NATO summit 2018 | IN 60 SECONDS

NATO summit 2018 | IN 60 SECONDS

During the presidential campaign, Donald
Trump called NATO obsolete. In May, he imposed a tariff on European steel and
aluminum, ostensibly on national security grounds. At the same time, his
administration, like all the previous ones since the end of the Second World
War, remains committed to the defense of Europe. US military deployments in
Eastern Europe have increased in size since Trump’s inauguration, and perhaps
surprisingly, US sanctions against Russia have been stronger than those adopted by
the European Union. As the president is headed to the NATO summit in Brussels on
the 11th and 12th of July, the question is how those two faces of his
administration can be reconciled. There are real and legitimate issues at stake.
A free prosperous and secure Europe is very much in America’s interest, but
the United States cannot care about European security more than Europeans do.
For a long time, US presidents have tried to persuade the Europeans to invest more
into their defense… without success. Maybe Donald Trump’s bluster and abrasive manners
will bring results where diplomacy has failed… but don’t hold your breath. What do you think about the role America has been playing in NATO? Let us know in
your comments. Also, let us know what other topics you’d like our scholars to
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15 thoughts on “NATO summit 2018 | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. first?

  2. Imo he's been pretty clear that he likes the idea of an American led defence of Europe, but dislikes European countries freeloading. Countries that have been making good on their NATO commitments like Poland and Estonia have been met with reciprocal increased military presence by the administration, whereas ones that don't have been shunned.

  3. "The US has decided to leave NATO" I wouldn't be surprised

  4. NATO is obsolete and the US involvement must be reduced. US paying 20% of its cost is unreasonable because the Soviet Union is no more. If the EU can't defend against Russia's 1.3 trillion economy then bye bye EU.

  5. we cant afford to foot the bill anymore. They need to support their own defense.

  6. The cold war is over despite the Democrats attempting to reinvigorate it.

    NATO has served its purpose, the Iron curtain has fallen, its business as usual and NATO should be retired.

  7. This channel does not understand American politics or Trump

  8. I think we need stop supporting them militarily which allows them to spend money on socialist nonsense then tell us how bad our healthcare is. Bring all US troops home now

  9. I think the U.S. should get out of NATO. Except for countries like Poland and Estonia that were duped into joining NATO thinking the organization would protect them from Russian aggression, no one except the U.S. pays their fair share. What's more I don't believe NATO members can be trusted. For example, in 1973 when (then) President Richard Nixon wanted to send military weapons, ammunition, and supplies to Israel immediately after a three pronged attack and invasion from three Arab countries, it was NATO member states that refused to allow American military transport aircraft to refuel in their countries or airspace. No NATO unity there. During the Pan Am airliner terrorist bombing over the Scottish village of Lockerbie, which killed hundreds of Americans, Scots, and other nationals, (then) President Ronald Reagan wanted to send USAF bombers from bases in England for a reprisal attack on Libya who was known to have funded the terrorist. France, a NATO member refused to allow the U.S. planes to fly over their country enroute to Libya. Canada, a NATO member has currently brazenly began at trade war with the U.S. in order to make it's current Prime Minister look tough and gain him some political points. If the U.S. cannot trust it's neighbor in trade or to pay it's fair share of NATO costs, can we trust them in a time of war? The European Union is talking about consolidation of all the member state's militaries. That would make NATO obsolete and redundant anyway. It may be time for the U.S. to get out of NATO and Europe to stand on it's own feet security wise.

  10. fuck you ungrateful european homos. we rather spend 180b at home

  11. would be a good time for Canada to get rid of NORAD

  12. American Enterprise Institute
    Weren't you one of the think tanks that led US and allies into the Irak war?
    So shut the fuck up greedy little suckers!

  13. Germany has f*** us twice in the last two Wars I really was believing that there were allies I tell you what they can stick their nose straight up Russia's ass.

  14. Just add up the money that they USA paid to defend Germany and Europe from a Russian invasion and don't forget to add the interest since 1945!!! You Europeans are cheap fucking assholes and every time you were invaded you scream help America! We have saved your butts from Russian invasion since 1945 and it's you should have some grattitude after rebuilding Europe and your economy! You better be careful or Trump will shut down Europes ecnomy!

  15. Don't hold your breath Lil man, Mr.Trump is a real American, something this world hasn't seen in a long time.

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