N.C. Doctor Sues to Break Up State-enforced Medical Monopoly

N.C. Doctor Sues to Break Up State-enforced Medical Monopoly

My patients were telling me how much they were paying for a CT and MRI. Sometimes four, five, six thousand dollars for a simple CT scan and MRI. That reinforced the idea in my mind that we had to help the community to provide affordable imaging. I have seen the other side of the fence, too, how it feels when you need health care and you don’t have money. I have kept that same passion in my life to help out the community, and in my career of 25 plus years. I’ve tried to help out the people as much as I can.

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  1. Regulator laws are frequently barriers to market, either making the cost of services prohibitive high (thereby requiring another service, insurance, to make sure those artificially high bills are paid) or the cost of opening a business to service that market is too high (caused by high licensing fees and other regulatory requirements). Laissez Faire is the answer, stop using regulation and instead use market forces to set the prices of goods and services.

  2. Why to go Doc.!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. I wish him the best of luck in winning !

  4. Great video! We need more people like him!

  5. Nice to see this kind of rebel push against the deep state

  6. In USA there is no free market anymore. Large corporations bribe whoever is in their way and create barrier of entrance for anybody that is a new player. Example in the food business: hotels, schools, hospitals, airports, jails ALL buy from same corporations that are “approved” by one association. The vendors give back kickbacks to their customers. The chefs see that the corporations prices are 50% higher than local providers and still cannot switch provider because nobody can be approved!!!!! American customers are cash cows! There is no more respect for the patient/customer. Is all about profit

  7. Problem is Americans can't get past their programming! The moment you mention Social Healthcare? They hear Socialism! Mention Community Services? They hear Communism!

  8. It sounds like a protection racket complete with price fixing on sick people. I wish you all the best Dr. Singh and kudos for your efforts 🙂

  9. Dr. Singn–research the effective use of 'commercial lien strategies' and the man, many ways you can use these. Low cost. Effective. Personal. They super-cede modern criminal law. You don't even need an attorney. Game changer.

  10. The worst part of the video was when it said that "competitors" can vote against letting you have it… Big business is literally killing us.

  11. I really hope he is successful!

  12. Human beings die because they can't afford MRIs in the US that cost $99 in Japan

  13. Is it ABSOLUTELY necessary to include insipid music in this video??

  14. Wow..The US is the Land of Stone Age…our Police State requires permits for everything…a monopoly of the rich enforced by force by the state…unbelievable

  15. Why is it expat Indians that are always trying to do the right thing. Where are all the black white and Asia doctors. Oh they are the ones disliking thenvideo.

  16. I never knew that North Carolina was a Soviet state.

  17. This is why HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE is the only way to go. Prevent DIS-ease in the first place

  18. End feudalism. Abolish government licensing and regulation of the economy. Separation of economics and state!

  19. It's called an illegal restraint of trade. The people (not just the companies or authorities) he's challenging should be proscecuted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

  20. In a sense it is a good thing that the people who have outlayed larger amounts of money to purchase machines when they were more expensive in the past should be able to protect their income to some degree. After all, the existing clinics helped the funding and pioneering of the technology by purchasing it when it was in less demand..

  21. The same is true here in Alabama. You must apply for a "certificate of need". The number of hospital beds are regulated here. In most cases, if a facility wants to expand, they must apply for new bed licenses, or purchase unused slots from other hospitals.

  22. Is call capitalism eliminating any future competition

  23. Shalom, and YHVH's blessings. You are facing the swamp that needs to be drained. 'government' steals our freedoms then sells us the permission to be free.

  24. My uncle went through all of cancer diagnosis plus treatment in under 5000 dollars in India.
    How much for round trip to India cost?
    I wonder.
    Edit: he is healthy now since 2 years earlier.

  25. Only in america can you be denied providing life saving equipment to your community but can buy as many guns as you want no questions asked

  26. Narrate your videos ya lazy fucks. I can't listen to full minutes of text. Downvoted!

  27. Isn’t this what the Federal Trade Commission is for?

  28. Go ahead dr singh!!!

  29. What if NO one went to dr's……..what if we ALL just stopped going? Would they sue us to come and get check ups?

  30. Wait, isn't it supposed to be a capitalist system, this isn't a democracy as it is becoming or is an oligarchy.

  31. Your Republican government in action. To hell with the patients and profits profits profits for the corporations who donate back to the Republicans in charge.

  32. Awesome man

  33. Crony capitalism conspiring to keep poor people sick.

  34. If corporationism rules a nation

  35. He'll die by suicide or become a pedophile.

  36. Is there anything ANY government run agency or entity on any level in any country from the from the top legislature to the county trash collectors has ever done right? Just complete @$$holes, incompetence, thievery and corruption everywhere all the time.

  37. You take away these monopolies for medical equipment, and big pharma out of pocket costs should considerably fall at least in theory. It would probably be lobbied by big insurance companies who would be upset if someone would prefer to pay out of pocket then PAY them fees directly.

    There are positives in privatization of certain medical sectors, especially research. A bit of greed can go a long way in continued development. But there are more benefits to the people if the government were provide some kind of socialized healthcare. Thats not to say the private sector would or should disappear, even in many countries with socialized health care you could still pay money to see a private doctor.

    That said our system would have to be unique to the U.S. because we are not other countries. We have unique economic problems that no one seems to have any idea how to properly address. For instance raising minimum wage (just an example) is a bandaid on a gushing gunshot wound. It won't fix the underlying problems and may even threaten to bring more hardship in the long term.

  38. This is the result of the state having too much control. I hate people talking bad about the free market because it doesn't exist for healthcare. That's the problem.

  39. America , the new Sovjet state!

  40. Corporate monopolies destroy the USA.
    And start with Google !

  41. What the pack did you do yourselves americans? Did you all just turned into aid youths? What the puke. Russia won the cold war aid youths. All your systems are infiltrated and compromised. A state license for an MRI? What the puke! What else? Oh yeah…building permit for that tree house. Lol.

  42. Good luck to you Dr Singh.👍

  43. People wonder why medical care is expensive. This stupid law is the work of the AMA, a cartel that works tirelessly to reduce the supply of medical care thru legislation. Government control isn't the answer to the high cost of medical care, it's the cause.

  44. We need to abolish corporatism. I wanna say I can't believe this is happening, but unfortunately, I can believe it

  45. Here the public healthcare is free if you work, if not a CT (Computer tomography) in a private hospital costs 55€ (+15€ for each extra area scanned) (another example MRT costs 130€).
    So yeah USA is massively profiting from their patients.

  46. Doctors and the whole medical profession are the largest scammers in America. Remove the voodoo and the profiteers now!

  47. It is sickening to see how government regulations are getting in the way of our citizen's access to affordable healthcare. I hope that Dr. Gajendra and the Institute For Justice prevail in this case to free up the healthcare market to bring lower prices to patients.

  48. There is a Zionist conspiracy to take over all aspects of society and the world. Obamacare and medical care is just part of it

  49. How to get around the gov… simply give your services away… and if people desire to gift you cash… fine. By law, you don't have to report a cash gift unless it's over $13,000. Piece of cake. He should get an MRI machine and put it in Mexico at a resort. It will only cost people a couple of hundred dollars to come to Mexico…and they can vacation at the same time.

  50. Praying he will prevail!

  51. If I need an MRI, bloods, drugs whatever, the NHS get it for me, I do not worry about medical bills. It could be because I live in a country that doesn't give the rich all the money but actually expects people to pay tax and be reasonably happy about it. Sadly, we are becoming more and more infected with American "freedoms", the biggest of which seems to be freedom to be exploited and shat on. Thank you USA for forcing your ideas down the worlds throat

  52. The current trend is that DOJ audits Medical Doctors and threatens them or takes them out of practice if they don't act in lock step.

  53. Fuck America. Fix your healthcare system.

  54. The State of North Carolina should stay out of the Healthcare system.

  55. Single Payer would fix these problems

  56. Wonder how much the politicians are getting for this.

  57. Another old boys network run state. A joke that is getting people killed.

  58. Hmm, maybe it's time for a road trip. My doc wants me to get a joint x-ray, but I can't get a price from the local hospital's imaging outfit, and I won't do it until I know the exact cost.

  59. That is what HHS 'Obamacare' was really about, full govt control of the healthcare sector. Socialism has a strong foothold in the govt, media and schools.

  60. This is why socialised medicine/health care has to be avoided at all costs. It prevents the private sector from charging anything they want to and could hit profit margins heavily. Then the health industry bigwigs couldn't buy a subsequent 200 foot yacht for each of their mistresses (or boyfriends). Bribe/kickback levels would be hit as hard, making politicians actually work for a living! 😖

  61. WTF? I live in Bangladesh. Here CT Scan cost roughly 25-40$.

    In the US, it costs 5-6k? Holy Moly.

  62. God Bless

  63. Our health care problem in a nutshell

  64. He's a foreigner.

  65. It’s hard to find a more chrony system than the state run certificate of need program. It protects large healthcare systems and severely limits newcomers trying to disrupt the industry and lower prices. What’s the worst that’ll happen if you have “too many” MRI machines? They’ll go unused and the investors will lose money. So what???

  66. The benefits of the free market are often difficult to see. But we don’t even try to educate ourselves and our children in free market economics.

  67. A real Dr.

  68. And people wonder why healthcare is so expensive in the US.

  69. Well, thanks to Trumps executive order, all medical procedures will have to have transparency or
    they're in violation of federal law.

  70. Stop calling the state,, the government…. they are nothing less than the mafia. 
    and they act like it at every turn.

  71. How in the world is anybody allowed to prevent a fully competent doctor from buying, using, and selling a service on whatever products he wants to buy and use with his own money? Sorry doc, we don't think you need an MRI, so you can't purchase and use one. Talk about forcing out the competition and making the average person pay the difference.

  72. Could this be one of the reasons why healthcare in the US, per capitia is about twice that in Europe yet the US is 37th in world rankings for healthcare.

  73. another reason our health care system is broken

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