatever, tips from
me, consultation with me, go ahead and look down in the description box for the
link for that as well. Down there, you’ll also find contracts for real estate
investing, five of them to be exact. And leads. Leads are the number one source,
bloodline for this business so if you are lacking leads, if you
haven’t done a deal yet, then definitely check that out down there in
the description box as well. And if you’re here right now, that means you’re
a real one, you stuck around to the end like I said to get that bonus tip on how
to crush it as a networking crusher. So, bonus tip for you guys is to be yourself.
Just, you know, be yourself. That, I think, needs no explanation, because I can’t sit
here and tell you how to be you and that’s the beauty of you! I can’t tell
you how to be you, only you know how to be yourself. So anyways, I hope this video
with these five tips plus my one bonus tip helped you guys learn how you can
crush it as a networker. I think that you should truly take these steps– these
action steps at your next networking event and definitely let me know about
it and how it goes in the comments below. So if you liked this video, go ahead and
give me a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, and be on
the lookout for more videos of mine. That is all I’ve got for you guys, I’ve
rambled on enough. I love y’all. Appreciate you for watching and I’ll see
you in the next one.

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