Master’s in Real Estate: Faculty & Student Testimonials

Master’s in Real Estate: Faculty & Student Testimonials

– The Georgetown program, for me, offered an opportunity to be involved in a real estate community at the same time that I
was getting an education. Being located in Washington, D.C., gives Georgetown a real leg up
on other real estate programs because we get to be in
the heart of the action for one of the most
active real estate cities in the nation, if not the world. – The learning that takes place is interactive and it’s
gotta come from everybody. And that, I think, is how we
get the best out of a class. One of the most important
things about the program is the fact that it is centered
on real life experiences. But the real teaching
comes from case studies and actual experiences that
have taken place out there. – What I have found is that, if I learn something in class one day, I’m using it the next. – It’s completely flexible, the ability for you to customize
what classes you’re taking. – I can cater different
classes to meet my needs. We all come from different walks of life, from property managers to architects to lawyers to real estate developers. – The caliber of people, students, professors and associated people are a valuable benefit
to what I do everyday and probably what I’ll do
for the rest of my career. (upbeat pop music)

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