Military Real Estate Investing with Active Duty Passive Income

Military Real Estate Investing with Active Duty Passive Income

Dan: How’s it going guys this is Dan Wynn with the Financial Freedom Journal! I’m here today with my brothers from ADPI. I’ll let them introduce themselves one at a time then we’ll get into the actual video itself. So I have to my left here. Tim: Tim Kelly. How’s it going? I’m the Financial Freedom and Syndaction Chief at Active Duty Passive Income. Mike: Hey what’s going on? I’m Mike Foster the Podcast Host and Education Director at Passive Duty Active Income. Hey guys I’m Adam La Barr the Multi-Family Education Chief at Active Duty Passive Income Cut the music, cut the music pause hey guys if
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all you gotta do take the mouse in alright cue the video all right so before I actually get into
this video I just want to take a couple seconds to talk about these guys over at
active duty passive income so I did a video about a month ago on the birth
strategy of investing and it got a lot of comments and one of the comments one
of my subscribers commented and basically asked a question had I heard
of active duty passive income I hadn’t heard of them at the time so I
went and looked them up I joined their Facebook group and I just
kind of wanted to see what they were about and see some of the content that
they were actually putting out after looking around and seeing some of the
content and information that they were putting out on the Facebook page I was I
thought it was great I thought was great information I loved
what they were doing to try to help the veteran community change their mindset
about financial independence and help them gain financial independence and
create wealth through real estate so basically they took two things that I’m
very passionate about the military and veterans and real estate and they
basically married them together which is what I I love that I thought it was so
awesome so I eventually found out that they were going to the 10x growth
conference as well and I started writing and trying to figure out hey ways I can
link up with them while we were down in Miami and I was really really excited
about meeting him and then after I met him they blew away my expectations and
there were the most chill guys and they they their mindset their their focus and
their Drive and their ambition and hearing their stories was really really
motivating and it was just it out of all the interviews I did I did about 15
interviews that about 15 interviews walls down in Miami that I actually
recorded up I met literally I met at least a hundred people because I passed
out at least a hundred business cards so I met at least a hundred people and I
have everyone that I met there I think that I can say with pretty much
certainty that that was my favorite interview that I did while I was down
there just because of their purpose and their mission and how how both of our
missions are kind of sync and that’s pretty much it I just want to give you
the backstory really quick can tell you that these guys are legit
so definitely go check them out at active duty passive income dot-com you
can see their book here military house hacking has a wealth of information in
as well and they have videos they have podcasts
they just they just put out some great stuff so really like those guys over
there Again, Active Duty Passive Income. I know you can see the 10X crowd behind me You can feel the electric energy in the house Anything i can do to help out my fellow brothers and sisters in arm, im definitely going to do that. This group here is definitely Help out the Veteran community and helping us understand the The importance of Passive income and investing all right so give Mike here the
chance to go ahead explain what ADPI does and why they’re so important to the
veteran hey what’s going on guys Active Duty Passive income was born one mission. To teach military veterans and their families How to build financial freedom through real estate investing Thats why we poured so much time in this book awesome team our guys are dedicated to help you to
build passive income so when you’re on mission you have to the ability to focus on that mission and when you’re done with a mission and hang up your uniform You have the wealth that you can build to live your best lifestyle. so come let us help to be a part of our
team alright guys so as you can hear in the background it got pretty loud back
there so I wanted to make sure you guys got some key takeaways from this event
I’m here with Tim and I wanted to give you the chance to tell what’s one of the
key things that you took away from this event and that you like to share with
our other followers that’s an incredibly difficult question because there are so
many gold nuggets that everybody has been blessed with in
the last three days any time you have an opportunity to go to conference like
this I’m telling you it’s like almost an overflow of information but the one
thing that I will that we’ll have to mention is that every single day you
have to work and and serve yourself okay you have to become better every single
day work on your personal and professional development every single
day and one thing that helps you do that is the e to e ratio you entertainment to
Education ratio 20% of your free time should be entertainment eighty percent
of your free time should be your education on yourself your family your
industry working out prayer whatever it is but focus on yourself carve that time
out every single day to make yourself a better person so you can have more value
to your industry into this world dude every single thing that was phenomenal
that was great I never heard the generation of Warsaw now it’s pretty
cool eat eat eat eat ratio 20/80 rule pretty much so thank you very much
sharing this lose all right so I got out of here with me and I I like to get one
of the key takeaway notes from from this event music
right so one of the things that I’ve experienced thing I experienced in every
one of these melons events or conferences is networking get yourself
out there Grant Cardone talked about it constantly if you are they don’t know
your name you can’t sell to them they don’t know
your name they don’t know what you do they don’t know just I’ll follow you
they don’t know you they won’t flow you right so I have talked to as you can
tell in my voice I have not shut up since I’ve been here I have talked to so
many people there were so many people got on so many people’s calendars phone
calls get it set up put yourself out there take the risk to put yourself out
there and network with as many people as you can
I love these events because I network with tons of people and it puts me out
there people know my name and I could shake his hand I got recognized being
here for the first time hey you’re one of those atti guys
because I network I’m out there people know me put yourself out there don’t be
afraid of the risk learn and get out there enjoy the place real estate
celebrity right here Mr Al Abbar that’s kind of bright and sunny how to put the
shades on uh we’re in here in lovely Miami down at 10x growth conference I’m
here with Mike and what are one of the what is one of the key things that you
took away from this event and I got to say this event has been
awesome I learned so much it’s kind of hard to pick just one but I think if I
had to really today’s lesson on execution getting things done right
no one knows people who don’t get the things done.
any successful person out there whether it’s Donald Trump
whether it’s Oprah Winfrey whether it’s Russell Brunson whatever right you every
successful mentor the idol is you know that person if they’ve gotten stuff done
when you’re running a business you got execute if you all know that in the
military right that’s the main mission right you have to execute the mission 100%
all the time on target getting stuff done execution man excellent excellent
thank you very much hey where can they reach out to you guys see you I’ve got
this great book here military house hacking and where can they working they
reach out and where can they find you that hey you can find us at two places
you and type in military real estate investing anywhere you listen to your podcast and you’ll connect with us.

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