Micro Hydro Power with Turgo generator Part 1

Micro Hydro Power with Turgo generator Part 1

just got our Turgo in from Spencer had Langston’s alternative energy and we got to build a Frame to hold it but looking forward to getting this thing up and running [okay], here’s the tur go upside down at [Ergo] wheels have a little different geometry and the pelton wheels we’ve got two nozzles So it’s going to be a dual right now entered Nozzles at 22 millimeters and That’s that’s it. We’re going to run these three leads about 250 feet to a rectifier to a bridge Bridge rectifier and Convert to DC and take that to our charge controller, so we can charge a battery bank We’re going to be basically working on a 24 volt system for overall for this gentleman so anyway I just wanted to see the before we put an operation so you can see the tur go see the design Fairly straightforward pretty simple so we got to come up with a way to anchor this thing off to the side of the [the] creek It’s protected from heavy rains and just secure it so we can fasten our Input lines, we’re going to adapt from 4 Inch PVC Down to inch and a half and Pt And we might use some flexible hoses to do that and some coupling so you’ll see come on Okay, here. We are in the inlet side got a repurposed sluice box Just been playing around with the rocks and things we’re gonna put some sides on the sluice box gets get some of the air away from the intake And slow things down get as much water as possible, but it’s doing pretty good It’s pretty flooded right now at the inlet of the [four-inch] fight so we think we’re Pretty good for now for temporary setup to find Okay, we’ve got 13 16th Nozzle on here, we’re shooting it a long ways I would say about 20 days flying feet and it should be about 11 to our signs where we were before Boom in my bar It was just about hitting 11 PSI. Sorry like video Okay, we’re continuing with this hydroelectric project using a turbo wheel today. We’re going to mount We’re going to attempt them out this turd cargo to a rock, but willed it up a frame We’re going to just some more [our] turban, and I’ve got some cam locks We’re going to use to [feed] the water into the Turban through the two nozzles Will have shut off on each line so we’re going to adapt from four inch down to two inch down to the Fifties are 22 22 millimeter nozzles, and that’s how was optimized by Spencer over at Langston’s alternative energy for this setup So basically what I do this measure the flow Rate and the pressure or the [sole] dynamic head for the project and that allows us to design your Turban again, this is [a] tour go, so we’re dealing with more volume and less hey, so we only have about 30 feet ahead So okay. That’s what we’re going to mount this to the rock if you want to look down here at the rock our goal is to put the peugeot mounted to that Mossy cupboard Rock So the hammer drilled some holes in there going to wedge anchor it and see if we can make some power today Okay, we’ve got our turgot Turban mounted on a frame got our three phase Ac coming off of the generator to a rectifier and Our goal is to get a run of charge of 24 volt battery bay, so you’ve got two nozzles coming in on this true Go fergo Wheel Over here. We may have to do some nozzle adjustment gonna turn them on here for shut off Okay, we’re finishing up our peugeot micro hydro setup here, and we are pretty excited to have it running today. Take a look at Do it [put] out the bottom the frames in the world? We run a wire The batteries that’ll be part 2 like to hook this thing too big star controller Magnum and Bird But today, we’re so happy to get power. I’m gonna get some actual power They’d run in now to to the rock Another hot day here in an undisclosed location, but we’re having [fun] making power off of the water, okay? Here’s the rectifier three-phase Ac coming in from the tur go about 300 feet away. We’ve got 300 feet of number 10 it’s 10 3 What is it? It’s wire. It’s late in the day [and] I’m bringing three phase Ac into this rectifier and Converting it into DC [get] on these terminals here, and I’m at Forty-Seven point 4 volts my goal today was 48 I’m four-tenths of a bowl away, so We need to work on the intake a little bit more. I think we can get 50 volts out of this I’ll be very happy We’re charging a 24 volt battery Bank, and I believe the rule of thumb if you can double your open circuit voltage That’s a great place to start a chart for your battery bank, so a special shout out to Spencer Langston Langston’s alternative energy He’s helped me he’s the one that built this turban and we work together to size the nozzles and So we’re in word. We’re in good. Shape. We’re only of maybe a volt off from what he tested on his test bench So we need any help with micro hydro check out spencer you can go through me And we’ll get you hooked up. This sure beats get up on a roof putting solar panels I love playing in the Creek. I never grew up. This is a Modified sluice box got some double double screening on it can see our source of water Coming in here. You know there’s actually more water So I think we can raise the voltage up a little bit get a little better flow So just a modified food thought I know it doesn’t look pretty But we know that we can make enough power off of this dream do what we need to do with this term go we just got to Just going to have to make this better There’s some really free in seed co and the screen for hydro very expensive, so this is a great start we know we know there’s enough power on this creek to do what it needs to do, so Okay, come signing off with A 15th time You need any help with any alternative energy projects, just let me know engineer 775 I know you you

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  14. Love your channel! Our home burned during the Northern California fires that wiped the town of Paradise off the map. My wife and I bought a piece of land to rebuild our lives. We've just started a YT channel to share our progress. We have 4 creeks and two springs on our property and plenty of elevation change. We are trying to learn everything we can about micro-hydro so that we make the right choices but also to get power soon. Your content has been really helpful!

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  46. I was a hydroelectric powerplant mechanic for several years at the 3 biggest hydroplants in Colorado on the Gunnison river. Always love to see small little units like this. Great work. After working and operating the big units I think I would just be impatient with my own setup lol. The biggest unit I've worked on daily produces 60MW almost nonstop 24/7 except for 3 weeks of maintenance once a year. The biggest unit at Grand Cooley cranks out 600MW!!!

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  48. Smart anytime you can run AC for long wire runs. Much less inductive loss. A transformer to up the voltage will allow smaller gauge wire runs. Solar inverter panels and 3 phase alternators for wind or hydro sources to generate AC.

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  68. I need something like this, but I only have a spring, to work with, I would probably have a high pressure, low volume, I could probably use about 40' of 6"pipe, then funnel down to 1.5" at the nozzle. I may build a resivor, use extra solar to pump from the creek, for hard times, I think a water "battery" is more effiecent. Genearte the power as needed, over storing in batteries, I'm offgrid, so every watt counts!

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    At 10 amps

  75. Love your videos, watch them and always learn something new… Here is a video of my Portable Wind Turbine ( https://youtu.be/D5dW9MOoFbk?t=455 ) and I wanted to get your thoughts and ideas on a PORTABLE HYDRO SYSTEM that could be assembled and moved… Any thoughts would be appreciated… https://youtu.be/D5dW9MOoFbk?t=455

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    300 FT is a long way for 50 Volts 3 Ph at I'm guessing around like 5-10 amps.
    I suffer from a touch of Megalomania so my first thought would be switch and step up the 3 Ph 50 V to around 500 V for the 300' and then step it down at it's end point (just like a transmission line). All boils down to losses. Which would lose less would be a fun day for me to figure out.. Love these systems I'd say it's everyone's dream to cut the light bill and carbon footprint. Great vid, thanks.

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