Millionaire Real Estate Investor Next Door |Interview With a Real Estate Deal Maker| Make $10k/month

Millionaire Real Estate Investor Next Door |Interview With a Real Estate Deal Maker| Make $10k/month

all right what’s up everybody you’re in the building with the live games channel I’ve got my big homie jail Harris who has one of the fastest-growing real estate YouTube channels and all of YouTube he’s been helping people do big things and he granted me an interview he’s took me under his wing because he’s seen a young whippersnapper thinking he was doing something and he had to teach me the ropes a little bit so mr. Harris how’re you doing today I’m doing incredible while I’m doing it I can’t complain man well thank you for taking the time to jump up here and just allowing me to introduce you to my audience and those that are loved real estate as an investment and I first want to get this going by asking you tell us a little bit about yourself and what got you going in real estate back in I want to say the late nineties I was watching actually an infomercial and a lot of your listeners may have heard this general before by the name of frosted sheets okay well what happened was he sparked an interest in me and he kept talking about this concept called creative real estate finance writing that is really where you go ahead of your foot to purchase property with essentially no money or credit that sparked my interest in real estate investing and so that that’s really actually how it started from there I just I it started as watched on many so what I deal with that this became a student of this concept called creative will estate finance which is about property with no money at play right and so so since you’ve been using that as a vehicle to getting a real estate investing tell us about what has been one or two of your biggest deals using those same principles so I had a friend of mine when I was living in California she had inherited a property a mother unfortunately passed and she had heritage this particular property that his property was a 3-bedroom 2bath home and she comes to me because she knew that I was talking heavy in real estate and active doing deals and that type of thing and so what she was interested and what she was interested in some of her property so I asked her you know how much do you want for your house she said you know what I at the end of the day if I got 350 350 thousand I’d be great with that said okay great let’s go ahead and let’s let’s do it and so what I did was I went ahead and I gave her a contract essentially I didn’t purchase the property with money or credit I wrote up a simple agreement between me and her saying that I would buy the property on tinker for 350 thousand right to lease later what I did with that contract was coming out I found some investors and in finding these investors what I did was I went ahead and I sold that contract on paper for 370 okay so we closed that deal it took us about maybe somewhere around two months close that deal at the end at the close of escrow I mean $20,000 how did I make that simply by negotiating equity innocent in other words she wanted 350 the inventors will go ahead and buy a 50 70 they knew the property was worth four hundred twenty thousand and closing escrow everybody got what they wanted and at the end at the end of the deal I made point that so Wow so basically what you just did was one thing that’s hot on real estate called wholesaling you you just basically took someone who wanted to sell their property you kind of told them what you felt like it’d be worth to them you put a price on it you found investors that still saw enough meat on the bones or enough money that they could take this property fix it up whatever they need to do and they could sell it for a higher unit you didn’t use any money you didn’t use any credit and you walked away with $20,000 that you could use to invest in another property or something else you wanted to do and you know what’s interesting about that and your curfew absolutely correct this is the interesting part is I didn’t know that it was called wholesale okay I didn’t in other words I knew creative was they finance all I know all I knew was I was buying property at a lower price and I was selling at a higher price on paper and I knew that I could make money I didn’t attach a kind of like a label or a name to it and I found out after that deals like wow yeah I essentially went ahead and wholesale that deal so that’s really what really got me hot and heavy about the lane and the aspect of whole selling process man that’s amazing and what would you say for newbies who they hear about these things they want to get involved in real estate and they want to know the easiest route for them to get involved in real estate what would you say would be the easiest route or the path of least resistance for newbies to get involved in real estate it would definitely be a spec a whole selling so I get this question a lot on my channel I get this question from different walks of life everyone acts that very same question it would be host on its whole selling real estate if you’re listening to this right now and you are looking to get into some aspects of real estate investing you don’t need money or credit you can wholesale real estate and people ask me well what does it cost if you can tie up a contract or $10 $10 you can wholesale real estate you don’t need money you don’t need credit the thing that you need really is action okay the thing they’re gonna need the most action and your ability to be consistent if you can do that you can win definitely so okay so for those who are new to it and you know they want to get involved with wholesaling you know because like we’ve already mentioned you don’t have to have a lot of money your credit don’t matter how would a person begin to get in the wholesaling and of course they can learn more on your channel because I will have links for your YouTube channel and your Facebook group that does all these steps but in a general sense how would someone get started in wholesaling so I did a video probably about a month ago if not a little bit longer and one of the things that I instruct people to do is do something called driving four dollars and driving four dollars is this you hop in your car you drive around your local area looking for properties that are vacant and or abandoned or properties that just need a lot of work okay take the time to drive around these different areas buy these properties right the address is down when you get the address it down take the time to go ahead and look up the addresses on your local County website to see where the owners actually live well the owners a letter of rolla getting contacted via Facebook whatever that is get in contact with them turn it off it is that simple gotcha – well then you know so ladies and gentlemen want to learn more about how to go through that process follow his YouTube channel you can follow me I do a little bit of it but will not have the big questions I refer to mr. Harris because he’s the big dog in the span so having said that for those other individuals that they’ve done wholesaling they they’re they’re versed in real estate what would you say is the future of real estate investing would you say it’s going to be more land investing would you say people are going to start buying up malls because malls are having to go to a different model from everything you’ve seen you’ve been in the game since 88 is that not correct so yeah well actually you know what if I’m in any game I want to thank them I would say to midnight midnight midnight midnight so you’re saying you’ve seen decades of stuff what do you think is the picture of real estate so sir can you say that doing a couple of things right now with many people and don’t find this aspect of real estate sexy returning whatever it is lands hmm land investing you know what it’s interesting I’m talking to you right now so I’m going to let your audience in on a little something little conversation that I had recently and everybody is worried about the markets scare right now in terms of the market I’m going to give you I’m going to give you this two things stand out to me when it comes to the future of real estate investing steel and investing okay on financing buying properties at ten fifteen cents on the dollar trying to run it selling it living it like you do houses land investing the time another thing stick with houses but do something a little differently conscious as opposed to going ahead and pinching a house think about renting rooms you’re going to gain a lot more cash flows that way if you buy and hold you will increase your cash flow small apartments the reason I save small apartments is you can turn that coming back into a boarding house situation as opposed to renting an apartment let’s say friends battle four-plex right that’s great I have a four-plex what about turnaround and renting each room in the four-plex you’ve got a two bedroom one bath for quest rent each room who are hoarding how situation you over time will begin to decrease your risk and those right there if you stick to those because even in a downturn you will be fine Wow you look like uh I’m not gonna point this but it’s uh I give you this to turn that I mean hey that’s cold a couple of people it’s almost like recessionary proofing okay yeah you giving out the good jeans today for free but I just learned something and that might have to start shaping the way I do more real estate investor so that’s kind of the model of having a hostel or you know kind of doing the Airbnb but you’re not using Airbnb you doing it yourself type mod’ yeah so I’m starting to begin to get you out of here I just wanted people to get to know who you are we want to talk a little bit more about you know how real estate has benefited your life and we all get into real estate because it creates passive income basically you spend money one time and this is going to start generating you money going forward in the future so what you’ve been able to have done this and gotten some passive income what did you do in your spare time to relax and enjoy and basically live off your passive income you know I think I told you this a while back one of the things that you know people on my channel they’ve seen a little girl from a little girl my daughter you – my wife and I we get to do what it is we wanted to you know we did – we’re not part of the constraints of things that a lot of other people have you know we have this thing called residual income we have one of the things I say is we have the freedom to do and choose what we want to do right you know one of the things about real estate is it’s a set up one thing and then it takes it can take care of you for life if you set it up correctly and you have the right type of mentorship you know one of the things I had spoken recently somebody asked what do you see we’ll say dad I said to me is this Saturday isn’t it Sunday six Saturdays in a Sunday right it’s like a vacation you know permanently you know the name so if it’s done extremely well so and I’ll get you out of here on this and thank you again for your time everybody who’s in the real estate investing or business have read or have a favorite book that has helped inspire them and motivate them so give us some of your favorite business or real estate books that you’ve read that helped you get through my go-to all day long for years has been think & Grow Rich thinking were Rich by Napoleon Hill okay another one has been the cash flow quadrant by Kiyosaki Robert Kiyosaki everybody knows him from which that for that right read exponential quadrant it will basically break things down into employee something self-employed investor business owners and when you can live at the bottom half of the quadrant which is the investor business owner that’s where your six Saturdays and Sunday come from God so beautiful those who those who are my go to all data gotcha well Millionaire Next Door that nobody would know I want to thank you for coming here and giving us these these hot takes to help people to get motivated get inspired in real estate again tell them how they can find you on your own Facebook if they want to get involved with your groups you can go ahead and buy me on Facebook actually it’s a fairly new group but it’s actually supposed to 10,000 members is outstripping family comm octopus Omnicom on Facebook the YouTube channel is house-flipping guide actually works out flipping guys we just hit 20,000 followers or subscribers and yeah you know it’s the interest thing about it is I give away so much party content you know so and it doesn’t a lot of people at the same time exactly well ladies and gentlemen I will have links for all that so you guys can catch up with jail in my video description definitely take a look at his channel because he’s helping change lives giving you guys all the information and the confidence to get going in real estate and he’s also taking out the paralysis analysis that’s usually associated with learning a new skill and that’s going to do it for this video Jerald thank you for coming and doing this interview with and not a problem by the time thank you thank you and we’ll be talking through we do we will don’t forget to like my video comment and subscribe share share shared this message of life gangs ladies and gentlemen because real estate is definitely a life game and until our next sexy as hell video I’ll see

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