Mississauga Real Estate – Is it Time to Sell Your Condo? | Selling Your Condo & Buying a House

Mississauga Real Estate – Is it Time to Sell Your Condo? | Selling Your Condo & Buying a House

Do you live here? Or maybe you live here? or here! Or maybe you here? Or over there! So, did I get your attention? My name is Jeff O’Leary, the Village Guru Mississauga Real Estate Broker and I want to take one minute to explain to you that if you’re moving up into a bigger home how this is the best time it has been in over eight years to get yourself a home and get a deal. Now for someone like me or you that has kids and maybe wants to move into that bigger house as the years gone by over the last five years It has just gotten worse and worse and
worse in terms of affordability. What I noticed is as the prices of large
detached houses came down in price last year and they continued to kind of plateau at the same time the prices of town houses and condos have continued to go up! So in the past where everything everything went up with the market what we’re noticing now is a convergence of prices. If I’m looking at over the past eight years… there’s never been a better time where the price of a condo has been closer to the price of a detached house then now. As a home buyer how does this
benefit you? Well when you’re buying a bigger house You got to realize that it doesn’t matter if the prices are higher I know everybody gets excited in a
market where prices keep going up and they want to buy but in reality as a move-up buyer buying something more expensive you’re actually paying more for that same house. On the flip side, in this market right now as someone buying something bigger you’re making a lot more money. That’s even if prices went down together but in this case it’s even a better opportunity because the price of your property has still gone up from last year. So why am I doing this video
at this time? Because in real estate, opportunities come in ‘windows’ and they don’t last too long. The last time I saw an opportunity like this.. was in 2008 After the whole mess in the US subprime market. You see in Canada house prices went down quite a bit too but there was no logical reason for it our banks weren’t going into meltdown… people could still get mortgages… but the public watched the news and they all decided to pull back while a few people who were smart took advantage and made a killing during that time and that’s what’s happening today. As a move-up buyer you’re in a great position. Now, what are the next steps? Number one – read my article on this subject I go into more detail on how much money you can save it’s quite a bit and then also… the idea is to combine this with the proper home selling strategy proper marketing and also a proper home search to get
yourself the best deal when you put the whole package together you’re gonna be a winner in this market. There you have it I’m Jeff O’Leary talking about being a
move-up buyer and how this market is great for you if you have any questions about
real estate always feel free to call or email me. This is Jeff O’Leary… The Village Guru Keeping Real Estate Real and I’m out

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  1. Do you think it's a good time to buy a bigger home? I'd love to hear your comments!

  2. Its a good time ..

  3. it's a great time since the smaller properties sell faster now and the larger home are sitting ducks…

  4. Great Information

  5. Good Video, great intro

  6. Typical real estate guy.
    What you exept him to say don't buy?

  7. now is a good time to buy

  8. Superb video and a great eye on the market!

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