Memorizing Mike Ferry Scripts to Increase Real Estate Income

Memorizing Mike Ferry Scripts to Increase Real Estate Income

Hello and welcome to Mike Ferry TV. I’m Ron
Cronin president of business development for the Mike Ferry Organization. So, before I
made this video, I was in our prospecting clinic here in Las Vegas working with agents
on setting appointments … where we actually get on the phone, listen in on the calls,
and I was helping people with what to say, with what questions to ask. Helping them close
and getting appointments. And it’s really exciting for me to be able to do that. But
I learned something in that class. I learned that the majority of realtors, or real estate
agents, even the ones we’re working with they don’t have the scripts memorized. They’re
using Mike Ferry scripts, they’re supporting their family. They are supporting their future,
their retirement, their lifestyle. They’re using these scripts and they’ve used them
for years. But so many people have not taken the time to memorize the script. Now, in truth with Mike Ferry there’s really
only seven scripts that have to be memorized. The Expireds script. For Sale By Owner. The
Just Listed. Center of Influence script. The Pre-qualifying. One minute. And the CMA presentation.
OK, seven scripts. And the amount of money that you’re trying to make with these scripts
for most of you is incredible. You’re try to make an upwards of $100k, $200k, $500,
$1m, $1.5m, over $2m a year using these scripts, but you haven’t memorized them yet, have you?
OK. Now I’m gonna ask you a question. Why not? What is so important that has gotten
in the way of this? Right. Do you think when they give Robert DeNiro a script and pay him
a couple million bucks that he just reads it off of the paper in front of the camera?
Or does he take it, learn it, internalize it, own it and then take it to the camera. OK. So I want you to think about this. Why
have you not memorize these scripts, and then how long will it take you to get them memorized?
Let me ask you a question. Do you want a better response from the customers that you’re calling?
Do you want the sellers to start saying yes more often? Would you like people to actually
have conversations with you each day versus hanging up on you? OK. Consider this … if
your script isn’t memorized, if you’re reading it or it’s nearby and you have to have it.
You have to have it. Right. That’s different than having it next to you when you have to
have it. But if you’re reading it and you have to have it and you don’t have this thing
internalized, you can’t focus on the important parts of being a good prospector. You’re not
actually able to listen, because you’re too busy focused on what you’re going to say next.
If the script isn’t memorized you can’t listen correctly to the motivation, to any red flags,
to any key words, buzz words, important things that the seller says. You can’t focus on your
tonality. Remember, most of your effectiveness when prospecting is the tone in your voice
and what you’re doing with your body. But you can’t focus on that if the script is not
memorized. No, you’re still looking at what you have to say. Okay. And when you’re reading
it it sounds robotic. Alright. So, you’re not able to really focus on what gets the
appointment. What gets the appointment is your demeanor. Your energy. Your enthusiasm.
You can’t be enthusiastic if you don’t have the script memorized. OK. So we’re going to wipe the chalkboard clean
and we’re gonna start over. Ok. No matter how long you’ve been with the Mike Ferry Organization…
whether it’s been 20 years and you don’t know the scripts, or this is your first year and
you don’t quite know the scripts. Or you know the scripts to a certain degree. You know,
you kind of know that FSBO script, but not 100 percent. It’s time people to get it to
100 percent. If you’re going to support yourself, your family, your future, your retirement,
your lifestyle with these scripts, let’s get them memorized. This is not a joke. And this
is not a game. You’re going up against some tough competition out there every single day.
And that competition is prepared, scripted, rehearsed and they know what to say. And I
want you to be just as competitive. OK step one. Memorize the seven scripts. Take
one this weekend. Have it memorized by Monday. Get a second one and have that one memorized
by Wednesday. Go through daily rehearsal. You know when you’re getting ready for work,
and you’re in the shower getting ready, or you’re shaving … you know, whatever you’re
doing, putting your clothes on for the day, go through your scripts. Read through them.
Read through them when you’re driving to work in the car. Go through them … I’m sure you’ve figured
out your home came up on our computer as an expired listening. I was calling to see … when
do you plan on interviewing the right agent for the job of selling your home? If you sold
the home, where would you go next? How soon do you have to be there? What do you think
stopped home from selling? How did you happen to pick the last agent you listed with? What
did that agent do that you liked best? What do you feel they should have done? What will
you expect from the next agent you choose? Have you already chosen an agent to work with?
I’d like to apply for the job of selling your home. Are you familiar with the techniques
I use to sell homes? What would be the best time to show you? Today or tomorrow at 4:00? Guys and gals, you need to know your scripts
inside and out if you expect to get the best results. Alright? So, we’re not playing around
anymore. Today’s the day. Start this weekend. Make progress, and we look forward to seeing
you soon. Thanks for watching Mike Ferry TV.

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  6. Memorizing the scripts will give you confidence 😊

  7. I recorded my listing presentation and realized how terrible my presentation was. Tonality, tone… volume… uhhh… Totally agree that we need to internalize 7 scripts.

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