Michael Jackson And Wade Robson: The Real Story

Michael Jackson And Wade Robson: The Real Story

Every time we were together, It happened Umm…There was no night that went by when I was with him and he didn’t sexually abuse me. It was a wonderful relationship and I learnt so much from him as an artist and as a kind human being. He is a good guy. – He is a good guy ? Yeah. – Show me where he touched you ? Wade : No not at all man.- Interviewer : No nonsense, no shenanigans ? Because he has always been a friend to me That’s what you do for friends, you tell the truth. Every time we were together, it happened. This was a shocker, because Robson previously had always defended the star against such allegations and denied that anything like that ever happened to him. In this film, we will lead you to the process of Robson’s changing of his story, the circumstances surrounding it and the legal proceedings in this case. Over the years, both as a child and as an adult, Wade has always defended Jackson privately and publicly alike and often volunteered to do so At no times did he give any hint of distress or confusion while while talking about Jackson. He always seemed very open and genuine about their friendship. In 1993, when the Chandler allegations became public, the Police contacted many families and their children who would spend time with Michael Jackson over the years; including the Robsons. Wade Robson, who at that time was 10 to 11 years old, and his mother or any of their family members never said anything incriminating about Jackson during that investigation. In fact, they defended him in a Police interview and in a grand jury testimony. Yeah, you know there has been different times when there were just me and Michael , then there were other times when he has other friends over too. It was like, I would say, a slumber party. We just have a lot of fun. Even I have slept in the same bed as Michael. It’s just you watch cartoon, you fall asleep you know it’s just a friendship. And I know he would never do anything to hurt my brother. He is just..he is the nicest guy we have ever met. – I have been there when these kids were in Michael’s room. I have been there with them. It’s just party time. They watched videos, they eat junk food, they play video games. They play so hard, they fall asleep. They are exhausted, they fall asleep. There is nothing more to it than that. From your stand point, does it seem unusual ? For a 34 year old man to have kids sleeping over ? – Not when you know Michael’s background . Under normal circumstances, possibly yes. But Michael, everybody knows he didn’t have a childhood. In 2005, during the Gavin Arvizo criminal trial, this time as an adult man, Robson continued to defend Jackson. He testified at the trial and denied ever having being sexually abused by Jackson. Robson continued to defend Jackson privately and publicly alike.
– Are you still friendly with Michael ? – Yeah! We still talk every couple of months, catch up
– You do ? Really ?
-What’s he like ? What’s he like ?
– he is a good guy.
– He is a good guy ?
-Yeah. Show me where he touched you ? Nothing? Never like that ? – Interviewer : No nonsense, no shenanigans ?
Wade : No not at all man. But he’s a weird guy, you have to admit that ?
– you know at the end of the day, it’s like everybody has got some weird about him. That was up until May 8th 2012, when he changed the story His claim is that it was not until 2012 that he realized that Jackson had allegedly sexually abused him as a child. He claims that he has always remembered what he now claims happened to him. Only he did not know until 2012, that it was sexual abuse, and that it was wrong. This is a weird claim, considering that during the 2005 trial, Wade was already an adult man and it was discussed everywhere how long such alleged acts would be and how there would be nothing consensual about sexual relations between a child and an adult. Another thing to consider is that when the Arvizo allegations became public, just a couple of days later, Robson was asked about them in an interview, and he said : That sounds like a man who fully understood sexual relationship between a man and a child would be wrong. And consider that, among other things, He also offered other fairly contradictory claims about why he didn’t tell his legit truth until 2012. This seems to contradict the claim that he did not know if it was wrong until 2012. According to yet another version, that he told his mother Joy Robson, as per her deposition, he denied being abused at the 2005 trial because he felt shame about it. But Wade contradicted that in his own deposition. Wade also made the claim that both in 1993 and in 2005, when he was already an adult man, Jackson had allegedly coached him on the phone, in the from of a role play. And that supposedly made him a masterful liar. Or a “Master of Deception”. as he put it, for more than two decades. Well, Jackson allegedly told Robson on the phone : That’s it. There is so claim that Jackson told Robson in a direct manner, before his 2005 testimony, what to say or how to testify on a stand. All Robson can claim is this supposed role playing on the phone. Think about it ! If Jackson had really molested Wade, it would have been an incredible risk taking on his part, both in 1993 and 2005. To put this guy on the stand, in 2005, as his first witness, and to rely on such lame supposed role plays and hope not only Wade would understand what Jackson want to be those cryptic comments on the phone, but also that he would surely go along with it, and would know exactly what to say. Wade Robson was my first witness in Michael Jackson’s criminal trial. I started with one of my STRONGEST witnesses for Michael Jackson, Wade Robson. He was adamant, that he had never been touched, never been molested, never been abused directly or indirectly. I called his mother and sister as witnesses to corroborate what he said because they traveled on his tours too. And to have him suddenly reverse so radically, years after Michael Jackson passed away and can’t speak up for himself, is outrageous. So I don’t think he has a case. I think this is a money grab, like so much of Michael Jackson’s unfortunate life. Everybody seemed to have their hand out in one way or another. And I just think it is ridiculous. Safechuck, I put him in same category.
He didn’t testify in the criminal trial but he signed declarations.
– He did. He did. As I recall he signed declarations, made statements that he had never been touched. But was Wade Robson a master of deception all those years while he denied sexual abuse, or is he master of deception now, when he changed his story and filed a lawsuit amidst monetary demands ? Once someone is a self-admitted master of deception, how do you decide when he is deceiving you ? Because let’s not forget, one is under oath and under a penalty of perjury while testifying at a criminal trial and also while making a declaration or, testifying at a deposition in a civil case. That means there is no way around it. Wade Robson is a proven liar who has no qualms about lying under oath and under a penalty of perjury. He either lied in 2005, or he is lying now, that he has changed his story and filed a lawsuit with monetary demands. On June 25th, 2009 Michael Jackson passed away. Wade and his family mourned him and they went to his public memorial. After Jackson’s death, Wade had nothing but praise for Jackson. Just like during his lifetime. In an exclusive book, “The official Michael Jackson opus”, that was published in 2009, Wade made an entry in which he wrote among others, He also participated in a tribute by Janet Jackson to her brother at the 2009 MTV video music awards. just had a wonderful relationship, I learnt so much from him as an artist and as a kind human being. ….. was a man like he was a father and that’s what’s really about, father and his children. And he is a wonderful dad. In November 2010, Wade and his wife Amanda had a son. A month later, in December, Wade was offered to direct a dance movie “Step-up Revolution”. And he accepted the offer. According to his core papers and the blog post he wrote in November 2017, He considered this as : In early 2011, Wade crumbled under the pressure of the job, which triggered a nervous breakdown in him, made him pull out of the project and left him purposeless. He wrote about it in a blog post in 2017 : On May 21, 2011, only 5 days after he started therapy, Cirque Du Soleil told Wade that he needed to be validated by Michael Jackson state. So Wade met with John Branca. During John Branca’s deposition in 2017, Wade’s lawyers suggested that Wade was eventually hired to do this Cirque show. However, according to Branca, they decided that Jamie King was better qualified for the job, and they picked him, rather than Wade. Despite of that, in a July 2011 interview, Wade talked about it as if he had a main role in doing a Cirque show. I am starting on Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson show which is a, you know exciting and terrifying at the same time. It’s such a huge responsibility. But that’s all right because you know Michael is such a huge part in my career and life. We were friends for 20 years before he passed since I was 7. So it’s an opportunity for me to give back to his legacy and to make sure as much as I can that it is stumped right and that it really represents his essence. According to the story, about 3 weeks into the therapy, on May 8th, 2012 he first started making allegations of child sexual abuse by Michael Jackson to his therapist or any one at all. How did he come from praising Jackson and wanting to work on Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson show badly in 2011, to claiming childhood sexual abuse by Michael Jackson in May 2012 ?? Wade now claims, what triggered his realization that he had allegedly been sexually abused by Jackson as a child, was watching his 1.5 years old son and imagining and visualizing him being sexually abused. Apparently, he needed to imagine and visualize his infant son being sexually abused to be able to muster up any emotion that he could build on his own story of alleged childhood sexual abuse. Visualizing things that he wanted to turn into reality was no stranger to Wade. In a 2002 interview, he said : Wade also claimed on his blog, what prompted him to confess to his therapist was a popular TED talk by Brene Brown about “The power of Vulnerability”. Which echoes Wade’s life who by the age of 16 choreographed for international stars such as Brittney Spears. For long time he struggles with the expectations and pressures of his job. From his blog post that he submitted in 2017 and 2018 after his lawsuit was tossed, we learnt about his struggles in detail. This was Wade’s real issue indeed, that echoed in several blog posts he wrote in 2017 till 2018. In another blog post in April 2018, he reveals that In yet another blog post in January 2018, he reveals that it was the pressure to achieve and succeed that led to his nervous breakdowns. He never mentioned these pressures and career struggles as the reason. Instead he claimed the reason for his breakdown was the realization of alleged sexual abuse by Jackson. And the show business was now associated with the sexual abuse for him because of that. Otherwise, he claimed in his complaint, his career would have continued in an upward trajectory. And it was a very convenient lie too. And then he suddenly realizes that he was allegedly sexually abused by Michael Jackson as a child. In his depositions and on his blog, The reality is however that Wade’s mother Joy Robson was a very ambitious stage mom and ” My kids worked every weekend and every school vacation.” “Their birthday parties were back stage. Their Christmas parties were back stage.” “No regrets. ” Despite of clear evidence that it was Wade’s mother who made her children work so hard, in Wade’s new version of his life, it is Jackson who is made out to be the scapegoat, for his unhealthy work attitudes. Jackson actually begged Wade’s mother to let Wade have his childhood. Joy Robson herself testified to that in her 2016 deposition : Also, from the 1995 article, as well as from the Robson’s testimony in 2005, or Joy Robson’s deposition in 2016, we learnt that Jackson was actually hardly present in their life at that time. On top of Wade’s career struggles and financial struggles at that time, he also had a marital crisis. So this is the context in which Wade, as a quiet convenient solution for all of his problems, This U-turn made it possible for him to sue Jackson’s entities for money or to use his new found story in other ways. Like seeking a lucrative book deal. In a note that he wrote to himself, that the Jackson estate found out about and presented at his 2016 deposition, Wade stated : There will also be a benefit in scapegoating someone else for his professional and personal problems and failures. With the claim of sexual abuse, Wade is suddenly seen as a victim, not as someone who failed in his profession and failed as the family bread winner. The blame is shifted on someone else. Wade claimed, that because of Jackson’s alleged sexual abuse on him, he was no longer able to do any kind of entertainment activity because : ,make music, make or even watch films anymore because of those activities association with Jackson. The fact is however, that Wade continued to do all those activities, all the while claiming in court documents that he was so dramatized by such activities association with Michael Jackson that he would never be able to do them again. So, he needed financial compensation. And announced his return to the dance choreography and entertainment scene. So the alleged bad association in his inability to work was suddenly all gone when his lawsuit was close to dismissal. Wade filed a civil lawsuit against two of Jackson’s companies In the lawsuit, to get the monetary compensation he desired, Wade portrayed these companies as The Robsons, who are originally from Brisbane, Australia, first met Jackson in 1987 when he was on tour in Australia. And Wade, who was 5 years old then, won a dance competition at a Target store where the prize was to meet Michael Jackson. Wade alleged in his lawsuit : Wade knows that too. Since in his 2005 testimony, he himself mentioned of Target organizing it. If it were upto Michael, their encounter would have ended there It was Joy Robson who made further efforts to contact him. She with her son, had delivered the Thank You note to Jackson’s hotel room a couple of days later. And, as a result, they had another meeting with him, for about an hour and a half. Again, this would have been the end of their encounters if it were up to Michael. The next time they met, or even talked to Jackson again was more than two years later in 1990. When, once again, it was the Robsons, who sought contact with the star, not the other way around. The reality is that after the Robsons moved to the USA, Jackson did not even spent much time with them, including Wade. In actuality, in her deposition, Joy Robson revealed that she had once pursued Jackson about calling Wade, putting him in projects such as Jam music video in 1992 and that : Wade also wanted to go on tour with Jackson, but the star would not take him. Before the 1993 allegations, the Quindoys talked about Jackson as a kind, shy man who was good with children. In 1993, in the wake of the Chandler case, Wade also claimed that he filed his lawsuit to help Jackson’s supposed other victims. But his treatment of those other alleged victims was certainly inconsistent with that. In his deposition, Wade admitted that he never attempted to reach out to Gavin Arvizo, the boy at the center of 2005 trial. So, despite of his claim that he filed his lawsuit not for money but as some sort of advocacy for Jackson’s other victims, he never bothered to reach out and apologize to the boy if we believe the current version of his story, that he had falsely testified at that trial. He also aggressively pursued Jonathan Spence, a man who befriended Jackson in the 1980s as a child. Spence never accused Jackson of any wrong doing and he still says that Jackson never did anything wrong to him. He also approached Brett Barnes, another man who befriended Jackson as a child and always maintained that Jackson never molested him. When Robson’s allegations became public in May 2013, Barnes tweeted : We shot for a year, umm.. and I was 10, 11 in that time frame and I also continued to be friends with him for about a decade. He just had this unconditional love, he was so pure. The general public just didn’t treat him well. You know, he treated everybody with such dignity, respect and just loved everything and everybody. Well, he was the big brother I never had. Quiet honestly. He was everything to me as a kid, he taught me so many things. He taught me about loving animals, vegetarianism, animals rights and environmental issues, caring about your fans. He was almost a metaphorical hero and he was also a literal hero. He was almost, metaphorically he was almost like a father that I never had. Basically, he befriended me. He took me into his life which is very rare for Michael to do. But he opened up his arms to me and accepted me as a very good friend of his. And throughout the years, he never let me go. ….we were friends,seriously, he was like my best friend growing up…for like a good fat stretch…it was legitimate friendship I sat there and gave them the names. They are on record. They have all of this information but they were scanning Michael Jackson. All they cared about was trying to find something on Michael Jackson. – Who you said, did not abuse
– Michael was innocent and that was what the interview was about with Police in 1993, I told them he is not that guy. And they said, “maybe you don’t understand your friend”. And I said “no, I know the difference between pedophiles and somebody who is not a pedophile because I have been molested”. Here’s the names, go invested. After he died, few of those people came forward and said “it never happened,…it was pressure by parents, by this or that. We really needed money…. “.
But it’s a little late. You know, thanks a lot. You put him through hell…You know he had always been nothing but a great friend, not just to me, to my whole family. We grew with him, literally, since he was 3 and I was 5. He really just was so humble and then never really played on the fact that he is “Michael Jackson” you know, he was just Michael. He was just our friend. …all these pages, 100s of pages, many many hours of investigation going to the Philippines, going to Chicago, going all over the country, There is not one scrap of evidence that Michael Jackson ever harmed a child, did anything wrong, committed any crime. It’s almost a vindication, when you look at this.
The FBI looked at all of these matters and said there is NOTHING here, and I think that’s the most startling thing I have seen.

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    FBI : No
    Court : No
    Media : Yes
    Stupid Narratives : Yes

  87. I feel like he was are real good person but something go wrong) I really believe Wade was a good boy!

  88. 28:40😞😭😭😭

  89. Boys boys boys

  90. Fact is no one knows what went on except wade and Micheal,

  91. What's up with the sensors that went off in his room when someone entered? The fbi found them when they searched the house to help police

  92. Even if he is lying think about it… There were no little girls ever there he they slept in his bed now would u as a parent let ur child spend the night at never land and sleep in the SAME bed as a grown ass man?

  93. It's fake. This is a press from the illuminati, because Micheal didn't wanna join the illuminati.

  94. Apparently Wade also dated Michaels niece Brandi Jackson. The two met when they were 10 and Michael is the one who introduced them. They dated up until their early 20s then the Britney Spears scandal happened and they broke up. Wade claimed in the documentary that Michael told him to not trust/like women. But the fact that Michael introduced them debunks his claim. Brandi Jackson explains here!


  95. R.I.P Mike
    Money is the root of all evil
    Being worth billions has its drawbacks and for Micheal-it literally KILLED him.

  96. They brought mj down with all them lies!!!

  97. Michael should've left that little ugly ass untalented white boy along.

  98. Fucking liar

  99. I don't even know what to believe

  100. We are not gonna believe these shits.

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