My Rental Property Damaged and Trashed

My Rental Property Damaged and Trashed

OK… about to …take a look at my property that has… according to Carlo and James been seriously screwed by my tenants here. (that) just moved out last weekend. Alright so… This is the main floor, and we are just having it repainted and everything. (Let’s)take a look at the basement. So this is their idea of how you utilize basement storage apparently… These are the same guys sending me emails asking about their security deposits. but I’m guessing this is probably nothing compared to what we are about to see. James:Don’t forget the ceiling.. right here. Ah the crack… That’s not necessarily them. James:Um, I wasn’t thinking (that) at first James: but it could be just because James: of the bathroom, directly above this one Oh it’s leaking? James:Um..not leaking but James:just take a look at it you’ll James:see what I mean. …alright Alright First room. These people lived like animals. Carlo:This thing work? If it does, we could use it. James:We have a box for it downstairs. (electronic beep) (sound of portable ac fan) You did turn off the AC right? James:Yeah OK James:It’s been of since you told me to turn it off. Especially since that window is wide open. James:Yeah Was it open the whole time? James:Huh? Was that window open the whole time? James:Which one…that one? Yeah James: (I)think so and the AC was on? (that) doesn’t make any sense. This is actually the least bad. James:Yeah I think this was James:Chris’s room because James:it kind of has that dog smell. which they weren’t supposed to have pets. There’s (inaudible) proof so this is a dog bone? James:Looks like it. Something. James: but I mean you can see they actually James: did a pretty good job painting. Yeah I know Chris did that. inaudible This is the sh** fest… Look at this sh**! Sigh…. It’s like they’ve never cleaned the bathroom. once in their whole history. James: Inaudible Got it. We’ll leave the light on for now. This is on it’s way up to the top. Hole in the wall This must be when they got arrested James:Um hmm cause there’s a bunch of soil James:Yeah The cops must have uprooted everything. James:Yeah I imagine so. But even still… James:It might have been like mostly James: cops going through the trash. You know it’s not nearly as hot up here as I thought it would be. James:Inaudible Yeah but the AC is not even on. Sigh This is just insane. I don’t even … I don’t know it might not have been like this when the before the cops came in and tore it all up. but still James: …but I’m seeing a lot of the cigarette buts James:and like just food everywhere… That doesn’t have anything to do with the cops I guess. James:yeah Plastic bottle caps, What other kind of sh** (do) we have here? Carlo: It looks like they had pots here. Carlo:POTS. Where you are standing. Pot? Carlo:Pots. Yeah. There is evidence of soil and pots everywhere. Carlo:I mean it’s a f**king watering can here… Yup Carlo: …air pump? sigh ..trying to get a close up of all this sh** I mean it doesn’t even look like he tried f**king clean this place out. You know? attempt made whatsoever. James: is that the aqua teen hunger force DVD (Laughing) Carlo: God**mit! James:Oh wait no they’re both in there. Carlo:Inaudible..laughing. Carlo: CORNDOGS FU** YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! James:This was just there. OK at least nobody can see this. James:Yeah What’s with all the PVC pipe? James:Irrigation? We need a junk truck. James: Yeah. Ok It used to be so nice, man. Wallet? Carlo:Um Hmm James:It would be nice to trim down these branches James:and put in a basketball hoop. Carlo:How weird would it be for me to look in there for money? James: Where? Carlo:That wallets out just for show. Yeah I know. So How did you feel when you first saw all the work you had to do? James:Well James:Fu**ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright well… James:At least it’s something to do right? Yeah! There’s your summer job right there buddy.

100 thoughts on “My Rental Property Damaged and Trashed

  1. Just letting everyone know the house is fine now. This damage has all been fixed. It was a major battle and I learned a lesson. I completely accept the criticism people have put in various threads below. I just wasn't used to having such a bad tenant. I have other properties that have dream tenants in them. This was my first encounter with anything even close to this kind of problem. The tenant selection process is really the biggest issue. For all you trolling racists out there…the tenants were white ok? ***Adding this jan 2015: Furthermore, on a different property my best tenants ever are a middle class black family. 15 years of great care and maintenance of my property.  If you are going to be a racist, just own it. Don't hide behind a statistic. ***More updates 2016: I've had other headaches with this property but nothing like this. Thankfully things are still going ok for the moment. The weirdest thing is a sinkhole in the front yard.

    Also, at no time in this video or in the description did I say these were Section 8 tenants. I think many people assume that they must be but i'm not sure why.

    Here is a link to a current look a the same house.

  2. Looks like such a nice place, what a shame..

  3. My question is , why didn't you do periodic walk throughs. I don't know what state this is from but I know in New York a landlord can do a unannounced periodic walk through

  4. Test that place for meth , oops it's from 2012 how tf did I get here lol

  5. I feel so bad for you… I hope the judge act's in your favor

  6. I want to become a real estate investor and I see his video and feel sorry for you. I'm sure you were trying to give people a decent home and they go a fuck it up.

  7. I feel your pain. I have been doing this for over a decade myself and now have a rental infested with roaches so bad, it may be a gut job. God bless you, Sir.

  8. Who were your tenants? Mainland Chinese tourists?

  9. What a bunch of low life SLOBS who would leave a home in such a horrible condition.

  10. mcdonalds fast food dumpster is cleaner. that is disgusting. they should go to jail for that

  11. They are Baker family from Resident Evil 7

  12. I am sure my house looks WAY worse from what I heard. There are lots of good articles on how to get your money back.

  13. This is absolutely disgraceful and disgusting. I don’t understand why people would leave someone else’s property like this. The law had so many rights towards tenants and unfortunately the bad tenants are protected the most. Ugh I’m gagging just watching the filth that you’re having to walk through! You know who these people are? Can you sue? A freakin deposit wouldn’t cover the sh*t these people destroyed

  14. Where did this happen at?

  15. Hey, solves the homeless problem. Just get homeless people in there !

  16. lol fuck your stupid property lol IM glad those poor people that coudnt afford a house ruined your fucking house. I would do the same

  17. Good Grief! What disgusting animals lived in this ? Police need to prosecute Laws should be changed !
    I am so sorry the family home was destroyed !! Print names photos , shame them and warn others to not renting to them !

  18. this is nothing compared to waht the sick in the head white middle class american savage landlords do to people on section 8 the landlords fuc over section 8 people one hundred times worse then this this is nothing

  19. i use to be on section 8 years ago i got fuced over the 2 sick in the head white middle class american savages much more worse then this the sick in the head white middle class savage rented me a bedbug tics that cause lyme disease squirrel infestation above the drop ceiling that made me cough all the time the heating sytem did not work it was 25 degreez all winter the sick in the head whtie middle class savage refused to fix it he refused to get rid of the squirrels bugs etc i lost 10 thousand dollars worth of stuff i had to leave behind because of the bedbugs one night a big bug crawled up my leg i freaked out and left and the sick in the head landlord offerered me 150 dollars a month to stay there i would not stay there for 2 thousand a month before moving there i lived in the state psych hospital i had no bugs in any of my stuff then after being fuced over by this sick in the head white middle class american savage landlord i went to psych hospital got treated for bedbugs threw away all my clothes and my sister brought me new clothes the nurse had to put poison cream all over my body to get rid of the bedbugs and my sister helped me find another apartment that excepts section 8 we had a very hard time finding any place that would except it then we found one place i had no choice but to take it the place was a mess the landlord refused to clean the place the sink pipe was broken there was knives in all the sink pipes cause the landlord fuced over the old tenants that lived there i said damn this landlord is a peice of shit but i had no option i had to take the place so i moved in and bought all new furniture beds etc and 2 days later i learned the sick in the head white middle class peice of shit landlord rented me a bedbug infested apartment just like the other american piece of shit so i complained to the landlord about fucing me over renting me a bedbug infested apartment and the landlord brought over some guy that pulled up in a plain unmarked car and the ameircan peice of shit lied to me and said they guy is a exterminator i could tell by his car he was not an exterminator and the low life american peice of shit took out a cheap can of bedbug powder i knew this was a scam and in no way would it get rid of bedbugs and he put a shit load of the stuff in all the rooms i said isnt that way too much he put it down very heavy and he lied to me and said it was safe for humans he left i woke up the next mornning and my legs were shaking so bad i could barely walk i read the can of bedbug powder it said warnning only use a dusting of the bedbug powder the sick in the head american savage landlord purposely had the guy put way too much to put me in danger i went to hospital and i told the doctor waht happen and he said yes u do have a bad reaction from the bedbug powder and he read about and also said he only suppose to put a dusting of the stuff down the guy put down like 300 times the safe limit then i showed the paper from the hospital were the doctor wrote the overuse of bedbug powder caused me to have bad side effects to the lady down stairs which was the landlords friend and she must have told the landlord cause he had her harrasss me day after day she is the only one that had the key to the basement were the fuse box was and she kept turnning my power of and i could not get it back on i called the cops i told them i dont have the key adn what she was doing the cops said u dont like it here leave so i said i had enough of dealing with these sick in the head american savages so i left to the psych ward and i got on a much better resident program that pays higher rent then section 8 adn now adays i only deal with arab muslim landlords they are 100 times better people and 100 times better landlords and they rent out to me 100 times better apartments i now live in a new building with fantastic muslim people and my rent is 1270 one bedroom apartment no bugs everything works brand new stove fridge central air conditionning i been here in teh muslim neighborhood for 10 years i love these people and i love my apartment i am a white polish disabled person i will never rent an apartmetn from the sick in the head white middle class american savages again they are the biggest criminals and the worst terrorist in usa the muslims have saved me from the sick in the head white middle class savages i love the muslims

  20. i lived in 2 new buildings the arab muslims have rented me fantastic apartments no bugs every thing works great fantastic landlords the arab muslims are the best people in usa if it was not for the arab muslim landlords i would still be victimized by the sick in the head white middle class savages i been living in thier neighborhood for 10 years i never had any type of problems they are very respectful the arab muslim pharmacy i go to once a year they barbq 100 or more hamburgers and hot dogs and they give them out to people in the neighborhood for free they gave me 5 hamburgers i was by my self the sick in the head white american middle class savages would never do soemthing like this for people another thing there is a white lady that sits out side a chineese restaurant and she begs for food a few times i saw the arab muslims buy her food the sick in the head white american middle class savages would call the cops on here they would not give her a dime if she was in a white neighborhood

  21. the arab muslims have proven to me to be the best people in usa

  22. At least y'all have a sense of humor about this. What a shitshow!

  23. As compared to others this is not that bad. It could be way worst so I would say you came out good including you get to keep the deposit depending on what that might be. Renting period is a gamble and I always just save a little over $ 2,500 in case because I’ve also had a few not so well tenants that gave me work. Good luck with your future picks because you’ll never know how they will treat your property.

  24. Theses people turned this into a greenhouse for weed

  25. I actually thought it wasnt that bad…..until they got to the top floor. Omg! Why? How???

  26. 2018?

  27. Renting is always a gamble, good area or bad. You have to take the rough with the smooth. A bit of elbow grease and some new, cheap carpets and this place will be good to go. We often see the results of bad tenants but rarely the problems caused by good tenants trying to get tight arsed, greedy landlords to do repairs. It’s a two way street.

  28. That is fucking disgusting, my pet Dog behaves better

  29. He wanted his deposit back? I would have kept his deposit and done broke every bone in his face what a worthless peice of shit mate

  30. There should be a law where tenants have to come back and clean up or go to jail! I watch this one show(New Zealand) has it where landlords can make them come back.


  32. Do you live in the hood?

  33. 9:54 – Friedrich Nietzsche on the Genealogy of Morals, great book.

  34. I'm wanting to start a little cleaning like thing focused on cleaning homes/apartments after someones been evicted and left the place super trashed, and I was wondering if I could use one or two images from your video here. For advertising purposes please. Just kinda to show what I'm willing to clean.

  35. You wanted to be a Landlord,nobody twisted your arm.

  36. Dont rent to anyone under 50. I know its illegal. Just work around it!!

  37. It’s a shame when people are lucky enough to find such a nice place to rent and just trash it like that. Seriously if you don’t own it take care of it. 😤🤦🏼‍♀️ I don’t understand how people do that shit like how do you like in such filth.

  38. Time for the hazmat suits to clean that. 😷 would be interested in the after photos.

  39. Wow. I'd be upset too.

  40. I hope everything worked out with your property. Still amazed how people can live like animals. As soon as I saw the inside I said "drugs". Its a fucking crapshoot for tenants and landlords.

  41. a beautiful house :/

  42. Screaning & back round checks will save from this.

  43. Animals live better if they have a chance!!!

  44. That's a easy clean up. Just roll all of that shit up in the carpet, tape it and throw it out the window. Done

  45. If its legal to put in the lease a walk through every month to check on the property might help out if your close to your propertys that was a nice home sad how people destroy pretty places

  46. My husband and I rent my father in laws house right now while we are saving to buy or own. Even though we do not own where we are living we still maintain the outside and inside very well especially since we have 3 dogs. I’m such a clean freak that if i see crumbs on the counter I immediately do complete wash down and sweep. How can people live this way?

  47. This video triggered me… when I get off work I’m going to do a deep clean AGAIN !!! I JUST DID ONE LAST NIGHT

  48. Good way to avoid this is to use a good screening service. Tenant Screening Center is relatively inexpensive, If anyone is interested:

  49. OMG

  50. How the hell you even get to that point 😳

  51. I'm not saying that the tenants didn't do their part in messing up your place. But cops are pretty disrespectful when they have a warrant to search and seize. They will empty trash cans onto the floor, pull out drawers, search through clothes and leave them wherever they drop them. They have no reason or incentive to treat the property with respect.

  52. Just think… That house is HUGE! I bet they had way more people than you'd expect!

  53. I don't know how people live like that and just let their house get that disgusting! I am amazed.

  54. How do you live like that

  55. GOD DAMN!!! In the beginning i thought they were going to exaggerate but then they went upstairs …GOD DAMM!! how do people live like that

  56. Looks like a human-rat infestation to me.

  57. Takes a piece of work to turn a really nice place into a grow house. Wtf man.

  58. At least you're driving a nice ass Impreza

  59. It looked somewhat decent until he went up to the top floor. Holy shit.

  60. I ALWAYS leave the property i rent in better condition when i leave. There is NO excuse for this & causes good tenants problems.

  61. Jesus farking Christ. Security deposit my ass. I'd be contemplating taking those little shits to court. That's absolutely ridiculous.

  62. Looks like there was an 💥 explosion in that house or like it was hit by a damn tornado 🌪

  63. The wood floors look good at least lol

  64. This is disturbing. I rented a small house in Hawaii once and I cleaned the shit out of it, and yet I was still charged a cleaning fee! Wtf

  65. Man i am so sorry you have had to go through this. I can only imagine. It is so hard to rent because of people like this. And that is a nice house. Especially in Oregon where i reside.

  66. I am a landlord. This will happen. Two things transform the property to original state fairly quickly – cleaning and painting.
    I noticed the carpets. They simply do not hold up well with tenants. Try something more durable.

  67. Omg gross! I would be livid. I would probably wear a fucking body suit in that place. How in the actual fuck do people live like this? Ew. 😠😨🤢

  68. Episode of hoarders

  69. And they wanted their security deposit back??????

  70. Wow!! This is why all landlords should speak to previous landlords to gain a perspective on the habits of the renter or else you get stuck with this mess. Cover your own ass and do inspections often without more than going longer than the required notice time for inspection. Be smarter than your tenants. Hope you were able to recoup your losses. Looks like it was a beautiful property before this.

  71. This is when it should be legal to beat the shit out of someone

  72. No way would they ever get their deposit back if that was my house and I rented to them. As matter of fact I would probably report them to any kind of jurisdiction that would oversee renting property to them or even any agency.

  73. Not my place or home and I wanted to cry. The place must have been nice. Wish I could get a place that size. So sad but chin up young man.

  74. It’s needs a good clean and rubbish out. Not that bad. Mine cost me 17k worth of damage

  75. I have to use section 8 because I broke my back and lost my business and house. But, never would I EVER disrespect and vandalize any property! It pisses me off when people struggling all get lumped into one category.

  76. I've been a Landlord 31 years…big deposits….if they look scummy and wear shitty clothes or drive a dirty car they will treat a house they rent exactly the same.
    Better to also ask for references and for the first few months go check the house to make sure they are suitable tenant's
    Do 3 monthly checks all the time.
    Remember they are renting from YOU.
    You're doing them the favour by renting to them.
    If they object to checks then they will be a problem later.
    Screw their rights it's your house and your business.
    Never rent to friends or family and charge the going rate or more, Don't try undercutting to get a quick tenant.
    Don't use carpets.
    Make a rules n regs with the contract stating it's their responsibility to maintain the garden keep the house in the same condition it was first rented to them and take no shitIf they have a problem paying within the first six month is also a sign to get rid.
    It's easy to spot these people if you know what to look for a do regular checks.
    Plenty of good tenants out there.

  77. How many people did it take to clean those rooms sir! wow but very glad u n your crew got all damages taken care of.

  78. How much money would someone have to pay you to lick the bottom of their shoes after stepping in there?

  79. Section 8 landlords are usually Liberals, Democrats, Millennial, and other people living in Utopia. Do NOT complain.

  80. There are "people" who claim rent is theft. I feel sorry for you bro.

  81. I would of had all that cleaned, top to bottom, steam cleaned carpets, (yes, they can be saved but probably shouldn't be) outside power washed and 'Staged' in 12 hours for $1,200

  82. That’s house would make for a badass studio

  83. Come on! When you leave a property you clean it!! Then ask for your deposit.

  84. "Another had a fire arm". did you forbid that on your lease?

  85. Tenants like that make it bad for people with minor flaws on credit

  86. I would never want to spend the night or even sit down at that house. They were overly trifling 🤢 and it doesn’t make any sense at all.

  87. Wow they really liked Dr Pepper

  88. Obama's kids acting up again.

  89. I'm sure when they got busted by the Fed's, the plants that there were growing got torn up and dirt water and soil flying everywhere while the cops are trashing and searching the place! I'm sure the mess that the cops made was pretty overwhelming and the tenant just said "fuck it!" I don't understand why people do the shit they do! SMH and why the Fed's doing the drug bust, have to make such a fucking mess??! There was at least an inch of soil on that carpet!

  90. I own my house. Thank God!!!… the person who owns and rents adjacent property is wise!

    Holding my breath when the house is ready for rent again… And I see the garbage inquiring.

    Killer dogs… Blasting Boom Boom.
    Female defecating foul language from her mouth. 6 kids. Car falling apart.

    My guess… If you're renting a 150k house… You're gonna research your potential clients? Otherwise… when they move out – your gonna pay half that in rebuilding. Duh?

    Obviously… you can absorb this… meaning you don't give a crap to whom you rent.

    I work in Retail
    ALL people are are shitty, trashy, and stupid as they pretend not to be. They all lie and steal.


    BTW… You abandoned this property long enough to allow the issue to escalate to what you witnessed.

  91. The "Rentor" is the laughable IDIOT here… Not the RENTER.

    Does he get it?

  92. Better call the hazmat guys…

  93. these videos are why I invite my landlord in to check out my apartment I want him to know I keep it clean. I feel nasty when the sink has dirty dishes but I guess I should feel proud

  94. What was the tenants profession? Easier said than done, but college educated couples with a kid or two (or none😂) would be my preference

  95. I’ve seen houses in worse condition, to be fair

  96. Semiannual inspections in the lease and evict fast for noncompliance.

  97. Wow, that's really disgusting, idk how anyone could even make a mess like that, I mean that's truly horrendous……i feel bad for whoever wound up cleaning that……they had to have destroyed that place intentionally…..and if i were you I definitely wouldn't eat anything from that freezer lol 🤢

  98. How much was rent

  99. wouldnt say its trashed exactly.
    needs painted and new carpets.

  100. stop complaining, this is nothing. Check out the YouTube channel called “The Shea Show”… I will show you some Detroit homes so you can see what real damage looks like. The type of damage where you just sell the home for $3000 and give up. Be thankful all you have to do is fill some holes in the walls repaint it and put down new carpet and flooring. You might have $5000 of work their max.

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