Maui Real Estate Agent – Here Is My Interview for the Job.

Maui Real Estate Agent – Here Is My Interview for the Job.

(upbeat guitar music) – Kinda feel like I’ve been
in real estate my whole life. You know, my mom and dad
were both real estate agents. I can remember at a very young age my mom running off to
open houses on Saturday, and I can distinctly remember
when they were taking their real estate exams
and what a big deal it was when they both passed. And it’s kinda cool cause now, you know, I’ve got my license and
had a successful career over many years and so does my wife, so my kids are kinda experiencing the same real estate
lifestyle that I grew up with. Being a person that used
to live on the mainland and now lives in Hawaii full time, I think I bring a perspective that maybe people that have
lived here their whole lives, born and raised, don’t really have. Because I know what life is
like back on the mainland and it’s different, and things
here are very different, so I’ve got that perspective. And I can explain that to people and I think it’s really helpful because things in Hawaii are different. I mean, before I came a
lot of people told me that, but, you know, it wasn’t until I got here and I was like wow, things
really are different. Why work with a guy like me? Well, I think the number
one thing is I bring a very large portfolio
of diverse transactions. Everything from, you know,
7.8 million dollar deals, down to, you know, $100,000 condos, or small land parcels. I’ve sold everything, you know, luxury homes, regular lot and block homes, you name it, when it comes to real estate I have experience on that transaction. It really is an honor to
be able to serve people and to be involved in that process. And most importantly, to
really add value to know that make difference that
otherwise it would take a, you know, really a lifetime of experience and of transactions and different things. To be able to give people that insight and hopefully, you know, not
just bring the transaction to a close, but to also
make it happen in a way that it’s better than
if we weren’t involved. To me that’s really what it’s all about is helping people, having fun, and you know, of course,
doing any kind of real estate in Hawaii is exciting just
because, let’s face it, this is one of the most
beautiful places in the world. So to have that opportunity and
to work in this environment, and to help people make
that dream come true because I’m living the dream, right? Just, this was a, I wasn’t born here, this isn’t where I was raised. I moved here as a result
of a successful career on the mainland. You know, to me that’s
what real estate is. Real estate’s a people business. And being able to absorb, if you will, the negative things that happen and to be able to respond
in a wise fashion. We’re sort of the buffer, right, in between buyer and sellar. And so being able to put
those people skills to use I think has been one
of my favorite things. And I believe in having, you know, just very peaceful transactions. (uplifting music) (quiet piano music)

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  1. Which Hawaiian Island is your favorite and why?

  2. Hi Eric. My wife and I are planning a trip to Maui in October. Would you recommend the Sheraton and what resort in the area is your favourite?

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